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Let Them Eat Cake

Hannibal decided to teach Will how to paint as a new form of therapy.
He knew that if he had asked Will how did being tortured ‘make him feel’ he would either get a snide retort or being told that he didn’t know, so he was now trying to get him to paint how he felt.

He watched as Wills brushstrokes began to take shape, they were fluid and swirled at the base of the canvas, which he had painted almost completely black.
There was an almost eerie tranquility about the swirling noise, but it was quickly ripped away with stark red streaks swarming around and plunging into the soft blues as it bled its colour into the swirls, creating a muddy purple that infected the blue.

Will looked at the painting and nodded to himself before turning it to face Hannibal.

“This is how I feel.”
“Are you the blue here?”

Will nodded, “Verger is red... well, any person I’ve been profiling can be red.”
“You feel as if the people you’re profiling are starting to seep into who you are as a person, with those purples there, that’s you taking on those aspects?”
“I don’t like purple...”
“Well, I’ll do the best I can to remove the purple from inside you.”

Will snorted and looked at Hannibal, who was looking back at him in confusion, he began to explain candidly:

“Purple was a metaphor for the bad stuff, but I also don’t like the colour purple.”
“Ohh, I see now.”
“Your turn to paint now, you’re really good at it.”

Hannibal watched Will work on the most recent case, he knew that with every serial killers brain he worked himself into that he would end up absorbing pieces of them as he worked his way back out.
He didn’t think Will was ready to jump back into cases, but Jack green-lit it the moment Will could handle looking at corpses again, and Will also charged headfirst into the distraction.

He knew the person who had killed the politician Will was currently stalking around, an old friend from med school who started killing after he was forced to treat a senator who voted against a bill that would’ve given children living in poverty free access to healthcare and food.

Hannibal watched as Will contorted his face and walked off with Jack following closely behind. He waited around the body to investigate more intently, but was interrupted by Jack shouting at Will.
Hannibal ran over, thinking that he was in danger, or that Jack would need to be disposed, but was instead met with Will bouncing back over with a large Saint Bernard in his arms, grinning from ear to ear like an overexcited boy as the dog happily licked all over his face, coating him in drool.

“Look who I found!” He said giddily, putting the dog down so he could pet it easier.
Hannibal smiled softly as Will hugged the large dog while giggling away as he got submerged under the amount of fur.
“Where did you find that min kære?”
“At the side of the road there,” Will paused, “is that Danish?”
“It is, but I’d like for you to talk about the dog, you found it at the side of the road?”
“Mhm... can we keep him, please?”
“Does it have a collar?”

Will ran his hand under the dogs fluffy neck to search for a collar and he nearly cried when he felt the leather and a name tag.
He pulled the dog in closer and looked up at Hannibal, who put his hand on Wills shoulder to comfort him.

“You know that the dog has to go back to its owners Will”
“His name is Timo...”
“Well, don’t you think Timo’s family is worried sick about him? Just like you were when you’re away from your dogs”

Will nodded sadly and Hannibal checked the phone number on the collar before making the call.

“You did a very good thing today Will.”
“I miss him...”
“Why don’t I let you visit the animal shelter once we’re done here? Maybe you’ll find someone there that you’ll love.”

Will perked up at the mention of that, “I’d like that.”

Hannibal started driving to town and glanced at Will, who was staring out the window and chewing the sleeve of his shirt. He stopped the car and got out, with Will linking his arm in his to guide him through the town.

“Just over here Will.”
“I’m sorry...”
“Whatever for?”
“I overreacted when you told me I needed to give him back...”
“There’s no need, you brain makes very strong emotional attachments to dogs, and whenever that attachment is broken it makes you upset. You’re not lesser than because that’s one of your special interests, and I certainly won’t judge you for being upset.”

Will blushed and nodded as Hannibal led him into the shelter, being greeted with excited dogs running up to the doors to be petted by him.

Hannibal stepped back to let Will enjoy being with the dogs, he looked at all the cats that were there and made eyes with a small pink and black tortoiseshell sphynx cat, he crouched down and held out a finger, watching intently as the tiny cat wandered over to him and rubbed its face against Hannibal’s finger, letting out tiny purrs as it did so.

A worker let the kitten out and into a carrier for Hannibal, who gently carried it over to Will, who was staring at a sign on one of the dogs doors.

“Did you find one?”
“I want to go in this one.”

Hannibal looked at the sign, it read ‘DANGEROUS DOG, WILL BITE, VERY AGGRESSIVE’, he looked at Will curiously and was apprehensive to let him inside but got a worker regardless to let Will inside.

Will sat down in the corner of the room adjacent to the dog, who started to growl at him. He tossed a small bit of meat at them, who nervously ate it and went back to growling.

Hannibal watched as Will kept feeding the dog until it finally crept over to him and climbed into his lap, Will let the dog smell him as he kept giving them treats, slowly letting them get used to him petting them.
Will poked his head out from a crack in the door at Hannibal.

“Can I keep this one?”
“Of course you can.”

Will lit up and kept petting the dog, who joined in with the excitement, affectionately licking his face and hands.

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