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My...... hybrid? ( Min Yoongi x Reader)

The chase

Just another day. Going to school, being bullied. Go to work until late, and not get enough money for the whole month. <I'm really tired.> You thought, while walking home. It was a cold night, Meaning winter is coming. You hated your life. You didn't have a family, neither friends. You were completely alone in this world. And you are only 16 years old.

< I just want get home and go to sleep> You sigh, tired. When you were almost home, you saw something that make you terrified. Some strange mens in black had guns, while they were around a man. Suddenly, one of them shoot the men right in the head. You start taking steps back, trying not to do noise. But you weren't lucky, like always. You hit a bottle, making noise. The mans looked at you. You just thought one thing < run>. And you started running for your life.



Hello! ^^

Well....this is my first time writing a story. So I'm sorry if it's not good. I hope you can help me if there are errors.

Thank you for reading,


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