A bastards design


Hannibal helped Will get ready for his first day back at work after recovering from his fever, he searched through his cupboards and pulled out his box of testosterone patches and took one out.

“Whereabouts do I put this on you?”
“Lower back, around here,” Will said, poking an area of his back. Hannibal crouched down and carefully smoothed the patch before standing upright to kiss Wills head.
“You're all patched up now”
“Thank you”

Will sighed and rubbed his face, he knew the jokes that most definitely have sprung up around the office, all of his students knew about dogboy Will and Hannibal. Hell, even Brian had even let him know about Freddie Lounds’ new article on the undercover case, with Hannibal carrying him out of the club plastered across the front cover.

Hannibal zipped up Wills weighted vest and handed him his things before fixing his hair, much to Wills dismay. Hannibal just liked to toy and run his fingers through Wills hair, it had gotten a lot softer and a lot better smelling with the change in products, as he had threatened to dye Wills hair bright blue if he didn’t stop using 5-in-1 wash.

“Ready to go?”
“As I’ll ever be...”

Will sat at his desk and put his glasses on to prepare for class, mentally preparing himself for the jokes that were soon to follow. Sliding his bag under his desk, he reached in and pulled out his files to begin today’s lesson as students began to pour into the room.

“Samantha Bowes, Jessica Strythe, Jane Doe 3, and June Kirby. All these girls were murdered in the same way, all of them stabbed once through the heart, with their femurs removed now tell me, what do these girls have in common? What is the killer thinking of when he sees these girls? What is his design?”

A hand shot up, “He was collecting the bones for something?”

Will nodded and paced the room as he talked, “excellent observation, the femur is the largest bone in the body, and also one of the hardest to break, with-” he stopped and looked at Jack, who was waving him over to talk, he turned to his class and sighed, “class dismissed for now”

Will stood over the unearthed bodies, they smelled repulsive due to the somewhat advanced stage of decomposition, where the flesh starts to rot and fall from the bodies in chunks due to the flesh necrotising. It would’ve fascinated Will, if he weren’t subject to the smell, that is. It was almost overwhelming, but the weight of the vest and the bumpy texture of his fish chew were enough to keep him grounded.

“So... what’s their story?”
“Before we talk about that... a new transfer from Scotland Yard is here, help take him down a peg? He’s spent the last ten minutes throwing a hissy fit over all the ‘evidence’ he thinks he has. Just... do your thing while he watches and show him that he’s not all high and mighty?”

Jack nodded and waved the transfer over, who immediately walked over to Will and extended his hand as an invitation to shake, “Duncan Richards, you must be Willoughby Graham, I’ve heard lots about you and your endeavours.”

“It’s Will.”
“Right... you own a lot of dogs, don’t you?”
“We’re supposed to be investigating the crime scene, not each other”
“I’ve already figured it out, all the victims are different ages, decomposition suggests that they’ve been here for a couple of months, which means the killer must be targeting random people”

“Duncan! Step back and let Will show you!” Jack called from behind the trees next to the others, beckoning Duncan back over to him.

“He’s just stood there shaking and sweating agent Crawford”
“Trust the process, that guy once figured out a killers identity with just a missing address”
“...I could do that”

Will trudged back over to Jack and pointed at the bodies, “Victims all have a wound in their neck where maggots have started to eat at, the first victim... the John Doe, he’s around 10 based on size, the Jane Doe is around mid to late 30s, stabbed them with a screwdriver... that’s his design.”

“Any ideas to possible motives?”
“The boy was more brutalised than the woman... he was angry at this kid, he despised him. The boy was her son, but not his.”
“Why kill the mother then?”
“She walked in on him as he was doing it, chased her before pinning her down and stabbing her, there might be some evidence under her nails... Or if we find who has a screwdriver in their town.”

Duncan rolled his eyes and spoke up, “Everyone has screwdrivers in their house, what makes you so sure that you’ll find the killer?”
“It’s a clutch head screwdriver, used more in the automotive industry, I doubt the average person has one in their toolbox lying around”

Duncan was pissed off, he spent years learning at Scotland Yard to be transferred to the FBI, all for some random guy to show up and announce things with zero evidence, only to have the agents agree with him?
He rooted through the files and pulled out one that read ‘W. GRAHAM’, Duncan smirked at the discovery and put his feet up on Wills desk to start reading.

There were lots of notes on his mental state and his refusal to be screened for psychological disorders, but there were recent ones for his new psychiatrist, by the name of Doctor Hannibal Lecter.

Duncan pulled out his phone and began searching for Will and Hannibal in the news, he found their most recent story on TattleCrime, but he also uncovered a lot more about them. With Lecter stepping down from his job as a head surgeon in a very well off area, only to become a psychiatrist.

Will piqued his interest most, with detailed information on all of his prescriptions and failed psychiatrists, being described as “highly volatile” and “quick to aggression” from one but “nonverbal” and “spends most of their time preforming self stimulatory behaviour.”

“I think it’s time to pay Dr. Lecter a visit.”
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