Summer At Malfoy Manor

Lust and Lies

When the familiar green flames erupted again I knew I had reached my destination.

Stepping out of the fireplace, I looked around. No one was around. I decided I was gonna go back to my room. I walked up the great big dark marble stairs with a running green carpet going down it. Taking my time, thinking about the possible outcomes. I wonder if Draco had told them what happened? As I get to the top of the stairs and turn to start walking down the abnormally large hallway lined with talking painting just like at Hogwarts but not nearly as many, a familiar voice stopped me.

"Good to see you back, Miss. Riverwood. Draco told me how you both failed the very simple task. My dear son said that those Weasley twins found out all by themself. See I find that hard to believe. So please do tell me what happened or you will have consequences." He said with a evil smirk.

Merlin I hate Lucius so much. His long platinum blonde hair, with his odd hairline and weird dark cloak. He was a creepy man. Down right evil if you ask me. How is he gonna give me consequences, I may be staying at his house but he is not my parent. He still probably wouldn't hesitate to punish me.

"Yes, Sorry sir for how long it took me to get back. Everything Draco told you was true sir. Fred and George did find out themselves. I am awfully tired, I am very sorry we failed you sir. I think I may head to bed though."

I wasn't sorry at all, I knew that I was the one who told the twins about the plan. Why Draco lied for me I don't know. We were probably gonna be punished for failing the task anyways.

"Alright Miss.Riverwood I guess I must believe you and my son. You will still be punished for failing. If I find out you lied your consequences will be much more severe." After the words left Lucius's mouth he turned and walked back down the opposite hallway.

Knowing I had to talk to Draco, I looked down at my silver wrist watch, 8:15pm the time read. So I head down to his room, thankfully it was in the same hallway mine was. The manor gets awfully dim at dusk. I heard quiet snores from some of the paintings, others seemed to be awake or half asleep.

When I reached the door to Draco's room I made the mistake not to knock. Instead I just walked straight in.

Draco was coming out of his bathroom, only a towel wrapped around his waist. His ab line prominent, I tryed not to stare but it was irresistible. He had a slight 6 pack, slightly toned. He wasn't extremly muscular but he wasn't scrawny either. I had to speak before he realized I was staring. He probally already did realize.

"Uhh.. I am sorry Draco, I should've knocked, but I need to talk to you." I shyly muttered averting my eyes from his abs to his eyes.

"What if I don't wanna talk to you. Also you are practically drooling Athena.I know I am hot but you don't need to stare."

"I am not drooling Draco, and we need to talk about what happened at Diagon Alley, can you uhm meet me in my room in 10 minutes.."

"Whatever" He told me with a scoff.

With that I walked out of his room, striding down the hallway to mine. It was even dimmer then before. When I reached my room I put my left hand on the cold metal door knob and opened it. Showing my room that looked the exact same from when I left for the Alley. I sat on my bed waiting for Draco to come in.

Draco's POV

Athena probably was wondering why I lied for her, truthfully its because I didn't wanna see her get hurt. Even though she said all those rude things at Diagon Alley I knew she didn't mean it. I mean she would never truthfully say those things. To be completely honest I have always fancied her a bit. Now that where older the feelings only grew. I know my parents would never approve of me being together with a Gryffindor.

I had to go meet her soon, so I threw on a pair of boxers, then a pair of black sweatpants, not bothering to throw on a shirt.

I walked out of my room closing the door behind me. All the paintings seemed to be asleep. a chill ran down my bare chest.

I grabbed the knob to her door and entered, usually I would knock but she didn't knock on my door. As soon as I entered the room she immediately spoke.

"Draco, why did you lie for me?" She said with a mutual expression.

"Why did I lie for you? Thats what you wanted to say? No sorry for telling me no one loves me? Athena you KNOW that I have not so great parents. YOU THINK I WANTED TO DO THIS? No I didn't, I do it because I want someone to be proud of me." My voice kept raising. I was infuriated. I was just about walk out the door when she spoke again.

"Draco.. wait, what I said was wrong, I am sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I forgot, I got caught up in the moment.. you lied for me. Thank you, I- don't know what your dad would have done. I am so sorry Draco." She said tears started running down her face. Why was she crying?

"Athena.." I said stepping forward my face meeting hers. I brushes my thumb under her eyes to wipe away the tears. "Please don't cry."



Draco was being actually kinda sweet. I have never seen him like this before. All I remember is I keep muttering apologies.

Next thing I know Draco pulled me into his chest, holding me in his warm embrace. I pulled away after what seemed like a eternity, butterflies linger in my stomach.

I looked at his usually cold grey eyes, but this time they seemed different, they seemed happy. I couldn't resist the temptation to kiss him. It seems he couldn't either.

Draco pulled me into him, looking into my eyes before closing the gap between us. Our lips moving together in sync.

Draco tasted like apples, green apples. He grazed his tounge against my bottom lip for acess. I let him in.

Our tounges where moving together, he picked me up and gently brought me over to my bed.

It felt right. I have always fancied Draco Malfoy.

One thing led to a another and soon we were tangeled in my bed sheets naked. How did this happen..

A/N Makeup sex i think yes
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