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Words Unspoken / Stiles Stilinski Fanfic

2. The Glue

As the door opened, Winter could feel Stiles shifting his weight to where he was in between her and the door. He wanted to make sure that whatever came through that door saw him first. Or maybe he thought she may have been crying and came to the conclusion that she wouldn't want to be seen like this. Who knows, he might've just shifted accidentally, but Winter noticed this and did not soon forget it.

The door was now fully opened and someone stepped inside the apartment.

"Stiles what's taking so lon- oh. Am I interrupting something?" It was Scott, just coming downstairs to see why Stiles hadn't brought Winter up to watch the movie yet.

Don't go-

Stiles had let go of the embrace and awkwardly looked from Scott to Winter and then back to Scott.

"You're not interrupting anything, I was just about to grab my drink and go up there with Stiles." She forced a chuckle and used her hands to help push her off the ground, as Stiles still sat there looking quizzically at her and Scott. She walked over to her drink when Scott asked a question.

"You do know we can't get drunk right?"

Right, that would make sense. Winter had completely forgotten that her body heals too fast to ever actually get intoxicated. Only high frequency can make supernatural beings feel that type of way.

"Oh yeah, I was gonna mention that to you but then we both started talking and it kinda slipped my mind," Stiles said as he was getting off the ground, using those hidden muscles to push himself up. He looked at Winter and her eyes met his.

She rolled her eyes at him and scoffed. She had no reason for drinking, it wasn't going to help her forget, but still she felt better having talked to Stiles. It wasn't the alcohol that made her not think about what today was the anniversary of. It was Stiles.

"Anyways, are you guys coming or what? Scott had moved to be halfway in the doorway waiting for a response so he could get back upstairs, eager to start the movie. Scott made a look at Stiles, which Winter couldn't decipher, and then Scott said, "Okay you guys just hurry up okay, movie's about to start," and left to go back upstairs.

The building that they were living in was very convenient, for it had all of the pack living in it, if they didn't go to a college where they have to live on campus. You wouldn't be able to tell by the outside but this building was quite the charmer on the inside. It's Derek's building, the property that he had bought with his share of barer bonds quite sometime ago.

Directly upstairs and across the hall from Winter's apartment is Scott and Stiles' loft. Two doors down from Winter and Lydia's apartment is Malia's. Liam has a place across from Scott and Stiles' — a little closer than Stiles would have liked — and when Hayden isn't with her sister she stays with Liam. Of course there are many other rooms that are open in case Jackson and Ethan were to come and visit.

Scott had already began going up the steps before Stiles turned to speak.

"So umm movie- uhhhh what are you doin'?"

Winter was getting on top of the counter to put away the bottle she had gotten down from Lydia's "hidden" stash. She grabbed the bottle that stood at her feet and tucked it away in the small cabinet. When she turned she saw Stiles looking at her with a half-smile.

"What?" Winter stood on top of the countertop waiting for his response. There was a moment of silence when the night breeze blew in through the windows as Stiles and Winter stared at each other. Giving them goosebumps.

He smiled, "Nothing, uhh do you need help getting down or-"

Winter leaped off the counter landing directly on her feet like a full blown gymnast sticking the landing.

"Never mind."

"It's like you forget you're in a pack of supernaturals sometimes," Winter chuckled as she moved swiftly toward Stiles ready to head upstairs to watch the movie.

"In the pack? I'm not supernatural." He looked at her knowingly because he has always known he is one of the most valued members of the pack, even though he wasn't supernatural. Stiles was the investigator. The one with all the plans. The Robin to Scott's Batman. The guy with ADHD who literally always finds the answers. The glue of the group. He's Stiles.

Winter gave him a look. A sort of threatening and sarcastic smile. "You know you're part of the pack don't even."

"Okay, fine," he says dragging the words out. "I'm important."

They both laugh and he playfully pushes her away right before the door as if to make her run into the door frame. She grabs her keychain off the little brass hook that hangs net to the door, and hurriedly shuts and locks the door behind her. Winter laughs and starts to chase him through the darkened hallway. He had a head start but she was gaining on him quickly.

As Stiles reached the door to the stairs, he turned his head to look over his shoulder and yelled out behind him, "HEY USING WOLFY POWERS IS CHEATING!"

"WHO SAID I WAS USING THEM?!" She yelled back cockily as she sprinted up the stairs not too far behind now.

The chase was exhilarating. Both parties bounding up the stairs, hoping that they would win in this made up game with no set rules. Stiles and Winter were both going up the stairs two at a time grasping at the win before they even hit the 7th floor on which Stiles's apartment is on.

Before he knew it Winter was right behind Stiles and reaching for his shirt. She reached for his shirt and latched on and they both tripped and fell right before the 7th floor door.

The way they fell was awkward in the moment but when Winter opened her bright, sage green eyes Stiles opened his and stared back at her. She was starstruck. He was lying against the cold stone floor just past the stairs, so his right leg was on the first step and his left on the second. They were spread just wide enough so as to cradle Winter's waist. She was halfway hanging off the steps, but Stiles was holding onto her waist, keeping her from falling off the stairs.

Still out of breath, she panted a low, "I gotcha," looking deep into his dark eyes.

"This time... but I could just let go," he slowly and steadily lifted his hands away from her waist, and she began slipping down the stairs. She glanced down then threw her hands to his chest and shoulders to try to hold herself up, pleading, "Nononononononono, Stiles!"

Stiles laughed and grabbed a hold of her again. "Ha, you need me..."

He realized what he had said immediately after he said it. He laid there waiting for a lecture about how women don't need men, especially not Winter or any other woman they knew. He looked down surprised he wasn't getting one.

I do need you.

She looked back up at him. Her hands still draped across his shoulders. She innocently, maybe not even intentionally, swiped her finger into his shirt collar just the slightest bit. Grazing her dainty finger across his neck and red t-shirt She looked back to his gaze and stayed in that moment.

There was a moment of silence where the tension seemed to be able to cut through steel.

Just fucking kiss him, you're literally on top of him.

Woah intrusive thought, back that wagon up.

"Yeah... I'm gonna get off now-" Winter says and slides until her knees are on the stairs and she can safely stand up.

She didn't realize what she was doing. But it was having an effect on Stiles.

She was on her knees, in between his legs. Stiles was still fully reclined at the top of the staircase, breathing in a little deeper than before. Winter pressed her hands onto his legs and used them to get herself onto her feet. She walked around till she was standing at his side.

"Do you need help or something Stiles?" Winter said wondering why he hadn't stood up yet. He was sitting up, but not in any rush to get to his apartment.

"No... I-I'll just listen from here."

"Stiles... you do not."

Stiles looked up at her with a scrunched face of annoyance as to reassure her in someway that he was in fact hard at this moment.

"Oh my god, you're disgusting..." she said not facing him and slowly walking to the door, "just when I thought we were beginning to get closer too. Ugh how sad."

She turned around to put her back towards the door and push it open. "We're gonna start The Phantom Menace without you," she said raising her voice tauntingly as she moved further out into the hall.

"That's fine let me know when y'all are on Episode IV so I can watch it in the right order!" He said getting louder even though Winter would still be able to hear him if he was on the 3rd floor.

"Ha- whatever," she chuckled to herself.

Oh my god. I made him hard. Did I even listen to his heartbeat, how fast was it going? Wait was it actually from me or did I just land on him wrong. Or should I say right?

Why does it even matter I've had one deep conversation with him, he's just a friend. I need to calm down before Scott can hear my fucking heartbeat from down the hall.

Winter stops just before the oak door and takes a few deep breaths to assure herself that her heartbeat won't disclose any hints at whatever the hell happened back there — she didn't fully understand it herself. She grabs the handle.
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