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Blind Faith

Will’s tongue felt heavy in his mouth as his brain buzzed lazily like a swarm of bees, he didn’t know what was in the concoction that the man pumped his bloodstream with, but he knew he was undoubtedly drugged.

Fortunately for him, whatever drugs were swarming his mind had dampened the pain that wracked his body when the man had taken the knife to his chest. He strained and pulled his body forwards, trying to bend.

The wood cried and cracked under the pressure Will was exerting, the rational side of his brain tried to stop him, but it was quickly silenced by his instincts to survive as he pushed himself harder, pulling joints out of place as the wood creaked and wept.

A hand grasped harshly at his hair, yanking him up to look, the man gave Will a cruel smile.

“You’ve managed to dislocate your shoulder, trying to escape?”
“Mhm...” Will giggled, his mind not fully awake to the situation, he leaned in close to the man and whispered, “and when I do, I’m gonna kill you.”

Before the man could react, Will had snapped his head to the side and sank his jaws into the top of his ear, mauling him as he tore and mutilated his face with his teeth.

“Lab reports just came back... it’s definitely from Will, his chest.”

Hannibal gripped the sides of the desk with such fury that his knuckles turned white and his shoulders shook, he knew exactly who had taken him.

“I think I know who the man is that took Will.”
“We were old friends up until him and his sister inherited the family fortunes... forced his sister so that she couldn’t have children, so I helped her have a child with a surrogate. He didn’t like that, so he tried to kill me, he must’ve held a grudge ever since.”
“Do you know where he is?”

Hannibal nodded and sank into his chair, he never should’ve left Will alone. He was stubborn and headstrong, and he should’ve known that Will would’ve eventually run into him, he should’ve prepared him.
Mental images of torture flickered in Hannibal’s mind, fearing of all the horrors Will was being subjected to at the very minute, he was strong, but Hannibal doubted that he could hold his own against the man, even he knew to stay wary around him.

“We’ll bring a dog team round to try and track Will... see if we can’t find any witnesses, or accomplices.”

Hannibal have a dejected nod, “he won’t be the same when you bring him back.”

“Let’s cross that bridge once we get to it.”

Will felt the coppery taste of blood in his mouth as he ran his tongue across his teeth, the man had left after his outburst, but not before drugging him once again and forcing him to swallow what bits of him Will had managed to maim from his body.

He felt ill as his brain worked against him, he couldn’t understand any of his thoughts as they swirled in his mind like a current in a lake, he thought about Hannibal and Abigail, how happy they were together, how they caught a fish on Abigails first attempt.
His mind slipped him back into Hannibal’s garden, how he had napped in the warm summers afternoon, waking up to a hand petting his hair as he was carried back inside.

His body ached and he could feel the pain from his shoulder searing into his head, the man torturing him hadn’t bothered to try and put it back into its socket, so he was going to have to try and do it himself.

Will gritted his teeth and twisted his arm back into the right position, sending pain to shoot up his shoulder like a bullet, making him whimper. He flushed red with embarrassment but he had to keep pushing, he knew the next part was gonna hurt like a bitch, but it was the only way to deal with it, so he jerked his arm forwards, his shoulder relocating with a loud pop and Will yelling and cussing up a storm.

Jack had dragged a man in and dumped him at the questioning table, gesturing to some officers to handle it. He sat next to Hannibal, who was staring at the wall.

“We got someone, apparently his name is Adam, the guy Will was hunting, claims he knows what happened to him.”

Hannibal didn’t reply, but he slid a photo across the table to Jack, who picked it up to look at it.
Will tied up on a wooden cross, blood oozing from his face and body as he flashed his teeth at the camera, he couldn’t tell if he were smiling or snarling, there was a distinct heart shaped gash on his chest, presumably from where the heart in the box was carved out of.

“Did he send you that?”
“As a threat?”
“He’s bragging, showing off his progress.”
“The closeup on his eye?”
“I had Beverly do it, his eyes are very watery”
Jack paused, “Which makes them reflective”

Hannibal nodded and pointed at the blurred image, there was a cairn outside in the woods through the barred windows.
Jack went wide eyed and quickly barked orders at the team to search for forest cairns in the area, leaving the room to interrogate Adam.

Dr. Bloom looked at all of the photos and the lump of Wills chest that was spread out on the table and felt her stomach churn, she had caught wind of Will going missing from Brian and ended up ripping Jack a new one with how pissed off she was, and now with him kidnapped and tortured by someone with a personal vendetta against Hannibal? She could damn near well kill someone at this point with how much anger festered in her.

Will was thinking about fishing again, he was teaching Abigail the different types of knots while Hannibal sat with the dogs, they cast their lures out into the water and he smiled, feeling the cool breeze against his skin.

He was snapped out of his daze with a sharp blow to the face, he forced his head to look up at his captor, despite how heavy it felt.

“Wake up.” The man commanded, striking Will again to make sure that he was awake, the flash of his bloody teeth and a low hiss, a warning he most likely would’ve picked up in childhood, alerted him that he was definitely up.

Fuck you.”
“Really Will? We had such good progress yesterday, you spoke so much to me.”
“You drugged me.”
“How else was I supposed to get the information out of you? Besides, I learned a lot about you, how dear old papa wasn’t around often, too busy with the boats, so your doggy was your family.”

Will’s muscled stiffened at the mention of his father, hearing a faint crunch outside, he tried to distract him despite the fact he could barely say more than a few words from the pain.

“You couldn’t even break me... like you wanted to.”

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