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The Lovers

Hannibal mixed his paint together and watched as Will stood out in the lake in his shorts and shirt, beginning to fish with the morning suns rays reflecting off the surface, breaking up into a thousand different colours strewn across the clear water and casting its rainbows across Wills face.

It was also a great time to paint, as fishing was probably the only thing that Hannibal knew Will would willingly sit still for hours to do, giving him a while to get a good reference without having to rely upon his photographic memory as often.

Abigail wandered over to Hannibal and watched him paint for a moment before turning her attention to his muse, who had bent down to fix his lures.

“What’s he doing?”
“Fly fishing. It’s the only way I managed to get him to open up when we first met... and it’s warm out today, you should get out that heavy jumper, you’ll make him upset if he finds out you’ve melted into a puddle”

Abigail giggled and watched Will for a moment, it looked like it would get pretty boring after a while, standing in cold water for hours, but she wanted to get to know Will better, and what better way to do so than participating in his hobby?

“Can I try fishing?”
“Of course you can, go grab a spare pole from over there and put some boots on. You’ll get some bait from Will, he’ll be more than happy to teach you the ropes”

Abigail smiled widely and hurried over to get ready, pulling on her boots and jacket.

Hannibal finished his painting after what felt like only a few minutes watching Will and Abigail fishing together. They hadn’t caught anything, but he could tell that the time they spent together more than enough made up for it.

He was startled out of his thoughts when they both came hurrying back to him with a fish in hand.

“Hannibal! Abigail caught her first fish!” Will yelled, frantically waving his hands.
Hannibal looked at Abigails catch and smiled proudly, “Very impressive, I’m sure you’ll catch up to Will in no time at this rate.”

Will watched as Jacks car rolled up and he stepped out to approach them.

“Morning Jack, you’re usually not up here this early, something up?”
“It’s Duncan, found him strung up and gutted in the woods near his house, thought you should come take a look, see what you can uncover”

Will nodded and began to get ready before turning to Hannibal, who smiled and kissed his forehead.

“You go ahead, I’ll take Abigail out for something nice while you’re away, and we can all have something to eat before going to the shops, okay?”
“Alright... but I’ll miss you”
“As will I”

Jack watched as Will looked at the complete disorder of Duncan’s body, or what was left of it.

His entire lower jaw was torn off with his eyeballs replaced with stones, his entire body disembowelled and dismembered, with parts strewn across the dirt like used confetti, what wasn’t littered around was missing, or stuffed down his throat.

“Who found him?”
“One of the guys here did, went to go checkup on him after he wasn’t responding to our calls”

Will nodded and plucked the letter from the knife embedded in Duncan’s chest.

“Looks like this was personal...”
“What’s it say?”
“Most of its covered in blood, but it looks like someone from his work at Scotland Yard held a grudge against him for letting a serial killer go in exchange for information... something about how the killer murdered their sister because of him”

Jack backed off to let Will do his profiling and turned to Beverly, who was busy picking up what was left of Duncan.

“All this mess... Must’ve had some amount of enemies”
“Never really liked him to be honest, he was always obsessed with digging up Wills past and all his disorders...”
“I warned him not to, that idiot doesn’t know what he got himself into”

“He was going to out me”
“Duncan, he was going to tell everyone”
“Tell everyone what?”

Will sighed and rubbed his face, he was stressed enough from Duncan’s threats and insinuations during work, but it was his time to resume control over himself. He took his glasses off and looked at Jack.

“He was going to tell everyone that I was diagnosed with autism and that I’ve been dating someone, I mean... he’s probably already told Freddie Lounds all about it, she eats shit like that right up”
“I’m not all that surprised with the diagnosis, you’ve always had your ways of doing things, but I knew you would tell me when you were ready... I appreciate that you felt comfortable enough telling me that Will”

Will nodded, fidgeting with his shirt buttons. He didn’t know why it was so nerve wracking to just say that he was dating someone, I mean, he never even said who it was or the fact that it wasn’t a woman, but his heart was still pounding loudly in his ears.

Jack looked at Wills face, it was hard to deny the fact that he was nervous, he looked just as anxious as he was when they had first met.

“Why would Duncan want to tell everyone who you’re dating? No one at the bureau batted an eye when I mentioned I was dating... No one pays attention to it, if anything they’ll just congratulate you on getting a girlfriend”
That’s the issue”
“What is?”
“It’s not a girlfriend...”

Jack paused before going wide eyed and turning to Will, who simply nodded back.

“Yeah... boyfriend”
“So, what does that mean for you?”
“I’m bisexual”

Jack nodded to himself, “I’m glad you’ve found someone that you love, and I’ll keep this between us, you don’t have to worry about anyone knowing”
“I don’t really care if people know or not to be honest, I’m just glad I told someone”
“Of course, I’m happy that you felt comfortable telling me these things”

Freddie hit stop on her recorder.

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