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Summer At Malfoy Manor


Green flames appear and suddenly I am in the Malfoy Manor. I walk out of their floo network. Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy stand infront of me, Draco at their side. My Parents suddenly come out of the floo network. My parents and The Malfoy's start talking.

"Draco dear be a doll and show Athena to her room" Narcissa says.

"Yes mother" Draco says. Draco leads me up the stairs into a hallway.

"Right this way Riverwood". He says cockily. I roll my eyes. For a second I admired how different he looked. I started to blush thank fully Draco didn't notice.

Draco leads me into one of the guest bedrooms. It was gorgeous, satin dark green sheets, and Black quilted comforter on a dark wood canopy bed. Dark wood dressers to match and a bug walk in closet. I let out a sigh and sit on the bed. Ooh memory foam.

"My room is down the hall". Draco says and walks out.

I set Minnie down on the dresser. I unpack my clothes into there desired places. I go into the bathroom attached to my room and set up my face washes and makeup on the vanity counter. Then I heard footsteps by my door.

My Mom appears in the doorway. "Sweetie, your dad and I just got a call from the ministry, we can't stay they need us urgently, Narcissa and Lucius said you can stay here." She said.

Of course their job is always taking them away. I hate it. Now I am here all by myself. "Whatever" I said.

She walks out. I walk down stairs and see Draco at the end of the stairs we lock eyes for a second. I realease my gaze from the blonde and walk over to my parents. I give them hugs and say my goodbyes and they take the floo network to the ministry of magic. I decide to take a walk.

As I am walking to a fountain Draco comes up behind me. "Hey Riverwood wait up" He calls. I stop in my tracks as he catches up to me.

"What do you want Malfoy" I say angrily.

"Listen I am sorry about being a dick to you. I wanna be friends" He says. I look him in the eyes and his face has softened, he looked genuine.

"Fine Malfoy I forgive you now lets go I wanna check out that fountain".

He chuckles at me and we walk to the fountain. It seems darker at the Manor then anywhere else. Like there is no happiness here.

Me and Draco walk down a cobblestone path that leads to a fountain. Birds chirping in the distance. Finally we make it and I start running towards the fountain. When I tripped over a loose rock around the edge of the fountain and fall in. The water is freezing.

"Bloody hell" I scream.

I can hear Draco laughing before he says "Are you okay Athena?"

"Just bloody brilliant" I reply. Draco reaches out his hand to help me out and i reach for it. Next thing I know I'm out of the freezing fountain and shivering.

"Lets go back" I say. Draco takes of his jumper and gives it to me.

"Put that on your freezing" He demands. I roll my eyes and put it on.

"Happy Malfoy" I say annoyed.

"Very, now come on". He says with a grin. As we walk back to the Manor I keep thinking about his hoodie on me.

Did Draco Malfoy really just give me his jumper to put on. Athena stop overrhinking he probably did it because he felt bad. But it smells so good.

Once I reach the doors of the Manor I walk in and go straight to my room. I undress myself out of these soaking clothes and put on a pair of black pajama shorts that slighty go up my arse and a tiny red cropped cami. I walk over to my bed and turn off the lights. I pull down the covers to reaveal the dark green purple sheets. I fall asleep looking at dracos hoodie in the corner hanging off my closet door.

Hey guys thanks for reading the story! Hope your enjoying this fanfic so far
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