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Komahina and kamukoma Oneshots


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Romance / Erotica
The Nagito
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Childhood lies

Hinata waited outside, of the one and only ultimate lucky student.

Was he jealous of his best friend?


Komaeda had it easy, he had money, Hinata had yet to see his family but he knew they had to treat him well, he had a talent, he had everything Hajime didn't, worth.

All Hajime had was his parents, a one story house and a cat that hated his guts for naming him after a Beatle,

in Japan.

Oh not to mention that Hajime has a crush on the ultimate in question.

His thought's where interrupted when Komaeda left his stupid, five story house.

He looked....tired?


" Took you long enough. " Hajime said, smiling a bit at him adjusting his bag around his arm.

" Sorry. " He said, his voice was it's normal quiet tone.

Hajime shrugged him off, waiting for the only slightly taller boy to stand next to him.

When he did, his aura felt off, like he just went through something traumatizing.

He's an ultimate, he has no reason to act so-

" How'd you sleep? " Nagito asked out of the blue, watching the serenity around him, contracting to his on the edge mood. He was scared, sad, he was right now next to his crush. The one person who cared about him, even if Nagito was always the one comforting him.

" Terrible, my mom had friends over so I couldn't leave my room as soon as I got home. " Hajime said, sighing a bit as he glanced at Nagito blushing immediately due to how he looked like he was out of a movie. He didn't deserve him. " H-how'd you sleep? " Hajime asked, though he knew nagito slept well since he had everything on his fingertips, that was the one thing he hated about Nagito.

The way he always seemed depressed even though, he would never, ever experience misfortune in his life.

" Fine. " Nagito lied, right through his teeth like always to the boy, he had a nightmare, he'd only slept for half a hour but he wasn't going to complain.

" Good. "

〜 time skip brought to you by these two boys being complete idiots 〜

Nagito and Hajime were skipping class, in the bathroom.

Hinata watched idly blushing wayyy to much, while Nagito rested his head on his shoulder, his normal emotionless face as he scrolled on his phone, while the other tried his best to pay attention to anything but Nagito's perfect stupid face, and eyes, and porcelain pale skin. " Are you okay Hajime..? " Nagito asked, not realizing how gay it was since his confidence was nothing, at all.

" What do you mean...? I'm fine, don't worry. "

Hajime wasn't fine, all he wanted was to be like komaeda..

He wished he was as amazing as him.

" Are you sure...? " Nagito said hesitantly, almost like hajime would be angered at him for being worried.

" No. " Hajime said, feeling a bit mad at himself but....he wanted to be truthful with komaeda.

So like always, komaeda would wrap him in a hug, tell him that he cared about him,

While his heart ached because no one would ever do the same for him.

Once Hajime's tears where dried, and Komaeda let go of the tan one, Hajime let out a small sigh deciding on not only trying to change the mood but also find out a question that's been on his mind for a long while.

" Nagito, how come I've never seen your parents? "

Hajime asked, literally clueless to how insensitive that question could be.

Nagito tensed up, his expression turned a bit sadden but he still chose to smile, Surprising himself when he noticed how fake it was..and how..

" It's nothing important hajime..I promise. " Nagito said, inside he felt torn.

" Tell me the truth. "

Nagito paused, looked away and dejected his eyes trailing to somewhere..anywhere besides his crush.

How mad would Hajime be if he found out how many secrets he's kept from him?

" There dead. "

By the time the bell rang, Hajime felt guilt like no other.

" Oh my god..I'm such a shitty friend. "

Komaeda had no living relatives by the time he was eight, he was kidnapped when he was twelve, and now he was diagnosed with cancer and had a year left to live.

Not to mention the fact that Hajime was his only friend that stayed with him for this long, before they left him for being weird, ungrateful or the person died.

Finally, all those times komaeda texted hajime first was when he needed him.

Really, really needed him.

" No your not! I should have... " The white head trailed off as Hajime continued to feel mass guilt and anger at himself as he wrapped Nagito in a hug, Komaeda almost instantaneously tensing up.

" Komaeda I..."

Nagito was now crying into Hajime's shoulder.

The brown haired one, eye's momentarily winded before he rubbed the others back shushing him as he kept him in his protective grip, not letting Komaeda slip away just yet, feeling like if he did, he'd lose the other forever.

" Nagito I think I...I think I love you. "

Nagito gripped the back of Hajime's shirt even more tears streaming down his flushed face.

" N-no..! you cant...you can't..you'll get hurt.."

But Hajime just shook his head, letting go of Nagito just for a moment to look in his eyes now pink due to his crying.

Hajime looked into them for awhile, as the guilt and anger continued to eat him up inside he let out a sigh through his nose, before he lifted his chin just a nudge with his right hand making Nagito let out a very small gasp, that Hajime honestly thought of as cute.

Slowly Hajime leaned in, before he knew it he kissed the other, Nagito wrapped his arms around his neck softly closing his eyes as Hajime did the same, as Hajime deepened the kiss just a bit, not wanting to make Nagito uncomfortable.

Hajime let go of the kiss, and rested his forehead on Nagito's both of them opening there eyes though Nagito's where more narrowed as a few tears formed in them again.

" I love you. "

" I love you too. "
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