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Shy girl to His girl 》Fred wealsey


This story is about a shy girl at Hogwarys who goes through many troubles while making friends and them even beating her on some occasions....but in the end well who knows what will happen I haven't quite figured it out yet haha....anyways just to warn this story WILL include, sex, swearing, violence, and some other likely scenes that may trigger some audiences....other than that enjoy

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Chapter 1. Hailey Peters

Hi my names Hailey Peters. I'm in Gryffindor but no-one seems to notice me. I mean no friends, I only really focus on my grades to be honest. The only person who goes near me is the none other than Draco Malfoy he was always hurting me physically and mentally anyways...I have just started my 4th year and just last night it was announced that there was going to be a tournament, the twins Fred and George clearly wanted to enter but it was against the rules but I knew they would find some way to try.....it seemed i knew alot about people in my house but they didnt know me at all.

*two days later*

I had just been coming back from Dumbledoors office I normally chatted with dumbledoor in the evenings, he seemed to be the only one who knew I existe. I heard small weeps from around the corner when I found a young gryffindor crying on one of the seats below the windowsill "hey are you ok?" I asked him in a sweet tone "who are you?" He asked wiping the tears from his eyes "well you see I'm a Gryffindor just like you, my name is Hailey what's yours?" I asked him, I aksed him in a sweet tone so he knew he could trust me "my, my names Nigel" He answered "ok Nigel can you tell me why your crying" I was kneeling next to him "well I got lost it's my first year and I cant find the common room" he whimperd "well that's no problem come on I can show you back" I held out my hand and he took it looking up at me smiling. We walked up the stairs chatting hand in hand and when we got to the common room I said the password and we entered. We walked past the Golden trio and the twins no clue what they were talking about all in they're own conversations when "hey Nigel where have you been" Came a deep voice I instantly turned to see Fred Weasley "and you got yourself a girlfriend I see" he said giving out a small laugh, my cheecks went bright red "no" Nigel started "This is just Hailey she helped me find the common room, and you wont believe how smart she is Fred! It's incredible!" He said his face was like a kids on christmas morning "well come on Nigel how about we get to tucked up in bed yeh" I sent a small smile to everyone as we walked towards Nigels dorm, Fred chuckled and went back to his conversation with George. I got Nigel ready for bed and he was about to get in bed when "Hey Hailey" I turned my head to face him "hm?" He looked at me and said "is it ok if I stay with you tonight, it's my first night in the castle and I'm a bit scared" he said to me, it was so sweet and innocent I couldnt refuse "ok why not" I chuckled as he kept onto me giving my a big hug I hugged him back and we made our way back to the common room to go to the girls dormitories. We reached the the common room and everyone was gone but Fred and George "Hey Nigel aren't you ment to be asleep" I heard a voice it was like the one from earlier but a little different but I instantly knew it was George "yeh what's going on" Fred asked frowning "well I am a bit scared for my first night so Hailey let me sleep in her dorm" Nigel replied politely "now does this Girlfreind of yours have a name?" Fred asked looking at me, I let out a small chuckle "Peters, Hailey Peters" Fred was about to start another conversation when Nigel yawned "Hang on I will be right back down I'm going to get Nigel to bed" they both smiled at my answer and I took Nigel upstairs and tucked him into bed. He was out as soon as his head hit the pillow i laughed and kissed his forehead "good night Nigel" i headed back downstairs to meet the twins casting a spell in my clock to warn me if Nigel starts to wake up.

I went back downstairs sat down infront of the fire in one of the armchairs (I forgot to mention that we changed into our pjs that were a sports bra and joggers..proceed) "so earlier you looked like you wanted to ask me something" I said looking at both of the twins. They looked at eachother and Fred started "well yes we thought if you were new here you would have to of been sorted and we would have seen that" he stopped and george carried on "so how come we have never seen you at Hogwarts before" I let out a small neervous chuckle "well acctually I am in my fourth year I have been here sinse day one but I have never had any freinds and I am really quite hard to spot in crowds I mean looks t me I'm so short Nigels nearly as tall as me" we laughed and carried on talking we spent the next half an hour talking and laughing (I also forgot to mention we are wearing a jumper) I looked at the time "well I should probbaly get to bed" I said yawning and stretching, my jumper lifted a bit showing some of my bruises "uhm hey bunny" this was a nickname they came up with for me but all I could think is that they were terrible at nicknames "yeh" I replied "if you dont mind me asking were did you get all of the bruises from" Fred asked, I stammered "i- i-" "hey look you can trust us" George said standing up and looking me in the eyes, "God you guys are tall" I muttered from under my breath they both laughed but I began to speak taking a deep breathe they knew this was something that hurt me....ALOT "well you guys know I have never had any freinds and well the bruises are from..well are you familiar with the name malfoy?" They both sat there in shock and worry "but I mean it's not a big deal, I have learnt to deal with it" they both looked at me and and at the same time "of course it's a big deal" George carried on after this "listen you say you don't have any friends well you do now, especially Nigel of course" he let out a small laugh "thanks guys well I better be off to bed" I was about to walk up the stairs when i heard Fred's voice call my name "Hey Peters" well more like my last name "I will wait for you for breakfast tommorow and if you not up I will wake you up" I let out a small sigh not a bad one but knowing I couldnt say no "thanks Fred but be warned I get kind of grumpy if I'm woken up in a bad way so be gentle" he agreed and I went up to bed while the boys went down and I got to my bedroom took the charm of of my alarm clock, I made a small bed on the floor and laid down but I couldnt stop thinking about Fred, I knew I had had a crush on him for a long time but knowing he was now there for me made my feelings even stronger....

*the next day*

There was a sweet but quiet voice and a ribbing on my head "Peters come on wake up" I heard the muffled voice say. My eyes fluttered open "Good morning" there was a Fred there "Good morning" I replied he stood up and I stretched "you really like that jumper huh" I heard Fred say "yeh I wear it to, to well you know" he nodded "hey were's Nigel" I asked grabbing my robes "oh he went down with George" Fred's words were sweet and comforting I had never had anyone at school speak to me in that way except Dumbledore. Now I know you must be thinking a girl friends with the headmaster that's crazy, but acctually he is quite funny and can act like he is my age I mean its wierd to think about but then again it's hard for me to explain. Me and Fred walked through the halls chatting "so bunny Your good at potions" Fred asked, "well yes why" I didnt know if I should have asked that "well George and I need to make an ageing potion for the tournament" "yeh and we need your help to make it" all of a sudden George was next to me I jumped scared out of my mind "shit! George dont scare me like that." They laughed at me I tried to hide my smile but it was a bit hard due to the fact these were my first ever friends "well what do you say bunny?" George aksed "well first off please stop calling me bunny it's so cringy second I can try the ageing potion but I have only made it once and let's just say that it didnt go to well" I answered looking down at me feet with an awkward smile, they smiled at my shyness but just as we turned the corner the smug face of Malfoy himself was stood they're with his little recruits named crabbe and Goyle not to mention Pansy the slut, well that's what I like to call her "well well well little miss lonely has met the weaslebe idiots" came his unwanted voice "d- dont t-talk about them l- like that" I stammered and then on I knew I had made a mistake "ah well look she is finally standing up for herself" he said and his workers laughing, "how about you come with me I can walk you to the great hall" I looked up at George and Fred with tears in my eyes as malfoy reached for my arm "you lay a hand on her you are dead" came George's voice "come on Peters let's get out of here we'll deal with malfoy later" Fred said as we walked past the four of them Malfoy, the disgusted look on his face was priceless. "Thankyou so much" I thanked them "theres no need to thank us" Fred said "yeh we are now officially your friends we have your back" George's words made me smile I have friends...that's nice to know.

We entered the great hall and there it was the same as every morning, the chatter of all the students talking with thier friends this normally made me feel a bit down but I looked at the twins by my side and felt not a sad feeling but a happy one. We went to sit down at the Gryffindor table and sat to eat and Dumbledoor announced the people who we were going to be competing against "Goodmorning to all of Hogwarts, Today as you know we will be greeted by the contestant schools of the tri-wizard tournament and remember to welcome them nicely...... ok first of we have Dumstrang!!!!!" There was all of a sudden people came busting through the great hall doors dressed in red "that's him! That's Victor Krum" ron said, you could see all of the boys were disappointed to see the mesmerized looks on the girls faces where mine was different infact i found that the act was a bit scary. They bang they're wooden sticks? On the the floor making dents while sparks were made. The group made it to the front when one of them breathed fire! It was crazy! Then Dumbledoor announced the second school "Ok and now can we welcome the lovely ladies and thier headmistress of beauxbatons" There were soon girls dressed in blue dancing around the middle of the hall while butterflys surrounded them there was one girl doing acrobatics! Then there was a tall lady and when I say tall I mean TALL. "Thankyou and we welcome you all to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I hope we can make you feel at home, now students! Why dont we give our guests a warm welcome by singing the Hogwarts Anthem" Dumbledoor announced and soon everyone was singing

"Hogwarts, Hogwarts hoggie Warty Hogwarts,
Teach Us Something Please,
Wether We Be Old And Bald,
Or Young With Scabby Knees,
Our heads could Do With Filling,
With Some Interesting Stuff,
For Now They're Bare And Full Of Air, Dead Flues And Buts Of Fluff,
So Teach Us Something Worth Knowing, Bring Back What We've Forgot,
Just Do Your Best We'll Do The Rest,
And Learn Our Brains Until All Rot."

It was a rather odd song but I didnt mind it, it was funny and unique and that's what Hogwarts is about well I guess it's also about Magic, learning and obviously Harry almost bieng killed every year but it's still home.

The rest of the day was normal I mean I walked to the rest of my classes alone occasionally seeing the twins in the halls, i was still nervous i mean i have always had trust issues and had always been the least important priority, I mean I had seven brothers what was I kidding, I entered DADA and sat down on a singular desk our tables had completely changed with our new proffesor. Halfway through class I was pulled out by Proffesor Mc.Gonagle
"Hello Proffesor Lupin could I please borrow Hailey Peters for a minute" she said with a smile "of course you can" The Priffesor replied, I heard everyone murmur about there bieng another Peter's but I just looked down and walked out of the classroom "Dumbleddor wants to speak with you dear" she informed me "sounds about right" I said letting out a small laugh "ok well you know where Dumbledoors office is" she said to me "yes I do but if you dont mind could you walk me down there I know that someone with the last name of Malfoy had a free period" I asked sweetly but she could sense I was worried of running into him "of course dear I kinda want to know what he wants to be honest" she said whispering the last words. We both walked down the halls chatting, Mc.Gonagle and I always had things to talk about and I said I was close with the Proffesors I mean for the past four years Dumbledoor has been my bestfriend. We got to his office and up the spiral stairs we went when we were greeted by the sweet and warming voice of Dumbledoor himself "Ahh there she is my favrouite student!" He said smiling and looking up at me from his desk "ok Albus spill what is she here for" McGonagle said eagerly "ok ok right so Hagrid was wondering if you would like to help him with care of magical creatures this year you would be helping the fourth year but your like sic year on this subject" he said giving me a smile u was about to speak when "oh and the second years sorry forgot to mention that" we all laughed at his quick speedy talking, we could tell he was excited and wanted me to help so I answerd "of course I will do it!" He partied at me saying yes and quickly sat down to go over my timetable while McGonagle watched our conversation while leaning on the desk "ok so obviously you have care of magical creatures on a thursday and tuesday eo that you will be helping with and excused from potions 10 minutes early" he said giving me a wink I just chuckled and let him move on "and then your free period on wednseday will be with the second years" he glanced up at me waiting for me to respond to what he has said "yup that seems acceptable" I replied saying the last word in a snape impression sending the three of us into fits of laughter "ok well I will get you back to eat for lunch now" he said looking up at me "oh Minerva I need you to stay back a bit" he said looking up at his friend I walked towards the door saying my goodbyes when he said "oh Hails remember gossip tonight 7:30" He called out to me "as always" I replied and walked to lunch

The rest of the day was normal I had lunch sat close to the twins but not that close basically by myself, went to lesson then came dinner time but the twins called me over to introduce me to harry, ron and Hermoine, they knew I was shy but they wanted me to make new friends. I went and sat down "Hey" I said as I sat inbetween them "So Peter's this is-" Goerge started but I cut him off "Harry, Ron and Hermione I know" I said with a soft smile the twins looked at me confused "what do you mean you know" Fred asked "as I said the other night I know people but they dont know me" i replied with a smile but i was talking a bit quiet being around new people and all "So what's your name" I heard a voice call from across the table, turns out it was harry "oh umm I'm hailey Peters" I said with a soft smile "where have I heard the last name Peters before?" Ron asked hermione she just shrugged, he tried to whisper but wasnt very good at it "probbaly from my seven older brothers" I said giving a small shrug they all looked at me at once "seven?!?" They all said together "yup I am the youngest and only girl" it felt nice talking to new people maybe it was because I had the twins by my side I always felt safe when they were around "yeh we have a big family to" George said from the side of me we have told you about ours you tell us about yours" Fred added making me blush a little "well my oldest brother Thomas was a prefect and head boy and now works at the ministry honestly not my favrouite brother umm next is my twin brothers Jack and Woody they both played every part in quidditch they were even collided quidditch captains, ok next is my brother Lawson he wasnt special he was seeker until harry came along and Is now a prefect, ok now here come my favrouites Daniel and oliver they are my twin brothers in the year just above Fred and george they love to have fun and are great at quidditch but they also focus on thier studies and almost the only siblings that really pay attention to me, and my youngest older brother hunter he is in the year above me and is so perfect in every way it's like everyone knows his name oh and then finally me the only girl I mean I was always the one with no friends coming from my family the way I was brought up I had trust issues and I really just focused on my studies and things like that" they all listened in concentration when Fred spoke up "Sorry to bring this up like we know you have trust issues but why did you trust us straight away?" He aksed earning a small hit from Hermione "Fredrick Weasley you cant ask that" She said giving him a death stare "no honestly Hermione it's fine but the reason I trusted you so quickly is the truth that I knew you were good people and never did anything bad like if you were to ever hurt anyone wich dont get me wrong wouldn't happen it would be for a good reason say they offended you or someone you love" they both loved my answer and just as I was finishing up my dinner Hermione aksed me "Hey Hailey do you want to go study in the library with me" she was so sweet and so kind so obviously I said "yes ofcourse but I have to be done by 7:20 at the most" she nodded and I said bye to the twins Harry and Ron but I took notice as in no-one asked me why I had a specific time and I like that they didnt ask it meant they respected my privacy and knew I was well a bit shy well alot shy but I liked it because me and dumbledoor normally hid our Friendship so I didnt get bullied more.

Time went by and i left the library from studying with Hermoine and went to meet Dumbledoor. We talked about what I did over the Holidays and how my first week was. He also brought up the fact that I had made friends with George and Fred obviously he knew I also made freinds with some others but he knew I always had a crush on Fred so he teased me about that a bit. At around 8:30 I went back to my dorm had a shower and you know the normal brush my teeth into my pyjamas blah blah blah but as soon as my head hit that pillow I was out like a lightbulb.


Authors note:

Dear whoever reads this I hope you like the first chapter I have worked on it for 4 days trying to get it to perfection I am trying to think of a nickname they could have for Hailey so make sure to tell me if you have any anyways hope you liked this and dont worry there is lots more to come.
From Lillie (the author) xoxo

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