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The Hierophant

Hannibal looked through Wills fridge to find something to prepare to feed him with, but it seemed as though his house was in a state of disrepair, as the fridge wouldn’t even turn on, there wasn’t any form of central heating, half the lights didn’t work, there was a strange breed of mould that was starting to grow on the ceiling, and the pipes were threatening to burst at any moment. He looked down at Winston, who wagged his tail and looked up at him in confusion. Hannibal sighed and pet Winston's head as he wondered to himself just how Will was able to live like this.

“Will really isn’t all that great at looking after himself, is he? No wonder he keeps getting sick.”
“Who’s getting sick?” Asked Will as he wandered out of the bathroom with his hair soaking wet, trailing a small puddle of water into the living room.

“You are, this place is falling apart... I think you should come stay at my place until you get this house fixed up”
“You know I can’t afford to fix this place, and besides... I like sight lines, I need to be able to see everything at once”
“My house is open plan, and I also have a big area for your dogs to enjoy, there’s even a lake nearby for you to keep fishing”
There was a long pause as Will weighed his options, Hannibal knew he despised any type of change, but at this rate the ceiling was due to cave in on them both at any second, the house was extremely old and was in desperate need of fixing up.
“Alright... let me get my things”

Hannibal sat at his desk, listening to Will chasing his dogs around the new house. Jack was kind enough to have lent a hand in moving Wills near endless supply of fishing gear and dog toys, which he promised to repay his help and kindness with preparing a meal for him and his wife in the near future as thanks.

There was a knock at the door, Hannibal checked his timetable, no one was scheduled to have an appointment at this time. Palming his scalpel, he opened the door and looked at Duncan.

“And you are?”
“Duncan Richards, you must be Will Graham’s psychiatrist, Doctor Lecter.”
“You assumed correctly, come inside, I was just reading.”

He stepped aside, letting Duncan saunter inside and sit down on one of the leather couches, he stalked around Duncan for a moment before sitting down adjacent to him.

“What business do you have with Will?”
“I’m working with him on a case, thought I should talk to the guy figuring out what’s wrong with him to learn more about him.”
“You do realise I cannot speak about my therapy sessions with Will, I would be breaking therapist patient confidentiality.”

Duncan leant forwards and smirked, pulling out an old file, “Hows about you just tell me about this?”

Hannibal had set up a room for Will, it was painted a deep dull blue/green with large windows so he could see anything happening outside and the floor was a dark hardwood that was fitted with heating underneath so his feet would never get cold in the winter months. He had just finished unpacking all of his clothes and lied in his new bed, soaking in the new environment.

Hannibal had helped him pick out the mattress and sheets, his blanket had images of lake fish as well as their name and what bait they prefer, and his pillows were done by an old friend of Hannibal’s, who helped take pictures of Wills dogs and printed them onto a pillowcase.

Everything in his room had a specific purpose, with most of them being some form of stim for him to play or look at, he had even given him a whiteboard to write out things he needed to get done today.

He was too overwhelmed to explore as much now, as the sudden change of moving all of his things to a new place terrified him, he cried in the car on the way there, but with his pack of dogs always close to his room and thanks to more training by Hannibal, his dogs were able to tell when he felt uncomfortable and would come dog pile on him until he was ready to come downstairs.

“Where did you find this? Jack made sure to get rid of Wills old files”
“It was in Wills drawer in his classroom, now tell me, does Jack know about his diagnosis?”
“It’s up to Will to decide wether or not he wants to say, and so far he doesn’t want to disclose it, and I respect his decision as his psychiatrist.”
“What about this one? Diagnosed with gender dysphoria?”
“That’s none of yours or my business, if Will is happy with himself then that’s all that matters to me”

Duncan skimmed through the notes, “refuses to talk, only responds to yes or no questions, growled at a nurse while they took his blood pressure”
“Did you come all this way just to talk to me about Wills autism? I’ve written multiple articles about autistic adults, why not read those instead of bothering me?”
“Not at all, I wanted to know about his evidence interpretation. He doesn’t even investigate properly, he just stands there and makes shit up on the spot and those idiots fall for it every single time.”

“Those ‘idiots’ as you put it, Richards, fall for it because Will Graham is consistently correct every single time he’s put into the field. The next time you wish to find out more about your coworkers, might I suggest you ask them instead of stealing private and confidential information from an FBI investigator and teacher, and then coming to their therapist asking about personal things that subsequently have absolutely nothing to do with you?”
“Now, instead of rather rudely wasting my time and patience, hows about you come stay for dinner? I’m preparing a lamb broth and I’d hate for any of it to go to waste.”
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