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When Hoseoks birthday comes up Jimin and Yoongi start hanging out together, with Hoseok. Who would've expected them to like each other so much?

Romance / Erotica
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birthday invitation

With his arms full of books they shy boy exited the big building, making his way over to his best friend, and his friends. “Jimin!” Hoseok, his best friend, shouted as soon as he even saw his silhouette appearing.

Jimin bit back a shy smile, his cheeks reddining. He couldn't help it, he was shy and blushed very easily.
So no, he didn't have a crush on Hoseok. He looked up and made eye contact with a brown haired boy guy. Jimin had never seen him before, his hair a dark brown and his skin pale.

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows. Who is that? He gulped. He wasn't exactly the best when it comes to making friends. He was socially very awkward, and Hoseok was aware of that. So why did he invite someone new?

“Hi”, he shyly muttered, sitting down next to Hoseok, who was smiling brightly. He had wanted his best friends to meet for a long time now. “So... that is Yoongi. He's a grade above us and not really the school type. Which is why you've probably never seen him around here before.” Jimin just nodded. He had never seen the boy before.

Yoongis eyes were piercing into Jimins, as soon as he looked up. It was an understatement to say Jimin was nervous. His hands were trembling, his breathing quick and uneven.

He tried calming himself down but the way Yoongi stared at him with this unreadable expression was freaking him out. “I'm Jimin...” he breathed out, hoping the boy heard him.
He could hear his own heart beat in his ears, which made him even more uncomfortable.

“Min Yoongi.” was all he replied, while Hoseok was smiling brightly, happy that his best friends were... befriending each other.
While Jimin wondered how the voice of a guy who was probably only one year older could be so deep, Hoseok told them about his upcoming birthday and what he wanted to do to celebrate it.

Yoongi was listening, Jimin wasn't. His thiughzs were all about the brown haired boy with pale skin.

“So? Jimin-ah?” said boy flinched, being deep in thought. A chuckle emitted from the oldest as he looked at the tiny student in front of him. He sunk more and more in himself. He seemed very vulnerable. Yoongi didn't know what it was, but it made him curious about Jimin. What was he like? Was he always this shy? Is he as introverted as himself?
“Didn't you listen?” Hoseok tsked, not seriously mad though more jokingly.

“Uh... No, sorry, Hyung”, Jimin looked genuinely scared that he did something bad, it was... cute.
Yoongi quickly shook his head, no, the boy isn't cute. He told himself. Min Yoongi didn't find boys cute.

While Yoongi was thinking about Jimin Hoseok was explaining his plans on having a big sleepover on Saturday - the start of summer vacation.
Yoongi liked the idea since he wouldn't do anything but sleep in his vacation anyways. So why not spend his time with his best friend? Couldn't be too bad, right?

“Oh.. yeah I'll ask my mom if I can come.” Yoongis ears perked up at that. Asking his mom? That kid must be at least 17 judging from the book he was carrying. It was for the grade below Yoongi and he was 18. He was old enough to make these kind of decisions himself. Not that Yoongi didn't find it cute that he still asked his mom like a little child it just surprised him.
“Ask your mom?” Yoongi couldn't help it, seeing the boy all flustered was a cute sight. Even for someone who 'didn't find boys cuteʼ.

Jimin tensed. What was he supposed to reply? That his mother was like Eddie's from IT? Well, not exactly like her but close enough. Jimin liked affection, yes. But being asked how you are all the time, is annoying, and even Jimin needed his own space sometimes.
He played with the hem of his sweater, trying to think of an answer who wouldn't make him seem like a kindergarten kid. “is there something wrong with that?” he tried to seem confident but his pink cheeks gave his uneasiness away quickly. Yoongi noticed that, a small smirk making it's way up his lips.

“I didn't say there was something wrong with that, kid”, the 'kid' across the table couldn't fight a little pout. Why was he pouting? Jimin didn't even know himself. He was embarrassed for acting so childishly, but he couldn't help it. The oldest of the three made him feel submissive. Jimin was obedient anyway, but submissive was another story.

Especially because Yoongi was practically a stranger to him. But strangers didn't make you feel flustered, right? Only crushes do.

“Sleeping bag, check. Toothbrush, check. Charger, check..” rummaging through his bag, Jimin checked everything he had on his little list he made. He didn't want to be the one having to go back and get something. He brushed his hand through his wavy, blonde hair, sighing. He was more than nervous.
After all this wasn't only his first sleep over, but he had also enveloped a little crush on Yoongi. Hoseok, Yoongi and him had been eating lunch and sometimes dinner together often in the last week, because apparently they needed to plan the sleep over.

In the end it was Hoseok drawing little flowers in the sheet and Yoongi being grumpy because the flowers didn't fit to his rocks he drew at the bottom.
It lead to a little fight if flowers or rocks were better, and resulted in them asking Jimin what he thought.
Jimin was stunned, he had been drawing, too. But it wasn't a little flower, or a rock. No, it was the oldest out of the three.
Jimin didn't know why, but for his art class he had to draw someone inspirational and the only person coming to his mind was, well, Yoongi.

You may ask why Jimin found him inspirational. Easy; on their third meeting together Jimin and Hoseok had find Yoongi playing the piano. He hadn't noticed the staring boys, and kept playing the beautiful melody.
Jimin didn't know the song, but he sure was in love with the way Yoongi fingers ghosted over the black and white keys.
Jimin was drawn to the way Yoongis mouth was slightly opened, the tip of his tongue poking out. It was cute.

Back to present, Jimin was gathering his two bags, one containing his clothes and stuff he needed for himself, the other including his sleeping stuff.
He liked to sleep with a heated blanket, it kept his dreams good. He liked to belive it kept monsters away, and even though he was 17, he still found a safe place in that blanket. He got it when his family moved from Busan to where they live now — Daegu.

He sighed and took out the rather big teddy bear. He never really slept somewhere else but his house. He wasn't one for sleep overs which is also because he didn't have a lot of friends, so he never got invited to one. So it wasn't only his first time being invited, but also sleeping somewhere else.
But he was excited. And maybe, just maybe, he was excited because he got to see Yoongi again.

Arriving at Hoseok house he took a deep breath. His mom was sitting next to him, wearing a small smile as she watched her son gathering his bags. “Take care, okay?” Jimin merely nodded, his focus being on the two older boys standing in the doorway, talking.
He swallowed and looked down at his feet, his leg nervously bouncing. It was too late to say he was sick now or that he couldn't go, right? Would they see if he just... left? But he wouldn't want to disappoint Hoseok just because he was insecure and nervous.

“Take a deep breath, darling” his mother instructed, worried that his son was actually going to be staying over somewhere else for a whole night. The boy did has she said and slowly calmed down. Hoseok and Yoongi had seen him now, too.
“Now go and enjoy your time, yeah?” Jimin nodded and put a small smile on. He was a bit calmer now, his heart still beating like crazy.
He'd never been so nervous.
He waved at his mom before leaving the car and going up the way to the door where his friends were standing.

“Jimin-ah!” he heard Hoseok, who was obviously excited to see his little friend coming up the lawn.
Jimins breathing quickened as he reminded himself he'd have to probably sleep in the same room as Yoongi. It's okay, I'll be fine. He thought, encouraging himself.
“Hey” he smiled, holding his backpack straps with his fists. Yoongi just nodded while Hoseok was overly happy, beaming another hello.

“So we're going to sleep in the cellar because there's the most space. Aaand it'll add to the atmosphere if we watch a scary movie,” a grin made its way up Hoseoks face as he started walking down the stairs.
Jimin panicked. If there was something he despised, it were cellars and scary movies. He'd watched one once, and it was the worst experience of his life. “You ok?” Jimin flinched, not having seen the pale boy standing next to him. Jimins heartbeat started racing. What should he answer? He can't say that he's scared. That'd be embarrassing. “Yes” his voice came out little, not as he had planned.
He blamed the little he's eaten so far on the voice crack.

Yoongi chuckled and looked Jimin up and down before taking the heavier bag. “Let me carry this for you” before Jimin could say anything else Yoongi had gone down the stairs right into the cellar.
Jimin just nodded to himself before following him.

“So? Where do y'all want to sleep?” the cellar was bigger than Jimin had expected. There were two little windows, not much light coming through. There was a TV at the wall and a dark leather couch. The floor was carpeted and warm. Heated floor, Jimin guessed. Other than another than a few cupboards there was not mich else. A few cardboard were standing at the back of the room, you didn't really see it if you didn't look closely.

Jimin focused back on Hoseok who was talking to Yoongi. They seemed to be arranging the way they'd sleep. Jimin didn't listen. He was still processing everything. That didn't go unnoticed by his friends. "Jimin? Are you sure you're okay? You've been spacing out ever since you arrived," hoseok seemed to feel genuine worry for his friend, while Yoongi was just standing in the middle of the room.
Said boy let out a little giggle as Jimin just dumbly stared at them. "Just let the boy take everything in first, geez," jimin was secretly thankful the oldest had said that.

He really didn't know what to answer, and he'd never dared to be so rude. Maybe it wasn't actually considered rude but he still wouldn't have been brave enough to say that.
He admired Yoongi for that. For such dumb, little things. He was tired of his mind constantly thinking about the pale boy, but he apparently couldn't stop his mind from thinking. "Mh, sorry Jiminie. Tell me when you're uncomfortable" Jimin felt bad as soon as he saw the regretting face of the birthday boy.

He hasnt wanted to ruin their happy mood, yet he did. His pulse went high really fast, it nearly worried him. But he had gotten used to it after the first few times he'd seen yoongi it became a normal, even daily, thing to him.
"No.. don't worry I'm fine." He threw him a smile, not as shy anymore. Both boys faces lit up and they went back to talking.

They ended up letting Jimin and Yoongi sleep on the floor. Just one problem. They only had one mattress, it was enough space for both though. "So... I hope both of you are okay with sleeping together," the second oldest snickered while laying his cushions on the sofa.
Yoongi just shrugged while Jimin panicked inside. How was he going to sleep next to Yoongi without freaking out? It seemed truly impossible for the boy.

He took a few deep breaths, hoping it'd get better.

– evening

It didn't. Jimin was as awake as ever while the other boys where half asleep already. It wasn't past midnight, but shortly before that, and Jimin should he tired but he wasn't. He couldn't stop thinking about yoongis brown fluffy hair and his near black eyes.
The light of the TV made his eyes sparkle and Jimins heartbeat quicken. Gulping, he tore his gaze away from his crush - over too hoseok. The boy fell asleep two minutes in the movie. He had said in the beginning he was tired already and we should feel free to do anything we wanted if it didn't wake his parents.

Jimin heaved out a sigh and looked at his hands. Then at yoongis. They'd fit together perfectly... He thought.
He immediately scolded his inner self for the thought and tried concentrating on the movie that had come to an end.
Yoongi noticed that, too. "I'll turn the TV off, you can go to... bee already." The little announcement made Jimins heart flutter. He would be the perfect partner..
But then again he was probably straight and had probably a girlfriend too. Why wouldn't he? He had the looks to get any girl.

"Are you just gonna stare at me?" Jimins face flushed red and he quickly stood up, getting dizzy as soon as he did.
Yoongi seemed amused but Jimin still couldn't cope with how embarrassed he was. Caught staring is not something he wished for when his mind wandered off into... questioning places.

He shook his head and paced to his backpack. Well, one of them. As he searched for his skincare utensils he was poorly oblivious of the pair of eyes hungrily eyeing him.
Yoongi had wanted to do things to the shy boy for a long time. No, not only perverted stuff. Also... Couple things. But he couldn't get over his little fear of rejection. Even after he spoke to Hoseok about it.

Jimin just made him so nervous. “I'll just go and.. prepare for bed” the younger said and stood up with a little bag. Yoongi nodded and watched him walk up the stairs to the bathroom.
“Cute” he murmured before sighing and gathering the two fluffy blankets, laying them on his and Jimins make shift bed for the night. “Just make your move, dude” a voice suddenly spoke up. Yoongi jumped a little and angrily glared at Hoseok who was amused.

“Well I would if we were alone, dipshit” Yoongi was lying. He wouldn't. He was pretty thankful for his best friends presence. He helped him with being nervous and shy in front of new or other people in general.
“Imma head to bed anyway, this sofa is uncomfortable as fuck, man” he ranted and got off the leather couch. Yoongi laughed a little at his antics and arranged the pillow on Jimins side so it was fluffy and not flat and... well uncomfortable.
“Do what you want to this ain't my house bro” Yoongi just commented and sat down on the mattress.

“yeah, yeah still disrespecting me even though you're in my house,” they both laughed at that, not noticing Jimin. He came down the stairs barely making any noise. “pff, you're the disrespectful brat here, not even calling me hyung” Yoongi tsked and layed down.
Jimin let out a little giggle, unconsciously. Yoongis heart turned at the cute sound and he turned to the flustered boy. “Jimin-ah is respectful at least” Hoseok wiggled his eyebrows at Yoongi as he said that.

He bit his lip and eyed the short shorts Jimin was wearing. They were showing his thighs perfectly, Yoongi loved it.
The youngers body was heaven, Yoongi could tell without having seen him in revealing or tight clothes. He could just tell the youngers body was as angelic as his personality.

“Alright, bye, see ya tomorrow, guys” Hoseok waved and left, patting Jimin on the shoulder.

After Hoseok had left Jimin immediately layed down next to Yoongi. He craved to be close to the older even though he was shy. “I kinda have a habit of cuddling cute things when I'm sleeping so be prepared” Yoongi grinned and looked at Jimin who was blushing furiously.
He hummed in response, not moving.
The older boy just pulled the duvet over their heads and wished his friend a good night. Ha. Friend.

After only a few minutes Yoongi had fallen asleep and Jimin was watching as he moved in his sleep.
His hair was falling in front of his eyes as he moved closer to Jimin. His breath was already uneven, but when Yoongi put his head on Jimins stomach he nearly hyperventilated. Yoongis head. On his stomach. Jimin was freaking out.

Of course he was enjoying the physical touch since he also had nothing else to cuddle, but it was too much. The soft warm radiating of Yoongis body on his. The hair tickling his naked arm, the breath fanning over his thigh.
It was too much. There was just so much Jimin could take, and this was too much. He swallowed thickly before slowly prying Yoongis arm off of him, then his head.
His heart wanted him to lay down with Yoongi, cuddle. But his heart was also dying from the closure he had never experienced before. He pressed his eyes closed, trying to ignore the tears that left his eyes. He was too overwhelmed with his thoughts. They were screaming at him that Yoongi didn't like him that way. That it was just his habit.

And that no one would want to cuddle with him. Right? Jimin was questioning whether he should belive his thoughts or not. If he should just lay down, not caring and just cuddle with the one he so deeply admired.
He forgot the world around him, so he naturally flinched when two soft hands wiped his tears.
“Don't cry,” Yoongi whispered, leaning over Jimins small frame. “you're too precious for that” Jimin stared at him, mouth agape and eyes wide, tears still flowing.

“I'm serious, don't cry. It doesn't look as good on you as if you were to smile” Yoongis voice was deep, smooth and soft. So incredibly soft. It made Jimin sad to know he couldn't have this perfect cat like boy just to himself.
It hurt him to know he was doing this because he was still half asleep. But did he know or assume? He couldn't tell.

“Please stop. I don't like seeing people I like cry.” the older pleaded, softly stroking Jimins arm. “S-sorry” Jimin breathed out, throat raw.
“Don't apologize. Tell hyung what's wrong” he affectionately pulled Jimins head on his chest, brushing his hand through the boys hair.

And Jimin couldn't take it anymore. Couldn't take not telling anybody about how he feels. Couldn't take being the one needing to admire from far away, and yet being so close to them. So he didn't care. He stopped. He stopped and smashed his lips on Yoongis. He closed his eyes, hand coming up to lay on Yoongis cheek.

And they kissed so lovingly, as if they were worth to each other so much. And they were.

They forgot about everything, sharing little kisses here and there. Jimin forgot his thoughts. All he focused on was the boy on whose stomach he was sitting. Whose hand he was holding. Who was showing him love.

When they spereated Yoongi looked at the boy sitting on top of him. Before Jimins thoughts had the chance to make him sad again, Yoongi said the words that were most important to him. “I like you. A lot. And I hope that I can call you mine in front of the whole school. That I can show them and you how precious you are.”

And Jimin agreed. Yes, he could do that. Heck Yoongi could do everything as long as it was out of love.

“I like you too, hyung”

They cuddled, kissed and whispered to each other for the rest of the night.

For the rest of their lives.

“And this is how I met your dad, honey.”


This was my first attempt, so I hope you enjoyed. Have a great day and happy valentines day.
[finished 14.02.2021]

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