In the Night ( Fred & George Weasley )


Everly and Lorelie MoonWater are currently attending their final year at Hogwarts. After their parents decided to move to America, their new guardians became the Weasleys. Having 7 kids wasn't enough for them, so what's 2 more? The years to come have a lot in store for them, especially their time after Hogwarts. New friendships, Love maybe? WARNING: This story will contain SMUT, drug use, kinks and violence. 17+ readers recommended. •It will mainly be told from Eve's POV. But may sometimes vary to Lo's to Fred and George's POV. •Not slow burn •Doesn't follow storyline from the movies updating as often as possible! Hope you enjoy my lovelies 🥰

Romance / Drama
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I wake up to the sound of my alarm piercing through my ears. I groan to myself and roll out of my warm bed. I then slowly start preparing for the day. I'm currently attending my 7th and last year at Hogwarts. It's already the middle of October and I've spent the last few weeks nervously anticipating my last year and what will happen after my time at Hogwarts is over. So many things can go right or wrong this year.

I roll out of bed but quickly grab a pillow that's placed on my bed and slowly tiptoe my way to my sisters poster bed. Lorelei or Lo, as most people call her, is my slightly older sister who I share a dorm with. She was born only 9 months before me. My mom, Catherine Moonwater decided to wait till both of us were 12 so we could attend Hogwarts together and be in the same year.

As I reach her bed, I pull the pillow over my head and swing it at my sister's sleeping face. She jolts awake scared as to what just hit her.

"EVERLY" I hear my sister yell as I run to lock myself inside our small bathroom.

" Get up!" I yell back. I stare out the small window inside the bathroom. The sun still starting to rise outside. I quickly turn on the shower, letting the steam flow in the bathroom making it feel cozy inside. I step in the shower and let the hot water begin to loosen my strained muscles. I hurry, wash my hair and body. I then reach over to the counter where my wand is placed, lazily muttering a spell over my body to remove the small stubble on myself so I can be smooth for the rest of the month.

"Gotta love magic" I murmur to myself.

I get startled by a loud pound on the door.
"I have to shower too you know" Lorelei says as I turn the water off. I throw a towel over myself and open the door letting the steam flow on to my sister's face.

"You know, you don't always have to be a bitch when waking me up. A simple wake up Lo would be much better than taking a pillow to the face" She says as she reaches over me and into the bathroom.

"Yeah but then that wouldn't be as fun would it?" I ask as she slams the door behind her.
"RUDE" I yell

Luckily last night I had decided it would be a great idea to enchant Lo's Shampoo bottle into turning her blonde hair a bright shade of red.

As I await for my sisters screams to asure me that my trick has done it's purpose, I pull my grey school skirt out along with my button up shirt and some black knee high socks. I start getting dressed and suddenly I hear a shrieking noise coming from the bathroom.

"EVE YOU DID NOT JUST MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A WEASLEY" Lo yells as she opens the door to the bathroom. Revealing a damp red birds nest on top of her head.

"Hey at least George might think you're pretty now" I wink at her and I notice a slight tint of pink cover her cheeks as she quickly looks away to face the mirror.

"This is not funny! how long will this last?" She asks. "It should be gone before the day ends, you wont even notice the change!" I tell her. Quickly, I put on a black hoodie on top of my dress shirt and rush out the door before she tries anything on me.

I make my way down the staircase into the Gryffindor common rom where I notice a certain trio sitting around arguing.

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop throwing things at me during the night!" I hear Ron yell at Harry. "Last night you threw a shoe at me. A SHOE!"

"Well if you would shut up and let me sleep I wouldn't have to do that" Harry answers back.
Hermione just seemed to sit there annoyed by the two as she looks like she was trying to read a book she had placed on her lap.

"Morning you three" I say and shoot them a small smile. "Good morning" They reply back.
"Oh Eve, thank Merlin you're here PLEASEEE save me from these two. They haven't stopped bickering all morning" Hermione begs me.
I walk over to her and reach out my arm for her to take. She willingly takes it as we start making our way out the common room and to the Great Hall.

"May I ask where your bitter half is?" Mione asks me. I begin to laugh. Hermione loves Lorelei, but since they both seem to be quite "proper" you could say there's times when things between them can get well a little intense.

"Oh you'll see her when she comes down to eat, hell you won't be able to hold in your laughter" I tell her and she looks at me worriedly as she wonders what I did now. "Don't worry I didn't shave her eyebrows this time" I told her and she began giggling at the memory.

When we reached the Great Hall, I noticed a pair of tall red heads leaning against the wall. I walked over to them as Hermione walked over to the table to take a sit next to Neville.

"Morning pretty lady" Fred said as I approached him and his twin. I ignored him and began a conversation with George. This is something that George and I do often and quite enjoy. Seeing Fred get all frustrated and always seem to try his best to get our attention.

"Hey George! I say as I start walking with him, Fred following suit behind us. "Let me tell you what I did to Lo this morning, well first I woke her up with a pillow to the face and then I-" I was interrupted by George's gaze landing behind me. I turn and see Lorelei walking through the doors, her bright red hair now curled and nicely done.

"Hey George you got a little drool right here" Fred says as George snaps out of his fazed state. Quickly shooting a glare at Fred who was sitting on the other side of me.

"Well I guess now you know what else I did to her" I laughed as Fred and I high-fived each other under the table. Lorelei came and sat across from us next to Ginny and the Trio who were now sitting at the table. Ron already stuffing his face.

As everyone began eating breakfast, I started a conversation with Fred as he asked me if I was ready for our Divination test at the end of the week. I told him I still needed to study for it but hoped to still get a good grade seeing as I was one of Professor Trewlawney's favorites. Aside from Fred, because he always tried flirting with her, which always made me laugh.

I stacked my plate with a couple of pancakes and started eating. After a while I began feeling nauseous. I knew that if I kept eating, I would end up throwing up during class. Fred noticed I had stopped eating and gave me a concerning look.

"What's wrong?" He asked me. "Nothing, just don't feel the best" I told him as I gave him a small smile. He glanced at my uneaten pancake that I had left and I nodded for him to take it.

He reached over my plate slightly touching my hand as he moved the plate in front of him. I instantly felt chills run all over my body and I tried to ignore this weird feeling I had from just a small touch.

I didn't notice I had been staring at him for a while now. The way his jaw moved when he ate, the way his eyes closed and fluttered open when he tasted the sweet food, the way his hands moved as he cut the pancake that he had taken from me. Oh my Merlin, those hands. The damage they could do- What was I thinking?! I shook my head trying to get those thoughts to make their way to the back of my head. I quickly looked away, hoping no one had noticed what I was doing. But as I turned my head I was met with George looking at me as he gave me a knowing smirk.

I shot up from the table and got a few concerning looks from some people but I ignored them as I rushed my way out the Great Hall.

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