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TITANIA: Goddess of War


She is strong, she is brave, she is the only one who can survive it. She is TITANIA. (I don't own any of the Marvel characters or parts of the universe, just my own creations.)

Action / Romance
Maggie Rebelde
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Chapter 1

Sun hit her white skin and started to warm her up. Turning around in her bed, not fully prepared to leave it, but her head maid thought otherwise. In a minute her blanket was gone and cold wind hit her body. Decided that there is no room for a fight, she sat on the bed and try to wake up more than she already was. She needed to prepare for her morning training with general Nall and, of course, breakfast. As she was trying to bring my soul back to my body, maids were running around preparing bath and dresses. Lost in thoughts she went to the balcony, for some fresh air. She loved to look at the country in the morning. You could hear the noises for the capital, people hurrying to work or after their children to bring them to school. The most prominent were the noises of the palace, chefs in the kitchen or maids gossiping and giggling on the guards, who were training in the garden. She lived 24 years in that palace, but still, to this day, it’s mesmerizing.

“My lady, it’s time.” Head maid stood behind her. Sighing, she returned to prepare herself for another day. She put on the dresses they prepared, simple dark salmon dress with transparent floral sleeves and middle section. She went down for breakfast, as expected, her parents were already there.

“Good morning, mother, father.” She greeted them with a small smile and peck on the cheek.

“Good morning, Nel. How did you sleep?” asked mother. She sat at her right, father to her left, at the head of the table.

“As good as I could, couldn’t wait for today. General Nall promised me to show me some new technique of defence.” just as she said that, father looked at her suspiciously.

“You are spending a lot of time with the general. Should I be afraid?” he asked. She rolled her eyes at him. Father already arranged a marriage for her, with a son of his friend and her godfather, King Odin of Asgard. She should marry his son Loki, as they were childhood friends. She grew up with him and his brother Thor whos coronation was approaching and both her parents and herself were invited.

“I promise you, father, there is nothing between me and general. I need to grow stronger so I can be as you, a great ruler of Flanker.” She put her hand on his hand to assure him so he won’t worry about her or anything. She was his only daughter, his firstborn at that time and a rightful heir to the throne. She finished eating and excused herself from the table. She didn’t need to change for her training. As it was common in her family, the title of Goddess of War was going down from mother to daughter. She could change to any armour she wanted with any weapon she wanted, a lot of them had special power such as electricity, water or speed.

She met general on the training grounds beside the palace. Already in his gear and his sword, he waited patiently for her. He had longer hair than men usually wear and starting beard. He stood tall and proud, as any soldier she has seen. He was really attractive, a lot of maids went crazy for him, but she never gets to know if he loves someone.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, general. Had a rough time waking up.” She sent him an apologetical smile.

“No need to be sorry, my lady. Take your time, I’m just a mere soldier.” he grinned at me. She punched him playfully to his arm and laughed. With Thor’s coronation and my engagement, there was a lot of stress and she needed to relieve it. He helped her with it and to improve too. There was still a lot of things she didn’t know about her powers.

We started the training. She changed to her most favourite and comfortable armour, simple wide-leg trousers of traditional Japanese style and sleeveless kimono-like shirt which ended below my breasts. In her hand, she squeezed her katana, Sayori and prepare for the battle. Same did general. They circled each other, waiting for the other to move. Even though it’s not the first time she was training with him, he still manages to surprise her with his attacks. They didn’t look away from each other, their eyes trained on their swords. At one moment, general shot and tried to land a hit to her right side, but she was quicker. She turned her sword and blocked the attack. Moving forward with their swords locked, she turned around to land a hit to his legs. He jumped, avoiding it completely and landed behind her. She quickly turned around and nearly dodged the blade of the sword before her eyes. He didn’t wait for her to adjust, he started his sword dance. After all those pieces of training, she was able to keep up with him and blocked his every blow. But she wasn’t prepared for one. He got so close that their chests were almost touching. They were breathing heavily and stared at each other eyes. He grabbed her hand, turned her and pinned her against him, his sword at her neck. She was defeated.

“It’s my win, princess,” he whispered into her ear with a big grin on his face. They stayed like that for a while, breathing heavily and exhausted from our training. She let go because it started to be awkward. Sweat was running down her spine and the sun wasn’t helping either to help her cool off.

“Thank you very much, general. I will remember that trick. For now, excuse me for I need to go make a princess out of myself again.” She chuckled, punch softly his chest as she went by him and went back to her room for some bath. If only she would know that his eyes followed her until she turned at the corner.

After the bath, she went to the balcony and looked to the distance. These pieces of training brought back memories of her time on Earth. She may live on another planet in the universe, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t curious about humans. She visited Earth multiple times, during the Rome empire, the first and second world war, etc. Ah, second world war, that’s where she got to know how is it to have feelings for someone. As time on her planet is different, she didn’t age much, 24 nearly 3 centuries on Earth.

Leaning on the balustrade of the balcony, she recalled him, all of them. How she became part of the S.S.R., met Steve Rogers and his Howling Commandos, Peggy Carter and him, Bucky Barnes. But unfortunately, only for a short moment. She helped SSR against Johann Schmidt or Red Skull, who wanted the mystical power of the tesseract. Using her powers of the goddess to help them bring him down but through the progress, she not only lost one of her dearest friends but first love too. During a mission to get HYDRA’s scientist, Armin Zolla, Bucky died. He felt like a train and they weren’t able to locate his body. Her heart ached when she remembered how she and Steve were trying to reach him, grab him and save him, but he felt, and her heart shattered then and there. That loss helped her with her mission, but when she lost Steve, her world crumbled. Both with Peggy they mourned for a long time. But as she promised Steve, she helped both Peggy and Howard to look for him and the tesseract. In the end, they created S.H.I.E.L.D. and shortly after that, she left Earth. She didn’t need to return there, or she thought so when her pager beeped. She gave it to Nick Fury, the director of the present S.H.I.E.L.D. so if he needs her, he should just page. She jumped and quickly went to shot it off. Both her parents knew where she went, but it would be strange for the maids. She read the message on the pager.

We found him, come ASAP.

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