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My warrior life


Bla bla bla warrior cattts

Action / Romance
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Part 1

It was the day no, night of me and my friend lightningkits apprentice ceremony. And swampstar my dad, said lightningkit,shadowkit
from this day forward so you promise you will follow the warrior code with your life? I do we said then by the powers of starclan I give you your apprentice names lightningpaw and shadowpaw Owlwing you will apprentice shadowpaw I expect you to pass on everything you know to her, bittertooth you will apptentice lightningpaw I expect you to pass on everything you know to him. We touched noses with our mentors and walked to the apprentices den and I saw bramblepaw I blushed (but he couldn’t see it through all of my fur) hi said bramblepaw I just started my training a quarter moon ago h-hi I stammered
Yarrowheart my mom (but she’s the medicine cat so nobody knows) Foxes!! She gasped I ran out a fox jumped at me But bramblepaw shuved me out of the way and took a sharp bite on the shoulder I dragged him by the scruff to the medicine cat den mom he’s hurt help him please ok she said sheflexed the shoulder and I left the den and into the battlefield I sliped under a fox and scratched it’s underbelly and it coughed up and ran away out of the thunderclan camp and the rest of the foxes left whimpering with the leader and my dad swampstar said you both are warriors! Both? You and lightningpaw ok? Let all cats old enough to hunt for themselves gather at the high rock for a clan meeting! Shadowpaw,lightningpaw do you promise to follow the code even at the cost of your life? Yes we said
Than by the powers of starclan I give you your warrior names lightningpaw from this day forward you shall be known as lightningstrike we honor you for your bravery and courage and we welcome you as a full warrior of thunderclan shadowpaw from this day forward you shall be known as shadowglade we honor you for your quick thinking and positivity and we welcome you as a full warrior of thunder clan......
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