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Golden Boy One-Shots


Short scenes between the characters of Golden Boy, both the ones that were hinted at and those that were hidden from the public eye... both smutty and fluffy, they’re all here! Some may be requests from readers and may not be canon, but don’t worry— I’ll be labeling which ones are canon in the GB universe! NOTE: Not suitable for underage readers. May contain sexual content, language, alcohol and drug use.

Erotica / Romance
samine ✨🦋
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{ Introduction }

hey, y'all!

this is going to be a collection of short stories— or one-shots, as they're better known— surrounding the characters seen in my book, golden boy. these will include both smutty and fluffy scenes, both canon and non-canon, so keep your eyes peeled!

the symbol (!) before the title of a one-shot means that the story will contain mature themes, so please be aware of this!

i will also be putting whether that particular scene is canon or not at the first line of every chapter, just so you know what's applicable to the golden boy plot!

these one-shots will contain mature themes such as sexual content, language, drugs, and alcohol, so discretion is advised. i ask that if you are under the age of 18 to please exit the book, or at the very least, refrain from commenting, as it makes myself and other readers uncomfortable.

i hope you enjoy these little snippets of scenes outside the main storyline, and that they give you a little more insight into the relationships between your favorite characters!

i'm open to requests, but please, do not request relationships/characters that have not been presented into golden boy, as you'll be sorely disappointed to find that they will not be written. these are not general harry potter one-shots, just scenes surrounding canon GB characters!


thank y'all for all of your patience! i love you all very very much, and thanks so much for sticking with me as i edit and review golden boy to make it even better for y'all this second time around. any information you might need/want regarding GB will be on my instagram (@/boyifyouknew) in my highlights, or on the golden boy book itself on wattpad.

happy reading!

~ samine ✨🦋

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