Izabelle Meets Milo


Someone helps me not to obsess over a lost land.

Fantasy / Horror
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Izabelle Meets Milo

I was walking through Atlantis one day with Milo when Izabelle saw us.

"What, Svetlana, are you doing here? I thought I said NO MORE ATLANTIS."

"Well, Kida wanted me to stay here for her dad, and I decided to."

"Why didn't you listen to me? I am a real person."

"I thought about it, but Kida made the eyes."

"Oh. But, your projection is going away, right?"

"I am looking up history and Greece, not Rourke and Atlantean vehicles."

"Good. I am proud of you."

"Svetlana, did this girl say not to come here?" Milo asked.

"She said not to obsess over it. I am trying not to. But, it's hard when I am right in the middle of it."

"Well, where do you want to go to not obsess over Kida?"

"Uh, Spain?"

"Fine. Go there, then."

"We will," Izabelle said. We got on a stone fish vehicle, and left Atlantis for Spain. Would we enjoy it there? Would I be discussing Milo? Who knows?

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