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Spencer Reid one shots


One shots about Spencer Reid form criminal minds , f!reader WOC reader

Action / Romance
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Hi anyone who's reading this! This is my first time writing and I'm not even sure why I did this I think I just kept wanting to read more accessible and inclusive stories with a POC love interest with Spencer Reid but I never saw any so I thought I'll just do it myself then! I don't even know whether I'm gonna write anything but will see what happens and watch this space!

Few things about me, my fave song right now is ungodly hour by Halle and Chloe and songs about you by chika you guys should listen to them (what's your favourite song right now ?)

I'm 15 and I'm from the U.K. I'm studying and working to becoming an actor and I love criminal minds I haven't finished criminal minds yet I'm on season 12 but I think the shows just so cool so yeah I hope you guys like this stuff and I can take requests 💗

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