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My Chosen Boy // f.w.

Chapter 1

"Family meeting!" Mrs Weasley yelled throughout the house.

Everyone came down to the family room, including Hermione, Harry, and Olivia. Considering they basically live there.

"As you guys know, it is our anniversary and we planned on taking a week of vacation, meaning that you 7 will have the house to yourself." She said.

Everyone started cheering and clapping as they rarely get the house to themselves.

"I'm leaving the girls in charge since they are more mature" She said eyeing the boys. "And you 4 please don't get yourself hurt and I am expecting the house to look the exact same as we left it. Got it?"

"Got it" Everybody said in unison.

The couple bid their goodbyes and they were off. No one knew where they were going actually, they never said a word about the location.

Everyone went back to doing their own things, Ron and Harry playing wizards chess, Ron winning of course. Hermione reading as always, and Olivia and Ginny were too lazy to actually do anything so they just laid in their beds and talked.

The twins was another story, during the war they had to close their shop for 2 reasons. One being that they couldn't work during the war and wanted nothing to happen to the shop, and two, it was in need for some serious renovations. Currently, they are working on a blueprint and making sure that they will have everything needed to reopen the store.

"Hey guys what do you want to do for dinner tonight?" Ginny asked as her and Olivia came down the stairs.

Everyone answered at the same time and it was too chaotic for them to hear.

"Ok one at a time! George you first" Ginny yelled.

"How about we go to Diagon Alley, we can go to the Leaky Cauldron or something" He spoke.

Then Ron and Harry, then Hermione, all had different ideas. 'This was going to be a long week' Olivia thought in her head.

Then it was Fred's turn. "How about, since we can't decide what to eat, we owl mum and dad and ask them to send us food. Then there's no arguing" He said, surprisingly, everybody agreed.

As soon as Ginny left to go owl their mum and dad, they all went back to doing their normal things, except for Olivia because she actually had energy now. So instead, she went over and sat next to Fred to watch what they were doing.

"So what are you guys planning so far?" She asked the twins.

"Not much" Fred answered. "Just trying to perfect the blueprint for the renovations but we can't get a good design here."

"Can I help you guys?" She asked. And they allowed her.

Olivia sat there with the twins and helped them until Errol, the Weasley's owl, arrived with the food. They all started to walk to the table until Fred stopped Olivia, grabbing her arm, causing her to turn and look him straight in the eyes.

"Thank you Livy, it means a lot because we got more done than we expected" Fred said.

Olivia always got butterflies when he called her that. "No problem, I'm always available to help" She said as he embraced her in a hug.

They both went into the kitchen with the rest of the kids and the food.

Everyone gathered the food and brought it to the table and spread it out so everyone could choose what they got. They all at down, and to Olivia's surprise, Fred sat right next to her. Once again, she got butterflies from how close they were.

"Alright eat up!" Ginny said as she walked to the table and sat down.

Mr and Mrs Weasley basically sent them a whole feast so everyone just took whatever they wanted, kind of like the feast in the beginning of the year at Hogwarts.

"Hey Livy" Fred said as he put his food on his plate.

"Hey Freddie, what's up?" She answered back

"I just wanted to hear your voice" He looked at her and smiled.

She smiled back and got extreme butterflies just from him saying that.

Fred and Olivia flirted throughout all of supper, which is normal. But this time, it all seemed real, and everyone else seemed to notice it too because they were all staring at the 2.

They just continued flirting and having fun with each other until they noticed everyone staring at them in adoration.

"What are you guys looking at?" Fred asked them confused.

"You and Liv, you've been flirting this whole entire time" Hermione said.

"But we always do, haven't you guys ever notice that?" Olivia spoke.

"It seems really this time, and you were both really into it" Ron responded, eyeing the two with a smirk.

Olivia just rolled her eyes and finished up dinner. She went to the bathroom and got in the shower before bed. She did her nighttime routine and got into bed, she went to bed pretty early because she was exhausted. As she started to drift into her slumber she heard a knock at the door. She got up and opened it to see Fred.

"Hey Freddie" She said in a tired voice, as she was about to fall asleep.

Fred got butterflies from hearing her talk. "I wanted to ask you something, can I come in?" He said.

"Sure" Olivia replied.

Fred walked in and she shut the door behind him, they both sat in the bed.

He took a deep breath. "Ginny told me you liked me, is that true" He said shyly.

She took a minute to respond to him. "Erm, i-i," She sighed. "Yes it is true" She said looking away, trying to avoid eye contact.

As soon as she looked away, Fred started smiling and grabbed her chin, making her look at him.

"Glad to know" He said, with the poly juice potion wearing off.

Olivia was one of the only people who could tell the twins apart by their faces, and George knew he could get her to confess in his body, so he used poly juice potion to look like Fred, more than he already did.

"George what the fuck!" She said in a whisper-yell, trying not to alarm the others.

George could tell she was being serious and that she was happy about it. "I'm sorry but it was bothering everybody because you both keep denying it and we couldn't stand it anymore"

Olivia had tears in her eyes now. "George why would you do that?" She said almost crying

He actually felt really bad now. "I'm sorry Liv, I didn't know it would hurt you this much. I wont tell anybody"

"Thank you. Now please leave" She said laying down to go back to sleep.

After he left Olivia couldn't even get her thoughts straight. She couldn't stop thinking about it and that she actually believed it was Fred. She didn't fall asleep for another couple hours, just laying awake drowning in her thoughts.
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