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Will had gotten used to the peaceful monotony of being alone back at Wolf Trap, a creature of habit, as Matthew less than eloquently put it.
A mere symptom of his autism Chilton had corrected, irking him.

The taste of blood ran in his mouth as the thought, his heart rate accelerated, his mind wandering to his run, feet pounding the fresh snow as his teeth rend the meat from bone, tender flesh filled his aching maw.


Will stared blankly at the beast in front of him, taking in the wonder of the deep black antlers protruding from its skull.

“Will, are you alright?”
“Where are you right now?”
“I’m... I...”

Hannibal took Wills face in his hands, gently massaging from the apples of his cheeks across his lower jaw, there was the black pouring from his mouth, he carefully wiped it away with his handkerchief before Will tried to pull away, and Hannibal held on tighter, keeping him in place.

Relax, Will.”
“I didn’t... mean to...”
“I know you didn’t, it’s not your fault.”
“Where am I...?”
“The time is 1am, you're in Wolf Trap, Virginia, your name is Doctor Willoughby Micheal Graham, and you’re with Doctor Hannibal Lecter.”
“What... did I do?”

Will passed Hannibal a plate of the pancakes Abigail told him about, Hannibal carefully savoured the flavours that darted around as if he were savouring those similar flavours that exuded off of Will.

He was allowed to revel in the pure beauty of the rougarou, and such wonder struck him with such intensity he found himself craving to see Will in such a raw and animalistic state of self once more, so that he may walk alongside the monster locked away, if he allowed himself to be opened.

Hannibal glanced up to meet Wills tentative gaze, “Yes?”

“You didn’t answer my question.”
“Which one?”
“You said I ate... what was it?”
“What do you remember?”

“There is your answer.”
“I don’t... remember hunting, I just remember thinking in bed, and now I’m here with you.”
“Dear old dad, been thinking about him more and more... even had a nightmare about him, which is... not new but... new.”
“You’ve had them before, but now that you’ve seen him again they’ve returned.”

Will nodded, pacing as he nursed his coffee, it tasted awful, moreso now that he had grown accustomed to the taste of the carefully brewed kind Hannibal often made. His was more harsh, bitter.

He grimaced, setting his mug down on the table.

“I ate a deer.”
Hannibal paused, “Yes.”

Will licked his bottom lip, feeling blood mix with the dryness of his mouth.

“W-Was I... different?
“You fear that your father was right about what he thinks of you.”
“And am I?”
“You were different, yes, yet I didn’t feel the urge to run, not like the rest of those in your presence.”
“What did you feel then?”

Hannibal let his pause linger in the air, “Interest.”

The wind brought a chill to the air surrounding Hannibal and Will, though Will did his best to present himself as if it didn’t bother him.

An arm slinked its way around his waist, though it didn’t itch like any others touch, Hannibal's grasp was one of warmth and comfort, if not a hand of possession, a snide ‘this one’s mine’ to those who would try and size Will up for themselves.

Hannibal removed his scarf and twisted it around Wills neck, “You’re cold.”

“I’m not, put that back on.”
“You’re shivering.”
“I’m not.
“Maybe, but perhaps you’ll still wear it.”
“What makes you think that?”

Will huffed to himself in annoyance, walking a few paces ahead of Hannibal, he sniffed the scarf and sure enough, he could smell Hannibal lingering in the fibres, the unmistakable scent of red wine and cooked meats that danced around his nose.

Matthew had opened the door, nearly causing Will to do a complete 180 and head back to the car, if it weren’t for the hand on his hip holding him in place.

“You must be Dr. Chilton’s orderly, Will told me about you,” Hannibal began, “Matthew Brown, if I’m not mistaken?”
“You’d be correct,” Matthew shot a glare at the hand on Will, “Will you be coming in during Mr. Graham’s appointment with Dr. Chilton?”

“Afraid not, I must go to the butchers and then acquire winter clothing for dear Will.”
“I see, in that case, goodbye for now Doctor, until you come to pick him up.”
“Of course.”

Just as Will stepped over the threshold all the blood shot to his face as Hannibal’s stray hand had grabbed Will from behind, below the hips, the only thought that popped into Wills mind came as soon as it went.

He just grabbed my ass in front of Matthew.

Matthew held his hands out as an invitation to allow Will to remove his jacket, to which he obliged to as he made his way across the marble flooring to sit across from Chilton.

“Good evening Will.”
“Shall we skip the formalities? Agent Crawford assigned me to psychoanalyse you, keep you from bursting a blood vessel while you work and going nuts.”

“Indeed, see, I found out where your father is, and I asked about you.”
“Quelle surprise, Dr. Chilton.”
“What was it like, Willoughby? Or, should I use the first name you picked out for yourself?”
“Don’t you dare.” Will snarled.

“Tell me about what your dad did to you, Ollie?

Will hadn’t eaten that morning.

He resorted to sifting through bins in order to find things for eating, it was always him, he guessed it was due to his size, families were more likely to take pity on the malnourished, doe eyed boy than the large man that would always wait for him.

He was very hungry.

Will tended to wander around the woods, and tonight was no different, he knew the area like the back of his hand as he hopped along the trail, searching for edible mushrooms.

He had ended up hopping into his father, who was gazing out into the dark.

“Do you remember what you’re meant to do?”
“B-but... I don’t wanna...”

Will had yelped from the quick slap to the head, his father dragging him close to forcibly meet his gaze, Will flinched.

“I don’t fucking care! You were meant to be normal! You’re just a fucking monster!”

He tried to keep his hands still as the overwhelming sensation of a meltdown festered inside, his eyes brimming with tears as he shook his head.

“I-I don’t wanna... I’m scared of it...”

A hand closed around his throat, Wills eyes snapped wide open in terror as his father began to slowly crush the life out of him, he ushered a single command as he watched Will cry against the pain, digging his chewed down nails into his arms like a dog fighting for its life.

“You will obey me.”
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