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False Dichotomy

Will stared at all the photos across the floor, trying to piece together who killed Duncan. He kept trying to replay the killers thoughts in his head but there was something missing, what would the killer would’ve wanted with Duncan’s legs? Both weren’t found at the crime scene, so he must’ve taken them, but why?

Hannibal scooped Will up off the ground and carried him into the kitchen, “come on, you’re never going to catch the guy if you don’t eat anything”

“How long have I been sat here?”
“Three hours”
“Holy shit... why didn’t you tell me?”
“I was preparing a surprise”
“Oh... wait, where’s Abigail?”
“Went to go to her group therapy classes, she’ll be safe, Dr. Bloom offered to go with her to help settle in”

Will nodded and started to eat before noticing the display in front of him, he felt his heart rate quicken a bit and looked up at Hannibal.

“Is this the surprise for after breakfast?”
“I thought you might like it darling”

Jack looked at the headline on Freddie’s website as he got progressively more and more angry, Beverly and the others had seen it too, and were trying to help keep the news under wraps.

Will shuffled awkwardly into the room and looked at everyone, his legs ached and his back was thumping, the room looked like an intervention of sorts, with everyone sat around the laptop, but he didn’t abuse any substances. At least not that he was aware of, unless painkillers for his headaches counted?

“Are we having an intervention Jack?”
“Freddie knows, and she wrote all about you in her recent blog”

He looked at the headline on the laptop and read it aloud to everyone in the room: “Autistic FBI profiler Will Graham bisexual, secret boyfriend revealed.” Will furrowed his brow, he never told anyone who he was dating, so how did Freddie supposedly know?

He scrolled down the page, skimming through the exposition before stopping at more photos, ones of him and Hannibal in the garden together, holding hands and kissing each other. He shut the laptop and looked down in embarrassment, feeling everyone’s eyes looking at him like vultures watching a dying animal.

“So... you and Hannibal? How long have you been hiding that one from us for?” Beverly joked, trying to coax Will into talking to them.

“A few months now I think...”
“We could all have a word with Freddie for putting you in this situation? Having your private life aired out like this is some amount of bullshit”
“You can, I’m gonna try and dig up more on this Duncan case, try and take my mind off of it”

“You revealed personal information about one of my profilers Ms. Lounds, something the FBI does not take lightly”
“He said he didn’t care Agent Crawford, last time I checked I can’t be sued for that”

Jack paced the room and read through the article, comparing it to the file Duncan had stolen. He had shared lots of information from the files to Freddie, who had then went on to write the article.

“Did an agent of the name Duncan Richards give you this information?”
“Yes, what about it?”
“He stole the information from private documents located in Wills desk, so maybe I can’t have you arrested for writing about Will, but I certainly have you charged for an accessory to theft of federal property.”
“I had nothing to do with that!”
“Then why don’t you get rid of some information that’s in your article? Specifically you bringing up who he was before.”
“Can’t we ask Will and see what his opinion is on the matter?”
“No, but we can call Hannibal.”

Hannibal entered the questioning room and sat down in front of Freddie, he pulled up the article and looked through it.

“Will could have you sued for harassment at this rate, with the amount of times you’ve written about him or taken photos of him”
“They said they called you to get your opinions on the article”
“They did, I think it’s very interesting, however I’m wondering if Will gave you permission to talk about his therapy”
“Public records and consent letters Dr. Lecter”
“Did you get my permission to talk about my life Ms. Lounds?”

Hannibal scrolled through all of Freddie’s articles on Will, all of them detailing how he's violent and unstable. He pictured the hard stony exterior that Will had for years that he managed to soften and help open up and shook his head at Freddie.
She was definitely not talking about the same Will that leaped into traffic to rescue a puppy, or the same Will that spent hours teaching Abigail everything he knew about fishing.

“Will is the furthest thing from violent and unstable there is”
“And what is he then, Doctor Lecter?”
“Far more patient and compassionate towards people like you than I am. Maybe he puts up with it because he doesn’t want to see you in jail again, maybe he does because he knows it’ll only end up harming the reputation of the FBI, either way, he tolerates you a considerable amount for someone whose been nothing but a thorn in the Bureau’s side for years.”
“I write the truth
“If you want the truth, back off of Will Graham, and I will give you the information.”

Freddie paused to consider the offer before nodding and holding her hand out. Hannibal took it and smiled, “Good choice.”

Will examined Duncan’s body with Brian, they had uncovered some hair and skin from under his nails and were now trying to pinpoint whose DNA it belonged to.

“Find anything?”
“There’s a match, a cop from Scotland Yard, came to the USA back in ‘82, had a sister that was killed by the serial killer known as... The chelsea smiler, how original”
“Cause he would carve their faces into a smile?”
“Bingo, named him after the type of scar, called a Chelsea smile”
“It matches the letter that was on Duncan... time to pay the guy a visit?”

Will nodded and headed to the car, grabbing his things on the way out.

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