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Dance Moms Bodyguard (1)


Retired Agent Morris was hired as bodyguard for a class of young dancers. Little did he know the crazy lives they were going through under a reality tv show.

Action / Humor
T. P. Channing
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Author’s Note

This story was inspired by the characters of the American reality tv show DANCE MOMS. I said “characters” because I wrote it base on what was played on the program, and not the actual casts or their personal life. Much of the characters and geography was altered to meet the fictional story, and I hope readers would treat it as another young adult action novel.

I would also like to pay my respect to the original casts, who has spent tremendous amount of blood and sweat chasing their dreams, so as to achieve where they are today. I here wish the best of their career!

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Yours truly, Thomas Chan / T. P. Channing

Dance Moms Bodyguard

by T. P. Channing

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