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Snape’s Daughter


Y/n Snape is quite the show stopper; she's gorgeous, witty, ambitious, and an all around powerful figure. She holds a secret that even she can't find out about- what her father doesn't tell her, can't hurt. After years of convincing, Severus finally let his daughter attend Hogwarts- the school of witchcraft and wizardry. Will Severus be able to handle the schools newest concern, and interest? Everything was so perfect, that was until she met The Chosen One and The Boy Who Had No Choice. What will happen when she meets a certain Malfoy, Potter, and Weasley? (Slowburn)

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Hey guys, I’ve copied my book onto this app in case it gets deleted! Updates may be slow on here I’m not too sure but the original book is on Wattpad. All usernames to my socials are the same @DidSomebodySayDraco.

This book is mature so viewers discretion is advised.

My dearest y/n,

Although I've never said it enough, I truly do love you. I think about the natural words that flew out of your mouth at just three months old daily- "papa".

Even though you never had her eyes, I see her through you everyday.

I see her strength, will, and powerful personality everytime we get into petty arguments. I knew since the moment you walked into the Great Hall, you'd be giving me a run for my own money.

You are my world and forever will be, I just wish that I could've done better. You are my absolute proudest accomplishment, please remember that.

I would give up everything just to have you back in my arms. I would give my soul just to have one last dance. My dearest y/n, please forgive me.

- Severus

🚨 There will be warnings on parts that include graphic content.🚨

This will be a story revolved around you, a Draco Malfoy love fiction.

For those of you who wish to stay, buckle up because it's a while ride.
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