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It had been weeks since Will had gotten any information about the case and it was driving him nuts, whenever he asked Jack on any follow ups he would just always end up saying something along the lines of “I’ll let you know when,” or, “we’re still working on it

What was there to work out? For all he knew it was just that the killer hangs out in some weird underground bar, apparently it was too dangerous to just bust in and they needed to go undercover. If it was that simple then why not just tell him?

He huffed to himself and held his plush closer to his face, rubbing the soft fur against his skin to try and soothe his fried nerves. Everything had just been getting to him lately, like when he cried because his breakfast crunched when it wasn’t supposed to, completely putting him off muffins forever, or when he forgot to cut the tags off of his shirt and he ended up ripping it off his body to escape from the itching feeling.

Picking himself up off the floor, Will decided it would probably be best for him to head to work, as even though he hated having to do anything field related, Dr. Bloom said he had a knack for teaching, which had made him blush profusely.

“Will isn’t going to like this idea at all... but it’s the only chance we have Dr. Lecter”
“He isn’t going to like it because you never told him that the undercover plan was to have him dress up like that”

“Dress up like what?”

Jack and Hannibal turned around to see a very tired looking Will still clutching his teddy, Hannibal would’ve immediately tried to lift him up and tuck him back into bed but he knew that that stage was still a way to go, but this undercover work might help nudge Will in the right direction, sparking an idea in his mind.

“We uh... we found out that the club is full of members of this guys group, the girl is downstairs in the basement tonight from what intel has told us, and they know pretty much everyone working at the bureau”
“I know, that’s why you’re sending Hannibal and I, cause we’re not registered with the FBI”
“But the issue is... the club is for um... let’s just say-”
“It’s for rich older men with younger men as partners who have them dress up” Hannibal interrupted, sparing Jack from having to break the news to a now far more awake Will.

“I’m 34! I’m not that much younger than you!”
“You have a baby face, and besides, you’ll be saving lives, what’s a little lost dignity?”

“I look stupid” Will huffed as Hannibal helped him attach dog ear clips to his hair, he thought they made him look ridiculous.

Apparently Hannibal didn’t mind though, as he spent extra time making him look “presentable” in his words, which included gently curling the ends of his hair and dressing him up in some new aftershave that made him smell fancy, he had no clue what any of the smells were, except maybe the smell of burning wood.

“I think you look good”
“That’s not comforting, what you’re doing is the exact opposite of comforting, I’m dressed like a dog, Hannibal”
“Do you remember what you’re doing?”
“Sitting looking ridiculous?”
“You’re keeping a lookout for anyone that might potentially have ties to this man or the girl they have hostage, got it?”
“How come you get to wear a shirt?”
“I said got it?”

Will shuffled awkwardly behind Hannibal as he was led into the group, he felt extremely exposed and on edge, which was almost instantly made miles worse when he saw all the other younger men sit on their partners lap. He was just grateful that Freddie or anyone else couldn’t see him now.

He gave Hannibal his best pleading look but before he could even process what was happening he was gently pulled over to sit with Hannibal, which made his already short circuiting brain feel like it had just dissolved into a big puddle of brain juice. He looked around the room trying to figure out which of the men were just average guys and which ones were a part of the group of killers.

“He’s very pretty” came a voice beside Hannibal, he looked up at one of the older men gesturing to Will and nodded.
“He is”
“This your first time at a place like this?”
Hannibal nodded, “it was my idea coming here, it’s already quite past this ones bedtime.”
“Well, I’m sure you both’ll love it.”

Will had pointed out where everyone in the group were to Hannibal what felt like hours ago, but here they were both still sat, one of Hannibal's hand on his waist and the other one petting his head.
He wasn’t exactly opposed to it, but he also wanted to rescue the girl, and each time he tried to get up Hannibal pulled him in closer to the point where his head was now resting on Hannibal’s shoulder being treated like a lapdog.

“You’re into this aren’t you?” Will grumbled, “That’s why you’re prolonging this”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
“Why else are we sat here for so long?”
“I enjoy your company, now keep doing that until Jack and the others show up, I’ve let them know who they’re looking for to arrest”
“So they’re going to see me looking like... this?”
“It could be worse”
“I’m dressed like a dog, Hannibal”
“You make a cute puppy”

Will squirmed uncomfortably until Hannibal pulled him so that Will’s body was curled up against his, the pressure of Hannibal gently squeezing his arm against his body was relaxing, and with that on top of the petting of his head was enough to lull him to sleep, he was exhausted from the constant work and lack of sleep from either nightmares or him fishing until he sees the sunrise.

Hannibal watched Will trying to fight the urge to fall asleep, but once he started rocking him back and forth he was out in almost an instant, wrapping his arms around Hannibal’s neck for comfort. He craned his neck to look outside and noticed Jack approaching the door, gun in tow, he must’ve gotten his message then.

Hannibal stared at Will as he slept and made sure to carefully move his hair out of his face, he had plans for the boy, and was going to make sure no one got in the way of them.
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