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Memory Of a Dear Place

01. Here We Go Again

He played the piano. She played the violin.
He hated violin, but secretly loved it.
She loved piano, but hated it as soon as she met him.
But what they didn’t know, was that she was his piano and he was her violin.
They played each other. With both hatred and love.


September, 1995

Here we go again.

Here I am standing on platform 9 3/4 on my way to my fifth year of Hogwarts. I feel nervous. I always feel nervous. My palms are sweaty and I’m trying to control my breath as I’m standing there.

As I look around, I see all the excited students saying their goodbyes to their families. Some faces are familiar, some faces are new.

Sometimes I wish I had someone to say goodbye to as well. My parents are both muggles and they have zero interest in the Wizarding World, so they don’t even bother to say goodbye to me.

I always wondered how my parents got two magical gifted kids as muggles. It’s very rare for muggles to have one magical kid, let alone two.

My brother Cedric, who is starting his sixth year, has already disappeared with his Hufflepuff friends. Ever since I was placed in Slytherin in my first year, our relationship hasn’t really been the same. We used to be fairly close, but he doesn’t really care about me anymore and thinks I’m asking for all the stuff that has happened to me during my time at Hogwarts.

I feel someone giving me a hard push, pulling me out of my thoughts. The book I was planning to read in the train falls on the ground.

″Look who we have here...″ says a high girls voice whilst I’m turning around. It’s Pansy Parkinson with Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle standing behind her. What a fucking surprise.

″Hi Pansy, how have you been? Did you gain weight over the summer?″ I say as I try to give her a quick scowl. She opens her mouth to probably say something offensive to me, but I interrupt her. ″Oh sorry Pansy, I should remind you I don’t give a fuck.″

I turn away from them to reach for my book, but Pansy wouldn’t be Pansy if she didn’t have a reply ready.

″Bella, you always act so tough when Malfoy is not around, but by tradition we will do everything to make your year hell again, you just wait you fucking mudblood.″ she says in a threatening tone. I glance over my shoulder without turning around.

Crabbe and Goyle are just standing and smirking behind her, like the stupid idiots they are.
Keep calm Bella, just ignore them.

I slowly pick up my book and start walking towards the train.

″Bella you can ignore us all you want but you know very well you won’t get rid of us that easily.″ Pansy shouts at me. Big talk. Always fucking big talk from that girl.

I look over my shoulder one more time to check if they’re not following me and see that Blaise and Draco appeared behind Pansy. As I lock eyes with Draco I feel like I’m choking. I quickly make my way into the train, hoping to not get into trouble so soon.

I feel relieved as I find an empty cabin and take a seat. Being a muggleborn in Slytherin and being a Slytherin at Hogwarts grants me to privilege of having to sit alone, which I do not mind a single bit. People just don’t seem to like me I guess. I have tried to make friends before, but it’s fucking difficult to actually maintain them when there’s at least five pricks trying to ruin everything for you.

I put my hair in a ponytail and open my book as I take in the letters and paragraphs that form a beautiful story. But I just can’t seem to focus on my book, having to read the sentences over and over again to follow the story.

I keep thinking about Pansy’s words and I keep seeing their faces just before I stepped into the train. It’s true. I’m not really scared of the other Slytherins; yes they make me insecure, yes I hate them and yes they are bloody fucking annoying, but Draco is something different. That boy is one of a kind.

That boy has been giving me anxiety every fucking year. He is intimidating. He and his group consisting of Pansy Parkinson, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle and Blaise Zabini have been giving me a lot of shit to say the least.

His perfectly styled platinum blonde hair and mesmerizing grey, blue eyes will fool you. Behind that gorgeous pale face of an angel, is a devil dressed in black clothes with rings around his fingers, filled with hatred and anger. He never truly smiles. He never truly laughs. If he does it’s fake.

Unfortunately I am usually the one that has to deal with his anger outbursts. Even if we haven’t seen each other the whole day he always finds a way to find me and take out his frustration on me, both verbally and physically. The guy has no limits. He’s a fucking sadist. I literally have nothing positive to say about him.

And no one is allowed to call him Draco, only Malfoy. He’s known to be quite the Casanova, but has never been in a real relationship I think. I don’t know if this boy even knows what love is. What it means to truly care about someone. Wanting to give instead of only wanting to take. The guy thinks he owns the place. The arrogance, how he thinks he’s entitled to anything he wants. I hate him. I truly hate him.

The fact that he’s a Malfoy. That’s the scariest of all I think. A fucking pure blood. The Malfoy family is filthy reach and despises muggles and muggle borns. I heard his parents are involved in some shady shit, which I don’t want to know about. Draco Malfoy is bad news. Very. Bad. News.

I know a lot. I listen. I search for the secrets, the whispers. I like to make people think I’m not paying attention, whilst I most definitely do.

I truly froze when the sorting hat put me in Slytherin my first year and Draco looked at me as if he wanted to kill me. A mudblood in Slytherin? That couldn’t be true. From that day I have been doomed.

I begged my parents to transfer me at least once a month, but they started to ignore my letters after a while. Then I slowly started to accept that this was what my life would be. F

But I decided that this year needs to be different. I have kept my mouth shut most of the time all these years. This year I’m going to stand up for myself. I’m not going to take any fucking bullshit anymore from anyone. I’m done with it. Whatever it costs.

I shake my head and break my thoughts to look down at my book again. If only I could crawl into it to change my life completely. To leave this world behind and to place myself in a different story. A better one. With friends, without enemies. To be a likable person. To have confidence. Just a boring, normal, good life.


I jump from a giggling sound and a click. I must have fallen asleep. As I look around to find out where the sound came from I see the last of Pansy’s dark hair before she disappears. Well fuck.

I jump up to the door right away and aggressively pull at the handle, only to find out Pansy must have locked it. Pansy just always makes sure to pick on me in the most childish ways possible.

I sigh and get back into my seat acting like I don’t care. I just hope she opens it again if she doesn’t get the reaction she’s hoped for.

After a few minutes the train comes to a stop at Hogsmeade station. I slowly start to panic and anxiety fills my body. We’re already here and if I don’t find a way to get out I’ll be going straight back to London...

I point my wand at the door. ″Alohomora″ I say. Nothing. ″Alohomora!″ I yell again. Nothing happens. Why the fuck doesn’t it work?!

″FUCK!″ I yell aggressively flicking my wand at the door, ″ALOHOMORA!″

I see Pansy walking past the door smirking and waving, followed by Draco, Blaise, Crabbe and Goyle smirking at me. I read Pansy’s lips saying ″Good luck mudblood″.

I bounce on the door as I scream for help. I can’t start my year like this. I can’t be in the spotlight of the drama again. This needs to be a quiet year.

After about half an hour of waiting and bouncing on the door, trying to unlock it over and over again, I see Cedric appear in front of my door. ″What’s up sis?″ Cedric asks loudly, his voice softened by the door in between us.

″Open the door, please Cedric!″ I yell at him not even wondering why he was still in the train. All I care about is getting out now.

″Alohomora″ he says flicking his wand at the door as it unlocks itself, ″Couldn’t you figure that out by yourself Bella?″ he asks me in a mocking tone as he opens the door for me.

″Well of course I tried fucking Alohomora Cedric...″ I scoff pushing past him. ″It didn’t work!″

Cedric huffs. ″What did you do this time Bella?″ he says annoyed as he follows me towards the exit.

″Cedric it wasn’t my fault, they just locked me in...″ I say looking over my shoulder, his eyes lazily scanning me.

“Sure Bella...″ he says as we walk out of the train towards, both looking if the carriages are still waiting for us.

He doesn’t believe me as usual. Cedric just always thinks I’m the cause of the problem, which is honestly absurd if you ask me.

As we quickly walk towards the carriages I find an unfamiliar girl with gorgeous brown short hair standing next to one, waving at us.

″What took you so long Ced?″ she smiles as we come closer. Cedric jumps into the carriage and hands the girl his hand to help her get in to it as well. I get in myself and place myself in front of them as the carriage slowly starts moving.

″Hi!″ she smiles at me, ″Who are you? I have never seen you around before...″

″She’s a random girl I found locked in a cabin in the train.″ Cedric interrupts me before I’m even able to open my mouth to answer myself.

″That’s funny Cedric...″ I frown at him, ″The last time I checked I was your sister.″ I scoff, annoyed by the fact that he’s ashamed of me.

″You have a sister?!″ the girl now frowns at Cedric as well.

″Well Estella...″ he turns towards her, ″You heard the stories about the muggle born in Slytherin right? Wouldn’t you be ashamed to tell your friends that that girl is your sister?″ he scoffs at her, scowling at me right after.

″Oh...″ she says softly as she looks at me, scanning me up and down, ″I didn’t know...″ she huffs as she looks at her hands resting on her lap.

″Well Estella...″ I scowl at her, ″I’m actually a pretty nice girl if I say so myself unlike my asshole of a brother, who treats me like shit for no fucking reason.″ I turn myself away from them, looking at the passing trees as the carriage moves on towards the castle.

″I’ll make sure to not help you next time Bella...″ Cedric scoffs. I don’t look at him ignore him as I keep gazing towards the trees.

No one says anything anymore as the carriage slowly moves on. I don’t even care about the tension and the awkwardness.

A good fucking start of the year again, if I say so myself.


The first few chapters are pretty short, but they will get both longer and better as the story progresses!

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