Summer At Malfoy Manor

The Plan

I awake to the sound of Minnie cooing. The sun shines bright from outside the windows and fills the room with light and warmth. Pushing the dark green satin sheets off my body I groan. I look down at my wrist where a small silver watch clings to my skin. Its 6am. I force myself out of bed, pushing open one of the many windows in the room. A breeze of fresh air hits my skin. I walk over to Minnie's cage and open it, she flys gracefully out of the window.

I grab some clothes from my closet to dress in for the day. I choose a red crewneck, a Gryffindor patch is placed in the center of the crewneck. A pair of ripped skinny jeans. Dressing myself quickly, I look in the mirror. "This looks okay" I mutter to myself.

I jump back at the sound of someone bursting into one of the many guest bedrooms at Malfoy Manor. I pull out my wand without realizing. Draco walks through the door.

"Woah calm down Riverwood, I am just here to get my jumper." He speaks in a quiet but stern tone.

"You could have knocked Malfoy."

"Yeah, yeah you are in my house."

I just stare at the boy, quickly realizing I was staring at him I snap out of the trance. Walking over to the jumper I throw it at him.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed" He snarls.

"Get out Malfoy!"

The boy exits the room, leaving only me there. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if he wakes up with something in his arse everyday that makes him suck a git.

There's another knock at the door, this tume the knock isn't as aggressive so it's definitely not Malfoy. A small house elf wearing a teared up canvas cloth, walks in the room. Ever since Harry ended up freeing Dobby the Malfoy's previous house elf in second year, they decided to get another one, his name is Tandy.

"Miss.Riverwood, master would like Tandy to tell you that breakfast is ready." The small elf informs.

"Thank you Tandy. I will be right down!" I smile at him.

The dirtied house elf smiles back before exiting the room. I never liked how house elves were treated. Whenever my parents would try to get one I would always present it with clothes. It irritated my parents greatly, to the point where they stopped getting more.

Looking down at my watch, the time says 7am. I rush downstairs, trying not to fall. The paintings I am rushing past start gossiping live usual those things never shut up. Narcissa, Lucius and Draco sit at their unreasonably large dining table.

"Your late dear."Narcissa says

"Sorry, I got lost in my thoughts."

"Alright, Tandy pull out a chair for Miss. Riverwood now." Lucius practically screams at the poor elf.

"No need I can pull out my own chair"

"No you may not, our servants are there for a reason" He reprimands me.

"Oh alright sorry Sir." I urge out the words

Tandy comes over and pulls out my chair. I sit down. Theres something fancy laid out in front of me I have no clue what it is. I eat it anyways.

Time Skip After Breakfast

Just as I am about to get up from the table, Lucius turns to Draco and says.

"Draco, you must go to Diagon Alley today, those blood traitor twins have opened a joke shop. You must go check it out and report back here. The Dark Lord has requested you do it."

"Yes father." Draco says with a frown.

"Lucius perhaps we should send Athena with Draco, I am sure she would keep him on task." Narcissa suggested .

Lucius gave me a look, it seemed as if he was deep in thought. I wanted to go to Diagon Alley but not to spy on one of my best-friends brothers.

"I suppose that would be alright" Lucius came out of his thought and spoke.

"Athena dear would you like to go?" The wife of Lucius questioned.

"Uh I suppose" I answered

Truthfully I was extremely scared of the two older Malfoy's, I didn't want to know what would happen if I denied there request. All I know is that I would figure out how to warn Fred and George.

After everyone started to finish their breakfast, the house elf Tandy came around to collect the plates and silverware, he had a few other house elves whom names I didn't know with him. They scurry around quickly, as Lucius gives them commands and practically abuses them. It was a horrible sight.

I start walking up to my room when a cold hand touches my should. I spin around its Draco.

"Merlins beard, you about gave me a heart attack." I scold him.

"Sorry Riverwood. I wanted to talk to you about The Plan." He tells me.

Draco went on to talk about this stupid plan for thirty minutes straight. I tuned everything he was saying out. I wanted nothing to do with this plan.
I wasn't going to turn my back of my friends and more importantly my bestfriend Ron's brothers.

I'm sitting on my bed, it was after lunch time when Narcissa called Draco and I down to where the fireplace is.

"Come on dears you will be traveling by floo powder. Remember the plan."

Draco and I just nod, Lucius isn't around probably dealing with death eater stuff. Narcissa hands me some floo powder, implying that I am going first.

I step into the fireplace and smack down the floo powder out of my hand.

"DIAGON ALLEY" I speak clearly and loudly.

Green flames erupt from where I once was.

A/N Yes I left you all on a cliff hanger! Hopefully you enjoyed this chapter!
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