Summer At Malfoy Manor


I awoke to the sound of the door opening, followed by a gasp. My eyes start fluttering open, I see a small figure of a house elf. Tandy!

"Is everything okay Tandy?" I asked forgetting about what happened last night.

"Miss.Riverwood, Tandy is so sorry, Tandy didn't mean to intrude!" Frantically the house elf shuts the door and I can hear the elf scurry down the hallway.

"What? Intrude on what?" I question myself.

When I look over I realize what Tandy was talking about. Oh merlin.. Draco Malfoy was in my bed. I lifted up the sheets to check something, indeed we were naked.

Suddenly the memories start flooding back, how our moans filled the room. The moonlight from the windows shining on us.

I let out a gasp.

Draco started to stir in his spot. "Morning Athena"

I just sat on my bed wide eyed, He got up from his spot, completely nude, his toned chest turned towards me.

"What? Nothing you haven't seen before?" He said with a wink.

"Get out!" I screamed in the heat of the moment.

Draco Malfoy just took my virginity.. I watched him scramble to get his clothes.

"I had fun last night Athena, consider yourself forgiven" He said while throwing on his sweatpants and heading out the door.

I had to write Hermione... I can't believe this happened! I am so stupid! I got up from my bed and on my feet. I walked up to the bathroom, and took a towel out of the small cabinet in there.

The towel was a dark green with gold accents. Towel in hand I walk up to the big shower, turning the knob to hot.

I step into the shower and let the warm water run down my back. How did I let this happen? I am so so stupid! Do I even fancy him? I quickly washed my hair, with a lavender scented shampoo. Rinsing out the suds as they drip down my back. The aroma of the shampoo filling my nose. Once the soap was all rinsed out, I turned the knob of the shower that controls the water, the flow came to a abrupt stop.

I got out of the shower and grabbed the towels I set down. Wrapping one dark grey cotton towel around my body, and a dark green towel around my head.

I head for the door of the bathroom, turn the knob and step into my room. A chill grows down my spine, that makes me shiver.

I quickly dry off, patting the dark grey towel down my body.

I step into my closet and pull out some clothes.

I dress into a white skirt that muggles call "A pleated tennis skirt". Whatever that means. The skirt is tight fitting around the waist and loose around the hips. I pull a rep tank top over my head, on the back of the tank top are the words "RIVERWOOD" . The letters are gold and white, the colors alternating at every letter. Underneath my last name is my quidditch number, "03". I am a quidditch beater, after the Weasley twins left school I took one of there spots. Lastly I grab my air forces, that Hermione got me from the muggle world.

I need to send Hermione a owl, I think to myself. I believe Hermione is at the burrow for the summer.

I walk over to my night stand where I have my parchment quill and ink, as well as my envelopes. I grab a piece of parchment, then my quill and dip in the ink, I start writing.

Dear Hermione,
I have made a bloody terrible mistake. I hooked up with Draco! I don't know what came across me. I woke up this morning and their he was in my bed next to me. I haven't come out of my room all bloody day. Please help! Also please don't be mad! I don't even know if we used protection. I don't wanna face Draco and ask either.. because thats just weird. Merlin the worst part was his house elf Tandy walked in on us sleeping this morning. We were naked! Ugh what do I do.


I write my letter in distress. Folding up the parchment after the ink drys I slip in into a envelope. I pour red wax over the seal and stamp it down.

Minnie could sense I was about to hand her a letter so she hopped of the perch of the window and grabbed the letter straight out of my hand. "To Hermione" I yelled at Minnie.

Minnie flew out of the window. I wasn't sure where Hermione was but owls were always able to find people. Brilliant really, scary but brilliant!

I waited a few hours for Minnie to come back. In that time I snuck down to the kitchen to grab some food, I almost ran into Draco which was embarrassing, then as I was running back up the stairs I tripped and fell, sprained my ankle pretty well.

Finally Minnie came flying through the window and dropped not only a regular letter but a howler aswell. I opened the howler first. It immediately started speaking.


I opened the letter next.

Dear Athena,
Yes I am at the burrow, I asked Molly if you could come, I can't imagine how embarrassing it is to be at the Manor. I didn't tell Molly why just that you didn't want to be at the Manor. However Ron and Harry did overhear me speaking to the howler... sorry about that by the way. Minnie wasn't supposed to bring that back... anyways Ill see you soon.

P.S I am making you take a pregnancy test!

SHES MAKING ME TAKE A WHAT? I asked myself, no I am not pregnant? No chance. Just then on the floor I saw a dragon bladder condom wrapper.

Okay so theres no chance.

I had to gather a trunk. So I grabbed my hogwarts trunk and started packing clothes, my wand and Minnie's things. I packed a extra pair of shoes and some of my summer homework.

I grabbed my trunk and headed for the door, turning the knob, I walk through the door and down the hall way, limping along the way. Molly should be able to heal my ankle. When I get to the stairs I almost fall down again from the limp.

Finally I am at the bottom of the stairs the floo powder network to my right. I left a not saying that I was going to the burrow.

I grabbed some floo powder and threw it down. "THE BURROW" I screamed.

The familar green flames appeared and dudt filled my nose. Soon the smell of fire wood filled my nose.

A/N Cliff hanger again! Hehe! I had to get this chapter out! Let me know how you like the storu so far! And give me suggestions!
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