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They call us the Slytherin Prince and Princess. We are the silver duo; the darkness of the school. I'd never have survived Hogwarts without my best friend, and he'd never have survived without me. ---- Fem Blaise Zabini X Draco Malfoy From friends to lovers.

Romance / Drama
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A small intro and basic information for you before you start reading.

Face claim for my main character is Zendaya.

Blaire Zabini is Blaise Zabini but as a female. There is no Blaise because she is him.

Little is known about Blaise’s character so this is very much my own interpretation of him/her. Even though he comes across as extremely prejudiced in the books (he refers to Ginny as a blood traitor in HBP), I’ve decided to make Blaire the level headed, down to earth best friend Draco needs (much like how I wrote Blaise in the Diggory Sister and Poison Ivy). I’m aware this isn’t canon, but it’s how I like to write the character. I’m keeping the vanity element of his personality too.

Blaire will call Draco, ‘Drac’ throughout the story. If anyone is confused, it’s pronounced ′Drake’.

You may find that during the first few years of Hogwarts, some places will move fast as they usually do in my fanfics. I find unless it’s essential to my character’s plot then I’ll probably just sum up a major Harry Potter event in one casual sentence. I know a lot of readers hate this and get upset over it, but I’m afraid that’s just how I manage to rewrite the series over and over again without going crazy.

My stories, as always, contain bad language, dark themes and, best of all - SMUT.

Umm... I think that’s everything. Enjoy!

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