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Memory Of a Dear Place


Bella Diggory starts her fifth year as a muggle born Slytherin at Hogwarts, not knowing and understanding why she was ever sorted into Slytherin. All of Slytherin despises her for this and bully her because of this, especially Draco Malfoy and his friends. The rest of the houses don't want to hang out with her, since Malfoy and his friends manage to break every friendship or relationship she ever tries to have in the worst ways. Things get complicated when Bella starts to have a thing with Oliver Wood. Malfoy seems to take more interest in Bella, not knowing what ride he got himself into when everything takes a completely different turn. ~|~ "You fucking love this, don't you?" he chuckles, "Getting yourself turned on by your bully like a little bitch?" "I'm not turned on." "You want me to check that for you?"

Romance / Erotica
Bella Julia
Age Rating:


Hi lovely reader. Firstly, thank you so much for choosing/reading my story!

-> This story is of course based on J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter story, but combined with my imagination. The story and time line are different, so don’t come for me if something doesn’t match with the original story (for instance: in my story Cedric Diggory is a muggle born.)

-> I try to publish a chapter at least once a week. I am also in the progress of rewriting/improving older chapters at the same time.

->This is the first story I have ever written. The first few chapters are quite short, but as the story continues it will get longer, better and more interesting (if I say so myself)!

->The first 20-ish chapters were published in October on Wattpad.

-> English is not my first language. If there’s any mistakes let me know.

-> They all started their first year at Hogwarts at twelve, which means they’re 16 in their fifth year.

->I sometimes like to use quotes/take inspiration from lyrics. You might recognize one here and there and of course I do not take credit for them.

->Check out the trailer/aesthetic video for this story on my TikTok account -> bellajulia1999.

TRIGGER WARNINGS (some will be added before a chapter starts)
Sexual assault
Mental and physical abuse
Animal/creature cruelty or death
Self-harm/suicidal thoughts
Body hatred, fat phobia, fat shaming
Pornographic content/sexual scenes
Death or dying
Mental illness and ableism
Racism and racial slurs
Sexism and misogyny
Hateful language
Homophobia and heterosexism
Use of drugs and alcohol

In some mature scenes it may seem like Draco Malfoy does some things that Bella doesn’t want, but I promise she is okay with everything that’s happening.

Beware: This is a (for some very, for some regular) toxic Draco and he continues to be toxic throughout the whole story. You’ll probably hate both Draco and Bella for it, but I promise there will be character development. Just read and enjoy the ride!

These are the original HP characters (of course I do not own these!). Some of them are already included from the start, some of them will be included later. I only added the ones that have a significant part in my story or attribute to it.

I have added a few characters myself as well (which I in fact do own), but they will be introduced later in the story (including how they look), because I don’t want to spoil things. Feel free to imagine whoever you like for my characters if you don’t like the ones I chose!

Bella Diggory

The one and only Draco Malfoy <3 (year 5)

Oliver Wood (year 6)

Pansy Parkinson, Gregory Goyle, Vincent Crabbe (year 5)

Blaise Zabini (year 5)

Cedric Diggory (the bro, year 6)

The Golden Trio (year 5)

Adrian Pucey (year 6)

Marcus Flint (year 6)

Theodore Nott (year 5)

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