That Lovegood Sister: The Lone Wolf


The sister of Luna Lovegood has large ambitions. Quinneth is just one year older than Luna. She NEEDS to complete her ambitions before she can live happily in her life. So, when she gets the chance to go back to Hogwarts for an extra year, she takes the opportunity and soon realises just how beneficial that decision has made her. But will she achieve her goals? *** I do not own the harry potter story nor the characters within. This is merely just a fanfiction. It is a story I have written based on the harry potter series, including my own characters. *** Writing Start date - 12th February 2021 End date -

Drama / Fantasy
Jordan Leigh
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1: Get to know Quinneth

Quinneth Cordelia Lovegood was the older sister of Luna Lovegood. Despite, the lack of mentioning of her, she did in fact go to Hogwarts. Quinneth is the same age as Harry Potter and their year.

However, the reason no one has heard anything of her before is because she is a lone wolf; both literally and figuratively. When Quinneth was just a baby, her Mother had gone into hospital to birth her younger sister; Luna. There was a woman, one of her mother's friends, looking after Luna. But, she had a bit of a problem so, a bottle of firewhiskey later and she was out cold.

It was a full moon out that night and as the beautiful Quinnith lay, sound asleep, in her cot the winter breeze blew her old window ajar and an unknown attacker made their way into her room. It was only thanks to Xenophilius, her father, that she survived such a horrid attack. He had come back to make sure everything was okay and found the terrible baby-sitter passed out on the couch and the traumatising screams of his daughter upstairs.

All that was to show of the attack a large white scar down her stomach and a large bite scar on her neck, which she often covered with high button up tops. Of course, they were the permanent physical results. There was also the change everytime a full moon occurred and the mental struggle afterwards.

Quinneth was a quiet girl; smart and very kind, but quiet. She hoped to one day cure lycanthropy, not just for her, but for all those who struggle with the disease.

She fought alongside her classmates in the battle of hogwarts, but no one paid her much mind. Quinneth was always too afraid of making friends; afraid of what they would say or how they would react if they knew of her Lycanthropy, or how she would react in an unstable state when they were around. It was easier for her to hide in the shadows.

The only people who knew of her Lycanthropy was her father and sister. She didn't want to tell her sister, in fear of what she might think, but it was safer for Luna to know of her condition than to not. Luckily for Quinneth, Luna was a very accepting girl and thought her sister was very strong for going through this struggle from such a young age.

Of course, Remus Lupin had found out about her condition. Its kind of hard to conceal it when you run into him in the forest in wolf form and he recognises the scent. Not to mention the tiresome look Quinneth had for a week after her transition.

He had confronted her, kindly, one day after D.A.D.A class. She recognised the look in his eyes and on his face as soon as she neared him. Quinneth wasn't scared of her teacher because of his Lycanthropy though, she was relieved to know that she wasn't the only one at Hogwarts who was struggling.

Remus would often give her chocolate after the full moon. He would sneakily hand it her with some parchment in his classroom. She was extremely grateful for his kindness and understanding, but unfortunately, he had to leave the school at the end of the year, so Quinneth had to suffer on her own again, despite the chocolate packages Remus would send the girl every month.

Remus Lupin instantly recognised the girl's condition after his first full moon at Hogwarts as a Proffesor, he pitied the girl, knowing what it was like to be in her position. They would often chat about other things, not just about their Lycanthropy. He found out that she had no friends and no one knew of her condition. That made him pity her more; at least he had his friends to help him through his monthly. That is what caused him to send her warnings every month before the full moon and a small selection of chocolates after the event.

Since Remus, Quinneth has not opened up to anyone about her Lycanthropy, no one else understood. Now, after the war, she didn't even have Remus to mail about the event or just discuss things with. Quinneth had no one who understood what she was going through.

Her sister had often tried to console her, try to get her to open up, or even understand her, but despite her best efforts, she failed everytime.

Her Father didn't know how to console his daughter either. He didn't have his own experience and could never think of the right words to say.

Her mother had died when she was only 10; just one year before she had to join Hogwarts. She had quite a few memories of the woman, she remembered the feeling of warmth and comfort her mother had given her after every full moon, but since her death, she hasn't been able to find anyone or anything that could give her that sense of comfort.

Quinneth is starting her 8th year at Hogwarts, she was hoping to only have to suffer there for 7 years but with the lack of education in the previous year she had to return to learn everything she needed for her main goal in life: curing Lycanthropy.

Thats where our story starts. Xenophilius, Quinneth's father, had just told her about her requested return to Hogwarts.

"Of course I'll go! I just love it there." Quinneth exclaimed, with fake enthusiasm. She a smile plastered on her face but it didn't match how she felt on the inside; exhausted.

"Wonderful! It'll be so great for you and Luna to spend your last year together." Her father beamed. She smiled in return, trying to seem more convincing than how she actually felt. But, as she stalked up the stairs, regretting not begging her father to not make her go, she remembered that at least now she would find out the proper knowledge she would need to help her cure Lycanthropy and that put a spring in the tired girl's step.

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