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If only he could love


Tom riddle is known for getting his way by being charming but one day he meets this girl named Tiffany that is not affected by his charm. Until she slowly starts to get to know tom riddle she starts to fall in love with him. But he has a feeling he never had before about this girl. But there also a love triangle between tom and Tiffany and you will find out the third person in the book. Btw this takes place in 2020.

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Chapter 1

The potions door swings open, Headmaster dippet stands tall, " Professor Slughorn, do you mind if I borrow Mr.Riddle and Miss.Bells, please". He asked.

"Not at all, " said Professor Slughorn. The whole class looked at me and Tom. I was very nervous because last night I went to the library after curfew. Me and Riddle stood up and follow the Headmaster out of potions class, every pair of eyes following the way there. Me and Tom make eye contact, his eyes were dark and soulless. I broke the stare and wonder why I was taken out of class with Tom Riddle. we finally get to the Headmaster's office.we walk in and he has us sit in the chairs in front of the Headmaster's desk.

Headmaster sat in his chair and I look in the corner of my eye to look at Riddle. "so I heard you are failing potions Miss.bells, so I called Mr.Riddle to study with you every day after classes" he started. "Mr.Riddle you sit next to her in classes until her grades goes up." He spoke to Riddle, who gave a short nod.

"Headmaster Dippet, if I may" l stopper, he nodded " Does Mr.Riddle, really have to sit next to me in potions till my grade goes up, " I said looking at Headmaster Dippet."

Yes, because every time you need help he will be there, " said Headmaster Dippet. " Okay " I sighed, looking at Tom, as he has a small side grin. " Alright, you guys can leave now, " Headmaster dippet said. Me and Tom got up from the chair and walked out of the headmaster's office.

Tom stopped me on my way to my dorm, "Meet me at 6:00, darling, in the library" He said with a smirk and a short wink.

I looked up at his face, " Fine, but don't call me darling" l stated. He looked at not fazed by my request and smiled.

"Okay darling," Tom said, I inhaled. I look at him and rolled my eyes, and left the conversation.

I walked through the Hufflepuff doors into the common room and I pulled Sheila by her arm off from the couch, where she had been reading and into my dorm. "Hey, why so tense?" She asked, cocking her head.

" I'm not tense, I'm furious because I have to study with Tom Riddle at 6:00 today in the library" I said informing her about the conversation that happened a bit ago.

She looked at me confused, "Why don't you want to study with Mr.Big shot?"she asked.

Everybody in the school swooned over him, I wasn't gonna be one. I looked at her with a shocked face like she should know why. "because I have better things to do than study with him". I said in a furious tone, throwing my hands up letting them clap on my thighs.

"Well, won't it help with your grades?". Sheila asked.

"Yeah, but I could be tutored by anyone, why does it have to be him?" l exclaim, starting to get aggregate.

"Because he is the school's perfect one of the highest in the school. Besides, he isn't even that bad." Shelia said.

"Yes, he is. I don't wanna be around him!" I shouted. " He's weirdly quiet, and not attractive at all, I have no clue why anyone would like him. If I didn't know any better, I would say he a sociopath" I stated.

"You never meant even met him!" Sheila says giving me an annoyed look.

" why are you even defending him?" l ask, she should be defending me, we're close friends.

" I'm not! I'm just saying he isn't all bad, far from unattractive!" Sheila exclaims, sass in her tone.

" Whatever, " I said rolling my eyes. "I have to get ready for my study with Tom, so can you go, " I say, shooting my hands. Sheila walked away with a huff, slamming the door behind her.

I sighed, fixing my uniform. The white, collared shirt with the stamp of the Hufflepuff Logo and a black skirt. Doesn't hurt if I pull it up a bit... My robe rests on my sides. I put on some mascara and a little wing of eyeliner.

I rush out of my dorm, it was 5:55 I had five minutes to get there, then she went to the common room and Sheila looked at me and said "Why are so dress up if you're not interested in him"

I look at her and rolled my eyes and walked out of the common room.
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