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A bastards design


My friend recently got me into Hannibal, so naturally I decided to write some casual romance about Will & Hannibal, but including my own personal headcannons. Autistic Will headcannon is included, written by an actually autistic person. - THIS DOESNT FOLLOW THE STORYLINE - I haven’t decided on wether or not to add any NSFW scenes, it probably won’t be anything too explicit though

Romance / Mystery
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Will clasped his hands feverishly as he sat up in bed, being startled awake from his dream by the piercing sound of his alarm clock. He looked down at his most recent adopted dog Winston, who was sat happily at the side of his bed waiting to be allowed to comfort him, he pawed at Wills leg, apparently sensing Wills growing discomfort, and with that, anxiety.

"Here boy, up you come," Will mumbled blearily while patting the side of the bed, immediately feeling a wave of comfort as Winston leaped up next to him and lay down on across his lap just like he had done countless other times when Will had nightmares, he buried his face in the dogs soft velvety fur and grinned when he felt Winston give him affectionate licks to the face, earning lots of "good boy"s and treats in return.

Jack looked around Hannibals office from the comfortable black leather couch, taking in the simplistic look that seemed to seep in from all corners of the room, he looked at the aged spines of some of the books that were on the rows of bookshelves and noted how many there were on psychology. He turned to Doctor Lecter, who was sat at his desk looking over his meticulously organised files.
"What was it that you said Mr. Graham had?" He asked, looking up at Jack.

Jack paused as to think for a moment before he finally spoke, "Well, we're not entirely sure, some of the other FBI psychiatrists think it's a personality disorder... or he's on the spectrum or something like that"
"Spectrum, as in autism?"
"I mean... it's a possibility, the guy hates eye contact with a passion, doesn't like talking all that much either... well, unless it's about fishing or work"
"I'd quite like to meet Mr. Graham in person if possible, follow him while he works, I think that will greatly benefit my understanding and we may even come to a diagnosis of sorts"
Jack gave a small chuckle, "If you can get him to, he point blank refuses to be psychoanalysed by anyone, you'll have an easier time drawing blood from a stone"
"We shall see"

Jack watched Will shift uncomfortably in his seat and toy with what appeared to be an old fishing lure with the hook removed in between his hands, rubbing his thumb up and down against the smooth green plastic fish as if it were soothing balm against a burn.

He kept watching the repetitive action until Hannibal entered the room and promptly sat down next to Will, he looked up at Hannibal and Will gave the stranger a quick glance before his eyes darted back at the floor.
Jack leaned back in his chair and cleared his throat, catching Wills attention,

"So Will, I know you don't want to be assessed by one of our psychiatrists here, so I've brought Dr. Lecter to meet you, he's quite interested in helping you with... whatever it is that's bothering you"
"There's nothing bothering me, I don't want someone following me around psychoanalysing me" Will snapped, Hannibal looked up from his note taking at him and gave a small smile,
"I assure you Mr. Graham, there will be no psychoanalysing from me, I simply wish to accompany you whilst you do your investigative work and see how it is that you operate"
"Come on Will, it's just for a few days, then you can go back to your teaching, okay?"
Jack smiled at Wills unlikely cooperation and stood up from his seat, prompting the others to do the same.
"I'll show you the scene."

Hannibal watched Will intently as he worked away from the others, trying to discern the repetitive mumbling whilst remaining a distance so he wouldn't bother the man as he retraced the killers steps.

"What is it that Mr. Graham is doing?"
"He calls it 'interpreting the evidence', gets into the heads of the murderers and can profile them, he's one of the best"
"I see... and what is it that he keeps repeating to himself? I've noticed it quite a few times already"
"It's 'this is my design', not sure why, but if it helps him catch these bastards then I don't have an issue if he talks to himself"
Hannibal turned his head to Will briefly before looking back at Jack, "he's very interesting to watch work"

Will shot Jack a look and put his glasses back on, prompting the team to walk back over to the corpses littered on the ground, Hannibal looked down at his notes and back at Will with a faint smile.

"May I talk with you alone for a moment Will?"

Will squinted at Hannibal, his hand quickly entering his pocket to rub his thumb against his precious fishing lure, he was already overwhelmed from all the noises and talking, let alone having a creepy psychiatrist stare at him while worked.

"What do you want?"
"You look hungry, would you like to share lunch with me?"
Hannibal handed a small bowl to Will and popped the lid off, handing him a spoon, "'Mukozuke' seasonal sashimi, sea urchin, water clam, and squid", he said with a smile.

Wills stomach lurched at the mere mention of squid, and not so fond memories of him vomiting up his insides in the middle of a fancy restaurant bathroom after forcing himself to choke down the repulsive slime-like appendages. Not wanting to be impolite, he mumbled a quick "thank you" before starting to eat.

Hannibal ate his own meal as he watched Will almost immediately gag upon having the squid in his mouth, he was just starting to wonder when Will would bring up his apparent dislike of the food when he noticed two beads of water starting to form at the sides of Wills eyes that was quickly swiped away by the mans jumper, causing them to form faster. He watched as Will kept rubbing the side of his face with his jumper in an obvious attempt to quell the tears that were threatening to spill, making his cheek flush a bright red. Hannibal took the bowl from Will and handed him a napkin.

"Stop that."
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