A bastards design


Will woke up in a tangle of legs and arms.

There was hot air blowing against his neck, his face ached as well as currently resting on someone’s chest, he was positive that unless Winston shed all of his hair at once, that there was a person in bed underneath him. He tiredly looked up to see whose chest he was currently using as a pillow and went bright red.

Definitely not Winston.

Trying not to wake him, Will carefully tried to slink out from his arms, only to be held onto tighter. It felt like trying to wrestle with a boa constrictor. He finally gave up and groaned.

“Hannibal wake up... I’ve got work and you’re holding me hostage”
“Can’t help it, you’re just so cosy”
“You’re so manipulative... you know that?”
“I think it’s because of my suave appearance”
“You’re milking it”
“You love it”
“I know I do”

Will rubbed his neck, it had felt weird and stiff all morning and he was confused as to what had caused it. He just marked it up to sleeping weirdly until the rest of the forensics group stared at him as if he had sprouted a second head. Beverly was the first one to mention the elephant in the room:

“Is that a hickey?

He checked his neck with Jimmy’s mirror and found the spot the others were so interested in, and sure enough there was a medium sized red mark just below his jawline.

“What the hell?”
“Can’t believe you’re finally getting some Will, who’s the lucky lady?” Asked Brian, looking up from the evidence file cabinet.

“I Uh... well-”
“Yeah man you can tell us, it’s the circle of trust” Jimmy stated proudly, making a circle gesture around himself, Brian, Beverly, and Will, “I mean come on, your bottom lip is swollen too! Will Graham is finally getting some action after all these years and you’re not gonna at least tell us if it’s a hickey or not?”
Brian paused and looked at Will, having something suddenly click in his mind.

“Not lucky lady... lucky man?”

Jack looked at Will in confusion as he shuffled onto the scene with Hannibal in tow, wondering why Brian and Jimmy suddenly descended into a mass of whispering between them and Beverly.

“What did you do to make those guys so excited?”
Will sighed and pointed at his neck, “got a hickey apparently...”
“Well, the body’s over there”

Will wandered over to the body and looked at the holes in her chest, “it looks like she was impaled with deer antlers”
“Beverly thought the same thing, even found some velvet over here, there’s some sewn up holes on her. Usually the guy takes their organs but it looks as though he had taken them, only to put them back in”

He looked down at the body, Jack ushered the group out of the bedroom and looked at the others.

“You’re telling me that you three were excited over Will having a hickey?
“When’s the last time you saw the guy in a relationship? He hasn’t said a word for weeks and all of a sudden he shows up to work with that on his neck and his lip?”
“Maybe he just wants to keep it private cause he knew you lot would freak out like this, Jimmy”
“Are you telling me you’re not even a little bit interested in who Will got with?”
“He can tell us if and when he’s ready to, let him have his privacy”

Will poked his head out from behind the door, “there’s metal shavings on her, the ones from an industrial type machine”

“Tell me again why we’re here Will?”
“Like I said yesterday, he’s targeting girls with a similar height, hair colour, eye colour, weight, all those kinds of things”
“And all that makes you believe that it’s a father trying to keep his daughter?”
“It’s his design”

Hannibal sighed and talked to the receptionist while Will hunted through employee records, he had managed to convince himself that they were looking for a man by the name of Garrett Jacob Hobbs, who had a daughter of the same description.
He knew Will was right pretty much all of the time when it came to these types of things, but to him it felt like he was looking for a needle in a haystack, but he wouldn’t be surprised if Will didn’t have some way of finding it.

“If you’re looking for a needle in a haystack, how would you go about finding it?”
“Burn the haystack”

Hannibal gave a small chuckle in response, he had to admit that he hadn’t thought that Will would’ve had an idea for such a situation, let alone one that seemed so straightforward.
Will pulled out Garrett’s file and flicked through it, Hannibal leaned over to look.

“Found anything?”
“Yeah... look here, all the workers at the company left both a phone number and an address, Garrett Jacob Hobbs left only a phone number, no address”
“How do we find him then?”
“I dunno, let’s just get his files to Jack, he might know”

Will and the receptionist were walking back and forth, putting large boxes full of paperwork into the boot of the car. Hannibal walked over to the railing and accidentally tipped out all of its contents.
Almost on cue, Will rushed over to help the woman pick up the spilled paperwork, letting Hannibal head back inside and pick up the phone. He typed in the number Will had shown him for Garrett Jacob Hobbs home number and let it ring.

Abigail turned from washing the dishes at the phone, she quickly dried her hands and picked up.

“Is this the Hobbs family?”
“Yes... who is this?”
“May I speak with Garrett Jacob Hobbs? It’s quite important”

Abigail passed the phone to her dad, “it’s for you... the guy on the line says it’s important”
Garrett picked up the phone and held it to his ear.

“The FBI knows.”

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