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A sigh passes my lips as an alert brightens up the screen, indicating a new mission.

I run my fingers through messy locks as my tired eyes read over the information before me.

Location: The Devil's Casino.

I soon recall that to be local and a wave of relief washes over me.

Time: Thirty minutes.

I curse under my breath before shutting the screen off, refusing to look at it any longer.

My hand finds its way to the gun on my desk and I pop the golden bullets into their allocated places in order to cock it back, somewhat satisfied with the murderous sound echoing throughout the room.

I swing the weapon around my finger before placing it into the depths of my right pocket.

Phone: check.

Camera: check.

Once I'm fully equipped for the night ahead, I step outside and lock my apartment up before securing a helmet around my chin.

The humid air settles on my skin yet a cool undercurrent blows against my loose choice of clothing.

I approach my beloved motorcycle before hopping on the seat to start her up.

"Come on, baby."

I tut to myself when she doesn't budge, causing my brows to knit together.

"Don't die on me now."

I find my last ounce of hope and with one final push, the engine roars, causing a smile to form on my lips.

The strands of my raven hair that managed to escape the comfort of my helmet fight against the strong breeze as I speed through the night and my knuckles turn white at how hard I'm gripping the handles.

Stress had once again taken over.

Meanwhile, bright colours flash past me and I find myself becoming distracted by the hustle bustle of the city.

With a strained mind, I turn off from the main streets into a set of gloomy back roads.

I park my motorcycle against a curb before grounding myself with my surroundings.

It was dark and melancholy with the only speck of bright light coming from the sign above the casino.

I walk towards the red glow and quickly turn on the small camera attached to my chest before awaiting my partner's arrival.

Seong Areum.
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