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My warrior life

Part 2

Last night bramblepaw got his ceremony and his new name is brambleheart and today leopardfeather a new warrior asked him to be her mate and he said no,I love somebody else and she said and who is that? And he replied shadowglade he walked over to me and asked me to be his mate and I said yes! I
purred 2 moon later I think that lightningstrike is jealous of our relationship and even madder I’m expecting bramblehearts kits there supposed to come any day and I’m afraid that lightningstrike will do somthing to them... but he wouldn’t do that! He’s my best friend would he? I can’t sleep the next night thinking about lightningstrike it’s sun-high and I feel a strong pain in my belly I crawl to the medicine cats den goaning with agony what’s goin on said yarrowheart I....think...I’m.... having kits I felt a even stronger pain and I see a Light gray she kit a and a light brown Tom kit then brambleheart came in and said can I name the Tom? I said sure I’ll name the gray one. how about kestrelkit said brambleheart and for the light gray one ivykit and that’s when I noticed the slightly darker tabby stripes on her...
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