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Achilles and Patroclus

Will had counted down the days to his discharge, marking each one down with a fancy calligraphy pen that Hannibal had gifted him in the hospital.
As much as he enjoyed the bed rest and having Hannibal and Abigail come visit him, he deeply missed them both.
Every hour without them felt hollow and empty, and waking up without them there drove a wedge in his heart that buried in deeper every waking minute.

He sat up in his bed as Hannibal and his doctor entered the room, they were both chatting happily away about all the recent progress he had made healing.
Will wasn’t stupid though, he knew deep down that no matter how well he healed physically, the torture had left its mental scar deep inside, and he knew that Hannibal knew this too.

He smiled widely and held his arms out for Hannibal, who greeted him with a kiss.

“Good morning Will, you’re looking very well”
“That’s cause you’re here, getting discharged from hospital today”

Hannibal held Wills hand and gently lifted it to his mouth to kiss it, rubbing his thumb against the back of his palm.

“Indeed you are darling.”

The doctor passed Will the paper, he made sure to give it a quick once over before signing it and passing it back.
Hannibal had given Will a fresh pair of clothes, which he changed into after the nurses helped him up and removed all the lines.

“Let’s go home, shall we?”

Will wanted a quiet return home with no grand celebration, but that certainly didn’t stop Abigail from nearly full body tackling him and giving him a massive bear hug, which he smiled and reciprocated.

“Someone’s happy to see me”
“Of course I am, we missed you”
“I missed you too... every day without you or Hannibal felt extremely lonely”

Abigail shyly handed Will a sweater over, he looked down at the lopsided embroidery that read in big blue lettering ‘DAD’.
Will couldn’t stop smiling and he pulled Abigail back in for another long hug, putting the sweater on and admiring the sewing.

“I’m never taking this off by the way”
“Good, Dad helped with the fancy bits too, he also taught me how to sing”
“Really? Why don’t you two show me? That can be my surprise for coming back home from hospital.”

Abigail nodded enthusiastically and headed over to the piano, Hannibal sat down with Will on his lap, he looked up at Abigail and smiled, “Any requests?”
She nodded and whispered to Hannibal, he nodded and started to gently play the opening chords.

Will gently closed his eyes as he listened to them sing together, he nestled in closer to Hannibal, feeling his voice reverberating in his chest against his ear as he sang.
He smiled softly, he missed them both dearly, his brain brought back memories of how Verger tortured him, and the only thing that really kept him sane was the thought that they would come looking for him, without them he felt incomplete.

He had always thought that the idea of family was like an ill-fitting suit, and never quite connected with the concept, but when he was with Hannibal and Abigail it felt like a broken piece of him had healed over, he felt complete with them.

They were his family.

Finding his voice, Will joined in with the singing, he was still weak and raspy from the constant torture, but his voice was just loud enough that Hannibal and Abigail could hear him.

And you could have it all,
My empire of dirt,
I will let you down,
I will make you hurt.

Jack sighed and sat down in front of Mason, he slid the file in front of him and pointed at it.

“Not only have you kidnapped a high profile FBI agent, but you tortured him. We have mountains of evidence stacked up against you, and we can organise a plea deal that gets you off of death row, but only if you plead guilty.”
“And if I don’t?”
“I don’t see how you could, Wills body is evidence enough, and with the fact that we saw you have him tied up, drugged, and stabbed him, as well as him having part of your face in his digestive tract, you’ll find it’s open and shut.”

Mason leaned back and laughed, he looked at a photo on the table and pointed at it.

“Did Hannibal enjoy my gift? Marked up his boy toy for him... I would’ve killed to have seen his face when he saw it,” He laughed, “Will was very loud when I carved it out of him, he sounded like a wounded little lamb as it was bitten into by the big bad wolf.”
“Why won’t you plead guilty?”
Please Agent Crawford, the death penalty is paradise compared to anything Hannibal Lecter could inflict on me.”

Jack furrowed his brow, he knew Hannibal was furious at Will being hurt, but he couldn’t think of anything that he could possibly do that could warrant Verger from preferring the death penalty.
Defeated with the lack of cooperation, he stood up and approached the monitor on the wall.

Mason felt a chill claw down his spine when he heard what Jack said, the name put the fear of god into him as he spoke, though he refused to outwardly show the pure terror he felt.

“Bring in Hannibal Lecter for me please.”

Mason watched cautiously as Hannibal entered the room, he stalked around the desk like a caged lion, his fury hung in the air like smoke from a wildfire, polluting the room and filling Vergers lungs.
Hannibal felt no need to beat around the bush.

“You nearly killed Will.”
“It was a message, and it clearly worked, seeing how you’re here.”

Hannibal stared at the damage Will had caused, the bite marks ran deep, almost tearing right through Masons cheek, his ear wasn’t looking great either, as a large part of it had to get amputated to avoid infection.
He guessed Will had caused severe permanent nerve damage and laughed.

“I assure you, you don’t need to fear my wrath, nothing I could do could compare.”
“What do you mean?”
“The man that you tortured, Will Graham, has pure empathy. All he needs to do is to get into your head, or perhaps the head of any other killer he’s tracked down... he could leave you a broken and bloody pulp without even using his hands, I see you’ve experienced that first hand.”

Masons hand subconsciously moved up to the side of his face that Will had mauled and winced at the memories.
He had to cauterise his face to try and fix it, and despite all the skin grafts he had received, there was still very clear and permanent mark on his face from the encounter.

Hannibal continued, “He’s like Patroclus.”
“Achilles wished all the Greeks would die so that he and Patroclus could conquer Troy alone.”

He nodded, “and even a lamb can make the bravest of men fall to their knees in mercy.”

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