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Hannibal finished preparing the broth before placing out the bowls, now instead of him enjoying some quiet time with Will, Jack, and Bella, he was forced to prepare an extra bowl for this Duncan fellow.

“Just wait here while I let the guests in Duncan.” He said, heading to the door. Hannibal opened it and smiled at Jack and Bella, “good evening you two, how was the wine I sent?”
“It was wonderful, you should really sell those bottles you make Hannibal, they’ll be extremely popular”
“I’m glad you enjoyed it Bella, do come in, I’ve made lamb broth tonight”

Jack looked around, “How’s Will settling in? I know he got upset in the car yesterday”
“He’s taking it better than I was hoping he would, he was sleeping last time I checked, I’ll go get him, go sit and help yourself to some wine”
“Of course”

Hannibal opened Wills door and poked his head inside, he smiled and held his hand out for him.
“I’ve made dinner for you Will”

Will looked up from his new fishing book and shyly held Hannibal’s hand, feeling his face flush red, he still wasn’t used to being affectionate to someone, as he just wasn’t used to being in relationships in general other than the time he kissed Dr. Bloom. He knew that Hannibal wasn’t about to try and force him out of the closet to Jack, which gave him ample time to settle.

Hannibal led him into the dining room and sat down next to him at the head of the table. He looked down at his bowl and started eating along with the others.
Duncan leaned over Wills shoulder and looked at the warning glare that both Jack and Hannibal shot at him, but he continued to open his mouth anyways.

“So Willoughby, I was reading one of your files that you left in your classroom to learn a bit more about you”
“That wasn’t for you to read, and my name is Will”
“Oh come on, tell us about the time when you found out
“Found what out?”
“You know”

Hannibal spoke up, “Your food is getting cold, I suggest you eat up, and quickly.”

Hannibal picked up the empty bowls and gently sat Will back down as he stood up to help clean.

“There’s no need to Will, Duncan offered to help before I set up dinner, didn’t you Duncan?

Duncan was about to protest when he felt something sharp press between his shoulder blades, “o-of course, let me help you there Dr. Lecter”

He stood up and quickly hurried into the kitchen with Hannibal, who quietly shut the door and looked at Duncan.
He could feel Hannibal’s eyes burning holes into his body from his glare, he knew he had definitely crossed a line somehow, he backed up against the counter as Hannibal stalked forwards.

Duncan had officially entered the lions den, and there was no guarantee if he would be the same once he was let out.

“You have some nerve coming into my home and trying to upset my boyfriend in front of my guests. First you steal from Will, then you approach his partner to try and get information from me, and then you try and throw his past back into his face when he’s not ready to come out? You have got to be the most inconsiderate, rude, and disrespectful guests I have ever had the displeasure of hosting for.”

Ah, that was the line he crossed.

“Have you tried fishing at the lake yet?”
“Not yet, I still need to try and document the types of fish that live there, then I need to figure out their breeding and behaviour so I can make the best type of tackle.”

Jack nodded, “I saw a few trout while Bella and I were walking up, maybe even a couple catfish too”
“I don’t think I’ve ever tried catching catfish before, they have a nasty sting”
“Jacks been stung by one before,” Bella chuckled, “nearly dropped the poor thing”

The kitchen door opened and Hannibal walked out with a very drunk looking Duncan.

“Apologies, it appears that our friend here has had a little too much to drink tonight, I’ll make sure to drive him back home, Will can show you around his new room”

“Of course, not a problem Dr. Lecter, we were just discussing catfish”
“Why don’t you and Will go fishing together then? I’ll be back to join you later”
“What do you think Will?”

Will nodded enthusiastically, “sure, let me get my stuff”

Bella watched from a lounge chair as Jack and Will fished together, Will was almost waist deep in the clear blue water as he waded around, kicking up sand and mud while Jack watched in confusion.

“What’re you up to Will?”
“Finding my standing spot... it’s important”

Will suddenly stopped in his tracks and nodded, “this is it”, he announced, passing some of his lures to Jack.

Jack had to admit, he enjoyed fishing with Will, there was something about the way he got excited over everything he caught or how he’d constantly look over his shoulder to check to make sure that he saw what he was looking at that made him feel proud.

He was always protective of Will, ever since he got out of surgery after being shot both he and Dr. Bloom made sure that he wouldn’t go too far and lose it due to his hyper-empathy, and on one hand it was due to their close friendship that had blossomed between the two, but on the other it was due to the fact that Jack also saw Will as his son sometimes.

He was always there to pull Will back from doing something dangerous, and he had even helped him find a surgeon to give him the desired top surgery results he had always wanted that wouldn’t break his bank, he felt glad that he was able to help.

He was snapped out of his thoughts by a yelp from Will, “Jack! I got a catfish!” He yelled, pulling the large creature up into his arms.

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