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Snape’s Daughter



You've finally had enough of your father's behavior, he was being absolutely delusional. Although you lived in England, he insisted on you going to Beauxbatons- which was very much a hassle. You had originally gotten accepted into Hogwarts, where your father worked. He pulled some strings and made sure to give you what he thought was a better and normal life.

You stormed into your father's office, slamming your hands against his desk. His sluggish deminor stayed still as he continued to write a letter to somebody's parents.

"This is ridiculous!" you shouted with an attitude. Your words sounded pathetic, especially since this was the tenth time you've begged your father to rescue you from the horrible school, if he was able to get you into Beauxbatons he was most definitely able to get you into Hogwarts.

Beauxbatons had treated you horribly but your father didn't budge, even when the girls would slam you against brick walls and petrify you. Everything revolved around jealousy- nobody at the school had the capabilities you did, you didn't even know the power that you possessed. One witch would not be able to hold you down, perhaps that's why twelve did on the daily.

Tears streamed down your face as Severus looked over your bruised arms, his heart ached for you but he would never show it. "Because I know the children at Hogwarts, you'd be better off in France. How many times do we need to discuss this?" he aggressively dropped his quill onto his desk, giving you a deadly stare.

"And who are you to tell me where I'd be better off? Everyday you watch me come home with various bruises around my body from girls beating me half to death and you just sit there. You don't say anything, I just wish mom was here." your own words startled you, hitting Severus deeply, it pained him to not be able to fix all of this for you. If he could, he'd hex every single student who dared to lay a finger on you.

You never knew your mother, she left you in the hospital at birth; no pictures, no letters, not even a happy birthday each year. It was as though she ran off the face of the earth the moment you were born. The only thing Severus had ever said about her was that she was so impeccably beautiful.

You weren't aware of all of the ruckus that has been caused at Hogwarts but your godmother seemed to have talked very highly of it. Ultimately, Severus was afraid of not only Potter, but a specific Malfoy.

"Even if it were possible, nobody has transferred mid year, you've never been sorted y/n."

"Just because it's never happened before, doesn't mean it isn't possible."

He covered his face with the palms of his hands, clearly conflicted by the poor choices he had made.

"I miss your mother too." he muttered quietly.

"Hogwarts is filled with children of the wrong sort, I would never want you to get involved with them." you were angered by the lack of trust he had in you. "I have zero friends right now father, you're all I have and even you don't believe in me."

He had so many things to think about but his daughters well being meant too much to him. He was afraid of losing you, although he didn't want to, he knew what he had to do.

This catastrophic decision could lead to the betterment of his daughter, or the unforgivable.

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy the start of this story, the next parts will be much longer I promise!
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