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Obsession ~ Draco Malfoy


Smut with a plot Read with caution <3 Not the shitty book cover

Erotica / Romance
emily :)
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Chapter 1

I sat down at the great Hall table with her best friend Hermione Granger talking about winter break.

Hermione decided to stay this year since my parents didn't seem to have any time for me anymore, I rarely got acknowledged when I was a home for break, mainly because my parents were ashamed of me.

I was part of the Hendrix family, a huge deatheater family. When I was sorted into Hufflepuff it was a nasty shock for me family, most of mine were in Slytherin.

My mother didn't mind but my father was furious.

"So Lara" Hermione said reading an old book from the library "You doing anything for Christmas break?"

I sighed, not much I can do.

"I mean not really, I'm sure I can find someone to hang around with"

"You do know I feel really bad for leaving you here Lara"

"Mmh" I mumbled sarcasticly.

Everybody was leaving with trunks with there friends.

Everybody was talking about the triwizard tournament since it was starting after break (a/n this is set in yr 6 not yr 4 I just added this for some drama sksksk).

Hermione was the last one to leave waving me goodbye.

"Bye Lara, I'll write to you I swear" Hermione said giving me a wave.

"You better" I said jokingly with a smile waving back to her.

I went up to my dorm reading my book as I was highly invested in it.

Rosalind was pushed against the wall her hands above her head.

"Darling I'm going to fuck you hard, for your punishment, don't ever speak back again"

As he ripped of Rosalind's clothes she squirmed as his hands got lower and lowe-

Shit, I bumped into somebody.

My book was on the floor and I had tumbled too.

"Oh shit I'm so sorr-"

"Watch where your going Hendrix" Draco Malfoy sneered

I absolutely detested Draco and his snobby looks, he was a vile man.

Me and Draco weren't strangers at all we mostly grew up together, my mother and his mother were best friends since their first train ride to Hogwarts so I was always round the Malfoy Manor.


"Draco give it back now!" I yelled as he threw my hair bow into the air and catching it.

"And why would I do that Lara" Draco chuckled

I pulled a really angry face and sat by a tree glaring at him.

"If you pull that face you won't get a husband, its ugly" Draco said chucking my bow at me

"I don't care,my mother said I don't need one"

-End of flashback-

I carried on walking back to my dorm and muttered the password quickly.

I opened my empty dorm room and flopped on my bed clutching the book to my chest, I sighed.

The dorm was really dark and dull withought all the laughter from the girls, I was kind of happy to have the dorm to myself, it was slightly. Peaceful.

After reading for a bit I went and had a steaming hot shower and put my pink silky pyjamas on.

I carried on reading my book but I couldn't get Draco of my mind.

Why though? I've never thought of him like this before.

Ever since the start of sixth year he had started to get more handsome, he grew taller,he got more muscular and he started styling his hair properly.

He thrusted himself inside Rosalind not giving her any time to adjust and started at a steady pase and started going faster and faster as he started to put his hand around her neck.

My pet cat smokey came and nuzzled into the crook of my neck as I shut my book.

I heard a rustling outside my door and a note came from under the door.

I quickly got up and looked at the scrawly handwriting.

Party in Slytherin Common room
6pm - 2am
Hm sure, something to do i guess.

(A/n) Heyyy I know this isn't wattpad so im just going to put a characters list here and a playlist <3

Lara - Odeya Rush
Draco Malfoy - Tom Felton
Elon Reed - Louis Partridge
Blaise Zabini - Louis Cordice
Bianca Lennox - Madelyn Cline

• love - Lana Del Rey
• wanna be yours - Artic Monkeys
• High School Sweethearts- Melanie Martinez
•video games - Lana del rey
•Daddy issues - The neighbourhood
•Sofia - Clairo
•High enough - K.Flay
•Afraid - The neighbourhood
•Brooklyn Baby - Lana Del Rey
•Mr Loverman - Ricky Montgomery
•505 - Artic Monkeys

I will update as the story goes on loves <3

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