Ortum Infernum | Draco Malfoy


The war unfolds through the eyes of Odette Coventry, a pure-blood witch desperate to save the people she loves. Even if it meant losing herself. As the war rages on for longer than anyone anticipated, they are running out of options. Time is ticking, and desperate times call for desperate measures, so Odette allow herself to be a bargaining chip―in order to change the tide of the war.

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Warnings and Disclaimers:

This is a dark and mature take on the Harry Potter Universe. There will be mature content set throughout the story, thread with caution. Content such as descriptions of injuries and gore, themes surrounding war, sexual assault, mentions and threats of torture, explicit sexual scenes, mature language and so forth will be present.

This is purely a fanfiction created from my imagination. I do not take credit for anything other than my writing, storyline and original characters. The rest belongs to the rightful author of the Harry Potter Universe.

I have made sure to tag this story with the appropriate tags, but just in case it had slipped your notice, this is a slowburn Draco Malfoy and original character fanfic. It revolves around a serious storyline and includes many elements of the Wizarding World that I wished we could have seen more in the books and films. If this is your cup of tea, welcome.

Another notable disclaimer is that some of the characters may not be as 'in character' or true to their books and film-adapted selves. That is because I interpret the characters differently and write accordingly to how I assume they would act or react in this piece of fictional world I've created. And if some of them are expressed in a way that you're familiar with, it may be because I included some headcanons that aligned with how I interpret the characters.

The idea for this story came to me as I was entertaining the thought of how the Wizarding War would be like if not written as a children book. I was also very intrigued by the concept of creating a version of Draco Malfoy that wasn't influenced by the author's will to portray him as a spiteful bully.

I feel like his character has a lot of potential to be explored and expanded. I spent some time reconstructing his character, so hopefully you'll enjoy this version of Draco as much as I did writing him. In this story, the original main character is a Hufflepuff and through her I would like to touch on the darker aspects of Hufflepuffs that I feel like should be introduced or talked about more.

The initial chapters will be more lighthearted but as the story progresses, darker themes will be introduced as we progress into the retelling of the war. This story is intended to be sad and angsty.

Some details may not correlate to the films and books.

I appreciate any creative feedback and constructive criticism, but do please be kind as it's been a long time since I've delved into the world of fanfiction writing. Enjoy your time reading! Please vote for each chapter if you can, leave comments and share this story with your friendsβ€”it will motivate me so much and brighten up my day.

P.S: This fic is also up on Wattpad which I have most of the chapters uploaded. If you’re interested in seeing the character aesthetics, please feel free to check it out there.
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