A bastards design


Jack sighed and watched as Hannibal carried a sleeping Will out of the club, as he got closer he noticed Will trembling like a leaf and sweating to the point where his hair was starting to stick to his forehead, he looked as though he would end up melting into a puddle if Hannibal weren’t holding onto him as tight.

“Will broke out in a fever while we were in the club, I’m guessing he was too cold or that it’s from him fishing in that freezing lake for too long”
Jack sighed, “take him home, we’ve got this from here, make sure he doesn’t try to get out of bed until the fever is over, last time he had one he escaped from hospital until we had to handcuff him to the bed.”
“Of course agent Crawford, he’s in good hands”

Hannibal sat Will in his car and stepped inside to take him home, he knew Will was going to have a fever in a few days from the exhaustion and constant fishing, which was why he rushed Jack to start the undercover investigation, he now had the perfect excuse to be close with Will.

Will woke up surrounded by pillows, blankets, and teddy bears, he screwed his face up and pushed them off, only to have a hand pull them back up over him. He squinted at where the hand came from, seeing Hannibal sat next to his bed with a few of his smallest dogs sat on his lap trying to lick his face.

“I see you’re awake”
“Hannibal? Where the hell am I?”
“Home. You were suffering from a fever and fell asleep at the club so I felt it necessary to monitor your health”
“Well I feel fine... so you can go home now,” Will huffed, dragging himself out of bed only to be firmly pushed back down by Hannibal. He took out a bottle of Wills shampoo and dangled it in front of him.

“What is this Will?”
“5-in-1 body wash, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and shaving cream apparently”
“So? Why are you judging that?”

“That won’t do at all,” Hannibal stated, hoisting Will up out of bed. Will squirmed in protest, trying to get Hannibal to put him down as he was carried into the bathroom.
“Put me down!”

Hannibal lowered Will into the bathtub which he had prepared for him earlier, he started working a new brand of shampoo into Wills damaged hair, much to his dismay.

“You’ve never told me much about yourself Will”
“There’s nothing to tell... and I can wash myself”
“I’ll let you wash in peace if you’ll tell me”
“Fine...” Will huffed, “my full name is... I can’t do this, my name is so stupid...”
“It can’t be that bad Will, my names Hannibal, I’m not exactly in a position to judge”
“Yeah, at least you didn’t call yourself Willoughby

“Willoughby Graham... I think you chose well, it suits you”
“Anyways... I’m 34, I was born on the 14th of March... I’m autistic and I Uh...” Will cleared his throat and looked away, “I’m... bisexual I think, still working it out”

Hannibal perked up at the mention of bisexual and leant forwards towards Will before passing him a bottle of expensive body wash, Will took it, his eyes darting all over Hannibal's face as if he were unsure as to where to look.

“Well, my name is Hannibal Lecter, I was born on April 23rd, and I am pansexual”
“Is... that why you...?”
“You’re very intelligent, Willoughby Graham
Will screwed his face up and playfully pushed Hannibal away, “don’t call me that, my name is Will, just call me Will”

Hannibal took Wills hand in his own and moved it to his mouth to plant a soft kiss on the back of his hand, leaving Wills mouth agape, he clearly wasn’t used to receiving much affection or attention, something Hannibal planned on fixing.
“You know,” Hannibal spoke, leaning closer to Will, who was growing redder by the minute, “I think you might need my help after all, you look a little hot”

Hannibal picked up the packages at the door and carried them inside to Will, who was happily eating breakfast that Hannibal had made for him. He had pretty much completely recovered from the fever, and was ready to head back into the field, he just needed to see his new presents first.

“I got these for you, thought it might help with emotional regulation, and also to stop you from chewing holes through all of your shirts like a little moth,” Hannibal said, earning a giggle from Will as he poked him.

He carefully cut open the packages and pulled out a little green fish before handing it to Will, “You’re supposed to chew on it, it’s made of silicone,” Will carefully put the thing in his mouth and started chewing, Hannibal watched as he kept happily chewing away, having his mask slip briefly as he eventually went from a calm neurotypical display of excitement to full blown rubbing his face and rocking back and forth from excitement.

Seeing Will that happy and comfortable with stimming in front of him made Hannibal happy too, he picked up the other items he had purchased and placed them in front of Will, who was still busy chewing and rocking.

He had little magnetic fish that would make satisfying clacking noises, a big weighted blanket with dog patterns on it as well as a weighted vest he could wear underneath his clothes while he works, he had gotten other stim toys too but for the most part Will had completely focused his attention on the clacking fish and the fish shaped chew.

“So, I assume you’re quite happy with these?”

Will flapped his hands and rubbed his face against Hannibal’s jacket in appreciation which Hannibal assumed it was something Will picked up from being around his dogs so often, so he smiled and kissed Wills head in response.
He picked up Wills bowl and gave him a pat on the head to let him know he’ll be gone for just a minute as he was about to leave to clean up when Will quickly pulled him back down and kissed him.
Hannibal gently pried Wills fingers from digging into his arms as he kissed back, only to have his hands clawing at his back to hold on tightly to his jacket, it felt like Will was clinging on for dear life, his knuckles almost turning white from clutching so hard.
Will finally pulled his head back to rest it on Hannibal’s shoulder, not as afraid of him pulling away anymore, he blushed and gently pressed his head against the side of Hannibal’s temple.

“This is my design.”

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