My Mate


sarah has never seen jamie the way she does tonight, tonight she notice his smell his looks and his body tonight sarah tries to deny whats going on and jamie knew he could smell his mate, but how could it be he's been to parties with his friends and has never smelled her before, sarah on the other hand knew soon as she could smell him across the room she ran to Allie and dragged her to the bathroom " we have to leave this party right fucking now"

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Chapter 1

James and Jacob heard a scream coming from inside the house where Allie and her friend Sarah was at they both leaped to their feet and started running toward the house, the boy had been down by the lake side but it didn't take them long to get to the house, when they got there they found both girls standing in the middle of the coffee table screaming and pointing.

"What's wrong what are you screaming about"
Jacob asked his sister when Sarah yelled
Both boys rolled their eyes and laughed as they caught the little gray mouse and brought it outside as they jokingly bugged the girls about the tiny little creature who was completely harmless. The boys went on back down beside the lake to finish what they had started Jacob was the alpha's son and Jamie was his best friend who was son of beta Sam.
As the boy finished up what they were doing Jacobs mothers voice was heard singing out to them that dinner was ready and it was time to come wash up and eat, this evenings conversation was light and quite or at least it was until the two girls had left the dinner able to clean up and go start their homework, Sarah's birthday was coming up, the most important birthday a girl could have, its her 17th birthday the day her werewolf comes to the surface its the day that she is starts looking for her mate, something both her parents and her brother and Jamie hate the idea of. the who pack have been over protective of Sarah since she's been a baby they all loved her and adored her, Jacob is 3 yrs older then her and had already found his mate, Caroline who most people think was not a fan of but didn't say anything. Jamie was the same age as Jacob but still haven't found his mate not that he wanted too he's always been a longer and done his own thing except when he was at the pack house with Jacob.
the party planning began as soon as Sarah was up the steps everyone decided balloon, streamers and finger foods with music and all her friends and pack members. Sarah's birthday was closing in it was only a week away!
upstairs the girls, who might I add was suppose to be doing homework was up talking about the big day the excitement of Sarah finding her mate soon and Allie still not 17 yet was all the chatter.
"I cant wait to turn 17, I get to find my mate I wonder who its going to be" Sarah said to Allie who was nose deep into her phone texting guy from school.
"yea me to, I wonder is it going to be someone from our class OR maybe its someone older"
"yea maybe its Josh.. oh my hope its josh he's the hottest guy in school and the most popular"
"Sarah, you can do better then him and you know it" Allie said as she tossed her phone on the bed walking towards the closet to pick out something to wear
"what are you doing" Sarah ask
"get ready babes were going to a party"
without hesitation Sarah jumped up and started doing her make up to go out to the party, Sarah wore her tight skinny leg jeans with the rips and a black tank and her above the knee black high heels her hair curled and make up ready she waited for Allie to finish up who wore dark blue boot cut jeans black and white vans and a red top with her hair straightened both girls grabbed their black leather coats and headed out the door.

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