Summer At Malfoy Manor

Diagon Alley

Green flames erupted from the fire place. Ashes flying everywhere. God I hate floo powder.

Once the flames stop, I open my eyes, I appear to be on a busy stone street lined with shops, Diagon Alley.

Draco comes up behind me unknowingly. He puts his abnormally cold hands on my shoulders, I jump up and spin around. When I spun around I must have tripped because one second I was standing, the next I was sprawled out the stone floor on top of Draco.

"Bloody Hell Draco, don't scare me like that, are you okay?" I try to tell him.

I pull myself up quickly, I offer my hand to help him up, he doesn't take it. He just brushes himself off.

"I am fine Athena, now I know not to sneak up on you." He reply's to me

I let out a chuckle, he does the same. We walk away from the floo powder networks and make way towards the Weasley Twins joke shop.

"Remember the plan Athena ,you distract them while I figure out what kind of products they have." Draco demands me.

"Yep sure. I really don't wanna do this. They are my friends you know?" I said with a grin.

"Well your going to do it Athena" Draco tells me again.


When we finally arrive at the joke shop its not to busy, as its almost there closing time. I spot the twins behind the counter along with a certain trio. Oh no, Harry, Hermione and Ron are here..

Harry points at me. "Is that Athena with Malfoy..."

"Blimey, it is" Ron tells Harry

"Stop it you bloody gits, Athena sent me a owl telling me about how she is being forced to stay the summer at the dreadful Malfoy Manor. Give her a break. She wouldn't betray us." Hermione whispers to them.

"I suppose Hermione is right, Harry." Ron mentions.

I walk up to them, Draco stays behind checking out products Fred and George have there eyes glued to him.

"Listen, I don't wanna be here. Lucius wanted me to come with Draco. He wants to check out the products to see what they can use on their side." I try to tell them.

Out of no where Fred and George start yelling at Malfoy.


"How did they hear-" I start to say getting cut off by Harry.

"Who knows but there's a very angered Malfoy coming up behind you."

I turn around Draco looks furious, his face ghostly white. I have to admit I have never seen him that mad.

"Oh no.." I blurted out to nobody in particular.

"Lets go, NOW!" Draco screamed at me.

He grabbed my wrist, I tried to pull away he was to strong. I looked back at Fred, George, Harry , Ron and Hermione and mouthed "I will be okay."

Draco started pulling me out the door. I knew I was gonna be in great trouble with Lucius snd Narcissa when I get back to the manor. I wasn't prepared.

"Draco stop, I can walk myself" I tell him, he grip still firm around my wrist, still dragging me down the cobbled streets of Diagon Alley.

Draco pulls me into this small alley like space in between two shops. The space was big enough for both of us to fit semi comfortably.

"Athena Why would you do that? How am I going to tell my father the plan failed because you said something? It wasn't a hard task Athena. all we had to do was check out the blood traitors shop." Draco explained. His fixed on me looking filled with thought and anger. He was wrong it wasn't a simple task. It was betraying my friends. Of course he wouldn't understand because he doesn't really have real friends.

"Draco, I wasn't gonna betray my friends, also DO NOT call them blood traitors. It was a hard task for me. I shouldn't have came. I will deal with my consequences. I get you don't have friends, but I do. I am not like you Draco. I am not on that side of the wizarding world."I told him,slightly annoyed. I know he knows that I do not stand with You-Know-Who, nor will I ever.

"Your right, you never should have came, you ruined this whole thing. Now my father is gonna be bloody pissed, AND ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!" The really irratated platinum blonde screamed the last part, wich made me jump suddenly.

"DO NOT YELL AT ME! ITS NOT MY FAULT NO ONE LOVES YOU." I was bloody pissed, he blamed this all on me. I didn't even want to go to the stupid manor, or spend the bloody summer with a family of death eaters. I absolutely despised Draco Malfoy.

The blonde boy just stepped out of the alley after staring me down with his cold grey eyes. He was enflamed with rage. The git deserved it. He strut off towards the floo network.

Finally I stepped out of the alley just in time to see him step in one of the networks and engulf in the green flames. Then he was gone.

To be honest I felt kinda bad that I said nobody loves him, but he was being a prat. I hate it when wizards call others wizarding families blood traitors. Especially the Weasley's, they were such a kind family. When I first became friends with Ron, Harry and Hermione in first year, Mrs.Weasley knitted me a beautiful sweater with my initial on it. She considers all Rons friends apart of the Weasley family. The Weasley's have welcomed me into their home so many times. I can't help but stick up for them.

The sun started to set I didn't realize how long I was thinking about the events that went down until Ron walked up to me.

"Hey, Athena are you okay?" He asked in a sweet tone. He reached over and touched my shoulder. Diagon Alley had much less people there now. I realized Hermione and Harry were not with him either.

"Hey Ron.. I am okay. I just got into a big fight with Draco. He called your family blood traitors again and it pissed me off. So I told him its not my fault nobody loves him, and alot of other things." I filled Ron in on what happened.

"Bloody hell Athena!You didn't have to stick up for my family. Malfoy is a real git. Its just unlike you to say stuff like that." He said completely shocked.

"Where is 'Mione and Ron?" I asked him trying to change the subject.

"Hermione went back to her house and Harry went back to the Burrow. I stayed at Fred and George's flat for a bit after they closed the shop." Ron told me with a sincere smile on his face.

"Oh, what time is it?" I realized that it was almost completely dark out. I had to get back to the dreaded Manor soon.

"It is 7:56pm." Ron told me.

"Merlin! I have to get back to the Manor, sorry Ron see ya later." I yelled out to him as I started sprinting off towards the floo powder networks.

I honestly didn't wanna go back. I had to though. Finally approaching the floo networks I stepped in one. Grabbing a hand full of floo powder, I throw it down quickly.

"MALFOY MANOR" I say loudly. Green flames start to erupt like it always does.

Merlin I am dreading this arrival.

Thank you all for the views on this story! Please remember this is my first fan fic. I am kinda making up the storyline as I go! Feel free to comment suggestions!
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