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Chosen || D.M.


Cecilia Diggory: Hogwarts' very own 'It' girl. Beautiful, popular and bright, she has it all. But then one fateful night her world is turned upside down and she faces a life that wasn't meant to be hers. Chosen. Draco Malfoy X fem-Cedric Diggory

Romance / Drama
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Cecilia Diggory is a fem-Cedric X Draco Malfoy.

This means that there is no Cedric Diggory because she IS Cedric Diggory.

There are some changes I’ve obviously had to make in order for this story to work as a Draco fanfic.

Firstly, this is going to start from (Harry Potter’s) fourth year where the story really begins, and I’ve placed Cecilia in that year as I really didn’t want her being too much older than Draco.

The Triwizard tournament’s age restriction will be lowered to fifteen (which Cecilia will turn at the start of the school year, so that she is of age, yet Harry still not).

There will be a huge plot twist, changing the course of the entire franchise.

As usual please take on board my warning that this story will contain mature content (language, sex and violence).

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