'Rule one: emotional involvement between partners is forbidden.' A dip into the 9 0 s city of c r i m e

Romance / Action
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My curious eyes trail down the document on assassin number 1090.

Jeon Jeongguk.

I throw my cigarette into the nearest ashtray before swiping my thumb over the attached picture.


My insides cringe at the nickname echoing throughout my apartment, drained at the rasp voice belonging to Park Jimin.

I stuff the piece of paper into my pocket before making my way to the front hallway.


Jimin scans me from head to toe with a blank yet judgmental expression, clearly unappreciative of my mocking tone.

"I'm guessing you know who your new partner is."

I watch as he heads over to the kitchen before pouring himself a glass of soju.

"Yeah, Jeon Jungkook."

My brows furrow when he turns around with a devilish smirk tugging at his plump lips.

"Just remember the golden rule and maybe I won't have to cut his tongue off."

My blood runs cold as I'm once again reminded of what happened to my last partner.

"You're a monster."

A scoff leaves Jimin's lips as he walks towards me, cold eyes refusing to leave mine.

Chills splay across my back when his forefinger runs up the material of my fishnet tights.

"Are you planning to fuck someone else tonight?"

His words slip out like poison, earning a glare and swat to the hand.

"I hate you Jimin."

Grizzly bears race through my veins yet the sour look on my face only turns him more smug.


I double blink when his finger comes up to rest on my lips, temporarily muting me.

"You love me."

I had loved him.

"You wish."

With those final words set in stone, I brush past his shoulder before heading towards the door.

"Kick ass tonight baby!"

An evil chuckle sounds behind me and I slam the door shut, content to be out of his physical presence.

I squeeze my eyes closed before letting go of my tight grip on the handle.

With one, final, deep breath, I step out onto the street, allowing the city of Seoul to guide me through the night.
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