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I'm not good at stuff like this, just read the book and you'll find out

Drama / Romance
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The sun was going down, students made their way up to the commonrooms and the halls were empty like every other night, except today it wouldn't be for to long.

After an hour of waiting, she finally could walk over to his dorm without the danger of getting caught. Well, that was what she thought.

"Miss Filius, where do you think you're going?" An overly familiar voice sounded behind her. She slowly turned around, facing professor Mcgonagall. "Uhh, Dumbledore needed help, Snape sent me." She raised an eyebrow, she obviously didn't believe a single word of what Erin said.

"Dumbledore's office is the other way." She responded, slowly and painful. She felt her cheeks grow warm. "Yes, yes! Ofcource, thank you professor." She gave her a quick nod and decided that the safest option was heading back to the Slytherin common room, with Mcgonagall on the loose it wasn't a good idea to visit him.


"Erin?" She felt 2 strong arms around het waist, lifting her off the ground. "Hey Freddie." "You didn't visit last night." He said, she could feel the disappointment in his voice. "Mcgonagall caught me, sorry love." "It's okay, wanna get some breakfast?" She smile in response.

After breakfast, they walked to class. It couldn't get any worse, potions. Snape was glancing over her when she walked towards her desk. He had never liked her, not even for the fact that she was in Slytherin. Before the bell rang, she recieved a note from George. She read it and smiled devilishly at him.

"Erin? Can you come over here?" Snape looked at her with a straight face. She stood up and walked to the front of the classroom. "What do you smell?" Erin took a deep breath to place all the smells. "Cologne, appels and mint." Snape narrowed his eyes and spoke slowly: "This is amortentia, the strongest love potion in the world. Everyone smells it differently, it depends on what you're attracted to." with a quick glance, she caught Freds eyes. His mouth was wide open and he had a look on his face which she couldn't place.

"Thank you, you can take a seat now." Snape thanked her as she sat down next to Fred. "What the- You really smelled Malfoy?" He looked sad and hurt. She couldn't fool him any further so she leaned towards him and wispered: "Ofcourse not Freddie, I smelled firework, fudge and parchment." "Really?" "Just look over at George." we both turned our heads to George who was trying his best not to burst out in giggles. "Okay, I believe you."

"I can come to your dorm tonight?" Fred raised his eyebrow suggestively. "You can't sneak around, you're to big." He smirks at her words. "Fuck off Fred, you know what I mean." "I honestly don't, explain." She rolled her eyes. "You have very long legs, happy now?" "Sure princess, whatever you say." The bell rang and class was dismissed.


"Hey, Erin?" She turned around and faced Theodore Nott. "Yes Nott?" "We have a Halloweenparty planned in the Slytherin common room. I thought I'd tell you just in case you need a dress or something." "I do actually, wanna go to hogsmeade tomorrow?" He nodded and then headed back to his friends.

"What did he want?" George appeared next to her. "We're going to Hogsmeade tommorow, Slytherin is throwing the Halloweenparty this year." "Really? Can I come with you two?" "Sure Georgie, ask Fred to please, otherwise he will feel left out." "I will, now come with me." He grabbed her arm and guided her to the Black lake.

They sat down and just talked for a bit. "How is Angelina?" "Don't talk about her please." "Did something happen between you guys?" He nodded and then looked away. He mumbled under his breath; "she cheated." Erin's eyes widened. "She did what?" "You heard me." George turned his head back, tears in his eyes. "Oh George, I'm so sorry."

George had his head on her lap while she was brushing hair out his face. "Fred didn't tell me." "He doesn't know, I don't know how he would react if he did." "I can tell him if you prefer." "You would?" "Ofcource George. But why would he react bad?" "Because he was so enthusiastic when I told him about Angelina. I've had the biggest crush on her since our second year and he knew that. Fred is gonna hex her for sure." He said he last sentence with a little smile on his face. "Probably, she deserves it. I don't understand why she would cheat on someone like you, you're an amazing boy George." He blushed at her words.


I want to apologise for my english! I dont know if everything is okay because english isn't my first language. If you see any faults, please tell me so I can work on them :) I'll be trying my best!
Xx Maggie

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