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Will stared out at the lake, it appeared calm from how still the vast blues and greens of the water sat, but he knew that it would only be a matter of time before it was full and alive of largemouth bass ready to lay their spawn after last years cold winters.

He shifted his body weight from one foot to the other to get more comfortable as his reel gave a twitch that Will was all too familiar with, he quickly began on reeling it in, almost bursting with excitement when he pulled the bass out. He didn’t even have to think about what to do anymore, he was so engrossed with his fishing that he almost operated on autopilot, using his muscle memory from years of fishing. It made him happy. Reminded him of the good times when he still taught, before he was dragged back into the mess that is criminal profiling.

“Will Graham is a fly fisher,” Hannibal announced to his latest guest, “according to agent Crawford it’s one of the only things that’ll get him to talk...”

Hannibal stood up from his seat and sauntered over to what would become his and Wills lunch together, he was picturing something simplistic, maybe kidney pie with some roasted vegetables. He selected his scalpel and turned to his lunch, whose eyes were fixated upon all of the organs spread across Hannibals kitchen, all of them in different stages of preparation.

“Thank you for listening, you’ve made such a polite dinner guest. So unfortunate that you had to ruin it... you know how rude it is to pull a weapon on the host?”

Will was sat at the foot of his porch with Winston lounging across his lap when he noticed the unfamiliar car roll up at his house and Hannibal stepped out, he was just about to stand up to greet him when the doctor gestured for him to remain seated, so he quietly obeyed. Hannibal passed Will a container as he sat down beside him, which he immediately recognised as yet another meal Hannibal had lovingly prepared, just for them.

“What’s this?”
“I made us both lunch, you must be hungry. I’m assuming you went fishing again?”
“Catch anything good?”
Will cracked Hannibal a smile as he ate and nodded enthusiastically, “bigmouth bass, they come swimming up the lake during spring to lay eggs, stood there for what felt like hours until I got some”

“Do you eat much, Will?”
“I Uh... what are you implying here?”
“Nothing at all, it’s just that the most I’ve ever seen you eat other than what I’ve brought you have been those painkillers of yours”
“I eat, if that’s what you’re asking”
“You feed your dogs better than you feed yourself Will”

Will carefully wiped his mouth and passed the dish back to Hannibal, who sealed it back up and placed back in his car before pulling out a blanket and returning to Will to cast over his shoulders. Will looked at Hannibal incredulously, “I’m not cold.”

“Not yet, anyways”
“And what’s that supposed to mean?”
“You’ve just been in a lake in early springtime for over an hour catching fish and your clothes are soaked,” he said matter-of-factly, casting another blanket onto Wills shoulders, “you’ll be feeling it quite soon”
“These are too fancy for me... I mean merino? Those are expensive”
“Have you not considered the fact that you deserve fancy and expensive?”
Will scoffed. “I’m a criminal profiler... I don’t have time for it”

“Then I’ll help you make time for it”

“Hannibal told me about your lunch together, how was it?”
“The food was nice... we talked about fishing, and fancy things”
“Fancy things? Like what?”
“Merino blankets...”
“Those big thick ones? My wife’s always wanted one, they’re expensive”
“Mhm, they’re cosy”
“Right... did he tell you about what he recommended for you?”
“What, eating more?”
“Well... that and he thinks that you’d benefit more from going out more often, I do too. I mean, when’s the last time you’ve left the house other than to walk the dogs, fish, or to work?”

Will rummaged around in his memories, trying to place a time where he had, but all he could think of were times where he was working or doing stuff related to fishing or his family. To be completely honest he never truly realised how much his life revolved around his work until just then.

“I... I don’t know.”
“Well you’re not on the job right now, why don’t you go visit Dr. Lecter? He offered to take you to a theatre, why don’t you go with him? It sounds fun”
“Theatres are fancy...”
“Then I’ll let him know that you’ve accepted”

Will fidgeted in his seat as the curtains were pulled open. He already felt out of his element being around so many people at once, let alone watching some big fancy opera with the guy that’s supposed to be finding out what manner of fucked up is going on inside his head.

Hannibal wasn’t really bothered watching the opera, having already seen it before, but he was far more interested in watching the man sat beside him. He watched as Will searched his pockets for his plastic fish before realising it wasn’t there, which evidently didn’t help the situation at all.

“So Will, how’s this for fancy?”
“She’s very pretty...”
“Who is? The performer?”
Will nodded, “don’t get much luck in the way of romance though... not many people are as willing to date or even hang around a guy who thinks or acts like me”
“I could think of a few people who would”
“Not sure how much I agree with that, doctor”
“You’d be quite surprised Will.”

Will felt his face flush a bright pink when Hannibal said that, he couldn’t understand why though.
For a brief moment he considered the possibility of even being in a relationship, but he couldn’t even think of anyone that would ever be attracted to him in the slightest.
He had always hidden away from the harshness of lights and sounds of the real world, but now he was thrust back into it by Hannibal.
It didn’t feel great, but he’d do it anyway for him.

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