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Unstoppable (Completed)


He was the DON of the college as well as the heartthrob of his college girls. He has been surrounded by the girls all the time and girls die for his one glimpse. A girl in the same college was different from the hero. But…LOVE string always connects two different types of people and makes them unstoppable.

Romance / Fantasy
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Part 1 Don

It was one of the big and ancient colleges of India and was also a popular college in PROBLEMS. Students were good when they join in the college but don’t know how they change after joining in the college. In the first year, they stay quiet like others…in the second year, they start supporting their seniors’ gangs and in the final year, they form a gang and starting to show their power.

In that college, anytime, problems and fights between students. Sometimes, it happens between sports team… sometimes, between departments, and sometimes, between seniors and juniors… If there was no problem… it must be a holiday from college.

Likewise, that day also a student was chasing a group of students violently. The students were running to save themselves cautiously. But, they can’t run faster than him as he was an athletic champion of the college. He clutched the collars of two students from behind at a time and pushed them on the floor. He started, hitting them *black and blue*. A few students came for their help and got beaten up by a student called Arnav. A few more students reached the place and joined hands with Arnav. They must be his friends. What the beauty is none of them bleed, no matter how hard they got beaten up. It was their technic of hitting. They knew that they will get caught if the opposition parties bleed.

*If I see you in our wing or got to know if you trouble our class girls… I will kill you* Arnav warned them.

Neatening his shirt, he left the place with his gang.

A set of girls were looking at the fight, hiding behind the building, bewildered. They were NEW comers of the college. It was the fresher’s day of the college. They are first-year PG students. Of course, they already knew about the college but they didn’t expect, they will see it on the first day itself. They looked at each other and gulped.

*This is why I don’t want to join this college…* A girl who looked fair and thin said.

*We planned it long ago that we have to study in the same college… we got seats in this college only…what to do, Khushi?* A girl asked sadly.

*There is no use in talking about it now. Leave it, Lavanya* Khushi said wearily.

*We should not interfere in any matter… be like deaf and dumb.* another girl said.

*Payal is right… we should not mind about anything no matter what happens around us* another one said.

*It’s not possible Preeto… how could we be so mean?* Khushi sighed.

*We have to… we have no choice.* Lavanya said.

*But, we should get to know about the gangs which create problems…. We should never cross their path.* Payal said.

*Now, let’s go to the class.* Preeto said and they went to their classroom.

In the meanwhile, Arnav and their friends came to their classroom. Arnav stood on the small stage near the blackboard.

*Tell us, if anyone troubles you…* Arnav said looking at their class girls.

He sat in his place which is the last bench. His gang sat surrounding him. A girl named Sona came to him.

*Thank you so much Arnie…* Sona thanked him greasily.

Arnav nodded yes.

*What about a lunch date today?* She asked curiously.

Arnav looked at his friends who were looking at him teasingly.

*Actually, I have already engaged for today’s lunch date with Monika already…*


*Sorry, My dinner date will always be with my Dad*

Sona was disappointed.

*What about tomorrow?*the girl tried again.

*Yeah…sure*Arnav agreed.

*Thank you…* the girl went to her place happily.

The other girls were fuming in jealousy and Arnav and his gang knew it. It happens commonly. He was a heartthrob of the college. His good looking were the only reason. According to Arnav, these dates stuffs keep him highlighted in the college. On that dates, Arnav eats well and the girls pay the bill. That’s all. His friends knew that. This is why they looked at him teasingly. But, the girls are serious about developing the relationship. But nope… he has not gotten trapped by anyone yet.

*ASR, she always looks at you in the class hours…* His friend Aman said.

*I know* Arnav said, leaning on the bench.

*Be careful buddy, what will you do if she spiked your drink?* He teased.

*What do you think of me? It’s me who chose the restaurant always…* he said with a lopsided smile.

*There you are Nannav…* His friend and cousin Nandkishor said.

*Why not chose one among these girls ASR? They are madly in love with you…*

*They knew I won’t love anyone of them…It is all for timepass*

*Don’t you like anyone?* another friend Akash questioned.

Arnav nodded no.

*Then why are you roaming with them?*

* I’m not influencing anyone. They invite me and I don’t want to hurt them… that’s all…*

*you and your policies…* Aman punched his shoulder.

They stopped talking as the professor entered the classroom.

Break time

*Where is La and Preeto?* Khushi asked Payal.

*They went somewhere else… but I don’t know where*

They saw La and Preeto coming.

*Where were you?*

*We went to collect important information about the gang that fought in the morning* La said proudly.

*Really? What have you collected?* Payal asked them interestedly.

*The one who warned the boys' name is Arnav…the gang leader...DON of our college. Anything is possible for him in this college. He has high demand in between our college girls. He dates many girls and his nickname is Dating King* Lavanya stopped.

*And the other trio is Aman, Nandkishor, and Akash. They are his warriors… They stand for Arnav and do anything for Arnav…* Preeto said.

*As of now, they are the NO.1 gang of this college*

*It feels like we are in the jail campus… gangs…fights…* Khushi sighed.

*Exactly…* Lavanya chuckled.

The next day

There was no problem in the college until evening. Arnav came to the college finishing his lunch date with Monika. The boys who Arnav beat the previous day surrounded Arnav. Arnav clutched his fist and fought with him aggressively. They fell on the ground scattering. At last, the boys lost their stamina and started running from Arnav. Arnav chased them like a God of Death. They ran turning behind a building, Arnav who was chasing them caught someone and about to punch, his fist stopped in the air, seeing a set of bewildered hazel eyes looking at him shockingly, Yes…he caught Khushi in the haste…

To be continued…

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