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God is dead

Will woke up in the hospital.

His brain felt even more like goo than when he was being tortured, he must’ve been jacked up on even more different kinds of drugs he guessed. He looked around, making out two silhouettes sitting on the couch adjacent from him.
One of them noticed that he was awake and gently held his hand, petting his hair like a broken puppy as he suddenly started to shake and sob violently, memories of what had happened seeping into his brain like nightmares, only this time they were all too real.

“You’re safe now Will, it’s okay...”

Will leaned his head into the hand petting him, he recognised the voice whispering into his ear and tried to speak, his voice sounding foreign to him, the noises that came out not sounding right.
He wasn’t used to talking and he sure as hell didn’t want to, but he needed and craved the comfort the hand was giving.


The silhouette slowly took the shape of Hannibal as he nodded, leaning down to kiss the top of Will’s head as he calmed down.

“Yes, it’s me... I’m right here Will”
“Am I dead?”
Hannibal shook his head, “not yet, elskede”
“Oh... very good then”
“Do you remember what happened when the FBI broke in?”

Will shook his head and whined when a sudden wave of nausea hit and the room started spinning again, he clearly didn’t learn from all the other times he moved his head quickly.

Hannibal gently squeezed Wills hand in reassurance as his expression softened.

“You had a seizure Will.”

Jack looked at the notes and sighed, it just got progressively more and more worse as he kept reading all the injuries and torment.
Alana glared daggers at Jack as he read, she watched Will and Hannibal through the glass and shook her head.

“They say that the seizures should stop now that he’s not in shock anymore, but most of the cuts will probably end up scarring over”
“I should’ve told him to wait for another agent to come with him...”
“Hannibal’s trying to figure out the extent of the mental damage that Verger guy caused, keeping him locked up while they treat his face and ear”
“Whats the prognosis?”
Alana sighed, “PTSD? Hell, he could go completely nonverbal Jack. You saw how he acted when he saw the FBI, it’s like his brain just... snapped.”

Jack nodded and watched doctors and nurses walk in and out of rooms, looking at the photos of the man’s face, Hannibal had identified him as Mason Verger as he had to tear him off of the man, as Hannibal tried to kill him the moment he locked eyes with the man.
He couldn’t blame Hannibal, Will was covered in blood and barely alive when they kicked the door in.

“Has Abigail said anything?”
“Not to the police, no... she blames them for not finding Will earlier,” Alana lowered her voice so that only Jack could hear, “apparently there was a few officers in the area that could hear him screaming and ignored it.”

Abigail hugged Will tightly when he had woken up properly, he gently rubbed her back and shushed her as she shakily sobbed into his chest.

“Hey... why are you crying Abigail...?”
“H-Hannibal told me you had a seizure... I-I was scared that I’d lose you...”

Will gently squeezed Abigails shoulders and gently pet her hair like Hannibal did to him when he was scared, feeling her relax under his arms,“You’re not losing me Abigail, not for a long time.”
“I promise.”

Hannibal entered the room with a bunch of balloons and presents, Will watched as Hannibal placed everything on the bedside table.

“What’s all that?”
“Get well soon things... your students and coworkers all got something for you.”
“Well, open them up and let’s see them then babe, I’d do it myself but my hands are a bit full at the moment.”

Hannibal nodded and neatly unwrapped the gifts, he smiled softly at the thoughtfulness of everyone at the bureau before showing Will.

“Everyone’s so nice... I don’t know how I’m gonna repay them for this.”
“You don’t have to, these are gifts, people were worried sick about you.”
“They were?”
“Of course they were, Brian couldn’t sleep... Dr. Bloom yelled at Agent Crawford for what felt like hours, you could hear her from down the corridor she was that angry.”

Will nodded weakly, he wanted to speak but words failed him, so he just pulled Hannibal and Abigail close and hugged them tight, afraid that if he let go he would wake up back on the cross.

Jack had prohibited Hannibal from entering Verger’s room, he knew that Hannibal would probably try to kill him. He understood the incentive, but his unwavering loyalty to his sense of justice prevented him from allowing that from happening.
At least until the trial, that is.

He watched as Verger woke up, looking at how his face contorted around the damage Will caused with his teeth, he wondered what could’ve driven Will to tear off the side of a man’s face like that.

“Mason Verger?”
“Agent Jack Crawford from the FBI, yes I know. Will told me lots about you when I drugged him.”

Jack frowned, “Then you know that once you’ve healed, you’ll be escorted to jail where you’ll await trial, where you’ll certainly get the death penalty.”
“Will is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met... I can see why Hannibal is so obsessed with him, with his intellect, and that empathy on him? It was almost... intoxicating, picking apart his brain like that. Did you know that he was raised by his dog more than his own father?”

Mason laughed when he saw Jack’s face furrow in anger, he picked up one of the photos of what he had done to Will and smirked, he would definitely be feeling the effects of what he did for a long time after.
He had left his mark on Hannibal’s most prized possession, cracked and broken the outside, and damaged the insides, and after all he had done to Will, not even the very best of Hannibal’s therapy could fully repair the things he did.

He knew that the wrath of Hannibal would be far worse than anything the US justice system or the FBI could ever throw at him, to pay the price of the irreparable torment he had caused one of the only men that Hannibal cared for meant to pay for it in blood.

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