Summer At Malfoy Manor


Athena Riverwood's parents have always been close friends with the Malfoy's. You never understood why, it doesn't make sense to you how despicable a whole family could be. Draco has always been rude to you and your friends Harry, Hermione and Ron. But when the Malfoy's invite your family to stay the summer with them and your forced to go by youself after your parents get a work call, you have to spend the summer with the dreaded Draco Malfoy. However you find yourself falling for him. •Inspired by Summer At the Burrow •All these charecters belong to J.K Rowling •Athena belongs to me •this story doesnt follow the story line exactly •This takes place in the summer after 6th year so your heading into 7th year •your a Gryffindor •Your last name is Riverwood WARNING:I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE HARRY POTTER CHARECTERS OR STORY LINES! ALL CREDIT GOES TO J.K ROWLING! I ONLY CREATED ATHENA

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The Invitation

As I'm feeding Minnie (My owl), I hear my mom scream my name. "ATHENA RIVERWOOD COME DOWN HERE!" She screams. The scream made me jump and and almost drop Minnies food. I set the bowl of owl food down in her cage and rush down the stairs. I see my parents sitting in the dining room with a letter in there hands.

"Yes Mother?" I ask politely.

"Hello dear me and your father just received a letter from the Malfoy's, they invited us to stay at the Manor over the summer." She says.

"Do I-". Then I get cut off with my fathers words

"Yes, You have to come start packing your things we leave tomorrow." I sigh. My Family has always been good friends with the Malfoy's though I wish they weren't.

I get back to my room and Minnie can sense something is wrong so she flys up to me. "Thanks Minnie" I mutter. I pull out a piece of parchment and my quill in ink and start writing.

Dear Hermione,
You won't believe whats happening I am being forced to stay at Malfoy Manor for the Summer. I'm gonna hate it. Anyways how are you?
With Love Athena.

I get a envelope and place the parchment in it. I seal the envelope and hand it to Minnie. "Take this to Hermione Granger, Minnie". Minnie flys out my open window. I grab my trunk from under my bed and start to pack my clothes.

I can't believe my parents are making me do this. Ugh kill me now.

All I can think about is how much I will hate this, this will be the worst summer ever. I pack the rest of my things and close my trunk. I grab the handles on the sides of my trunk and start to bring it downstairs.

I spot Mum and Dads trunk and put mine next to theres. I look at the clock and read that its 10 o'clock at night. Once I am back in my room I undress myself from my red sweater and jeans. I put on this silk dark purple slip and undo my covers.
Minnie flys back through the window with a letter from 'Mione. I open it immediately.

Dear Athena,
That must be terrible I know how much you hate Draco and I don't blame you. Also I've been doing good, just been studying alot.
From Hermione.

Typical Hermione shes so obsessed with school. I put the letter on my nightstand and turn of the lights.

My Eyelids start to get heavy and next thing I know I hear a knock at my door.

"Come in" I say with a tired voice. I see my dad walk in.

"Good Morning Athena, Breakfast is ready." He says with a smile.

"Goodmorning dad and thanks I'll be down in a second". I reply. He exits my room and I pull my covers off me. Grabbing my black bathrobe that has my name embroidered on it in white thread, I slip it on. I put on my slippers and head downstairs. A plate of eggs and toast waits for me. At the farest end of the table.
(Time Skip Until After Breakfast)

I look through my closet and pull out a white button up shirt, a red crewneck and a pair of ripped jeans.

I walk into my bathroom thats attached to my room and start the shower. I grab my towel and undress myself. Getting into the shower, I just stand there for a second. Thinking about how awful this will be. I quickly wash my hair and body and step out and dry off. Putting on my outfit I picked out. Pulling my Nike air-forces out from my shoe rack and putting them on my feet. I put my hair in a ponytail and pull the front pieces out. I head downstairs where I find my parents infront of our Floo Network.

Alright Athena you can do this be brave even though you know your gonna hate it.

You can't shake the thought of being nervous to see Draco though. As you remember his Platinum Blonde hair and his gorgeous blue eyes you blush. Then you hear your mum. "Athena come on we don't have all day grab some floo powder". I step up into the net work trunk in hand and take a handful of floo powder and say "MALFOY MANOR" as clear as I can.

Hey guys thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the first chapter!
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